The x in the center. From the center of the x to anywhere the circle is applied to.

It could be the planet itself.

It could be the regular areas someone frequents, e.g. a neighborhood, a city, a country, etc.

From where you sleep that is a 0000, not the bed unless you sleep in bed only slightly larger than you are.

The 0000 of your bedroom, sleeping area

The dwelling of your home.

The property of your home

The street


Area of town

Are of the town north south east west

The town/city

If a city, many large cites grew up and around smaller towns and cities which did not grow fast enough. Example Paris, it grew past about 100 little towns and cities of their own right over the last 4000 years. Those little cities became neighborhoods of the larger city. Ballard of Seattle was and in some cases still is its own city which was absorbed by Seattle decades ago.

Of course there is also the metro area, if one exists.

The country

The geographical region. example the Ohio river valley is larger than just one state, however it is considered it own area.

Rome has an interesting history of this as well. Romeís city boarders have changed a huge amount of the last 3000 years.

Every single 0000 fixed point is and has its own circle.

Those circles are fixed to the dates of which they were built, created, established, founded, refounded (London was refounded, Rome was absolutely refounded it had a 2500 if not longer history before Romulus grandfather was born, Athens has been refounded and it has had at least 4 names {? good question, Poseidon (directdly menionted in the Iliand the Bull which was the father of the Minotaur was a gift to Knossos from the King of Poseidon. The city not some mythical god.), ATEN, and Athens.}, Boston, Colordo Springs, Old Colroado City, Bellingham WA State (the name Castle was removed courtesy of the battles of the early 1800s){of Course with Castle Bellingham WA[used to be the British Empire, huge distinction between the British and the English. but that is a subject of a different page. The Bitish are Trojans the English are Romans well sortof, the English are the culture which Agamemnon assembled to genocide the trojans <the trojans are Jews, another story>] there is also another problem, the original 0000 is a building which was obliterated circa 1910 hwen the residence of Ferndale and lynden got together to destroy Castle Bellingham city which was built as a copy of Venice Italy. A city built in the mouth of the Nooksack River. A city which Sam Clemens aka Mark Twain wrote about in his book ďA Connecticut Yankee in King Authors Court. The city was destroyed so that the British living in the city would not become a threat to the newly declared State and not spy on the NAZIís in Lynden, which is another really long and complex story. The 0000 of Bellingham WA state has changed several ltimes over the course of 200 years}









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