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Historiography Physics

AErdology Current Day Construction Begins

All the parameters involved with a project when it begins.

A project can be anything from just a person or a group of people going over into that area over there to just be for a bit, to fighting/war, to building some type of structure from the smallest to the largest. all parameters in between.  

For each individual thing, that thing took place at a given location.

Now in the age of letters, the timeframe was stretnched out over months, years, decades.

In the cyber world, global communication occurs close to instantly

A x number zoom chat or fb, etc social media connections can happen on every continent at the same time including ant Arctica.

The spread of information at that speed alters the dynamics a bit. but instead of being one location, on those specific parameters, the location of each person, and the computer centers were the info is routed through become part of the dynamic of the location.



Previous To the Current

Situations and People who Led to the Construction

Construction Pre Production

Construction Begins

Construction Progression and Details

How Long since Construction Ended

Events of the Structure since Construction Ended

Building Modifications

Current Configuration


People Involved

Location Involved










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