100th Monkey Language


There is some form of quantum level communication in order to relay the information in such detail.

Said information is in the form of a language.

This language format exists in numerous other formats and can be easily identified in Humans.

Remember when the phenomenon of Facebook was just beginning.

That was a 100th monkey. The human species began to “suspect” Facebook coming about 18 months before it did.

It was small and isolated, it began at Harvard. Then spread to the local schools. Then kept expanding till it has pushing a billion users worldwide.

In 18 months it went form not being in existence, to being small and isolated, to being something virtually everyone was joining.

My Space on the other hand something similar occurred, but instead of paying attention to what people wanted, the people in charge fo My Space chose to go in their own directions and eventually killed their customer base.

I still have a MySpace account which I have not logged into for more than a few years. The last time I was on it, the platform changed so much I did not find anything on it I liked.

100th monkey for something humans liked

100th monkey for something humans liked at the start, but hated after a while.


100th Monkey is directly connected to the function and structure of how Quantum Entanglement works.

Part of this language can be found in the electricity which flows inside the synapses of the brain. Synapse to Synapse is thinking, synapse to synapse between humans is the tricky part for science to understand.












TR Welling