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 Writing Equation 

The Lord Jesus Christ Emmanuelle, 

Actual name is son of the king David son in the line of Jacob

Jesus Christ Life and Times

The Ministry of Jesus Tick Tock

The Ministry of Paul Tick Tock

Years since the crucifixion 1986 since Jesus became the new pharaoh of Egypt which led to his elevation to Emperor of Rome, under one of his pharaoh names Claudius .

The Barycenter’s of Judaism

·     Temple of Jupiter (The Curia Julii or the Temple of Jupiter would be the location of the trial of Jesus) with the Vatican (some of the remaining parts of Noah’s ark fleet). (the Curia Julii could be either the rebuild city of Carthage, and or portions of the city of Memphis. Both including a few others were moved from x location to Rome after conquest. Including Troy, Athens, Teir, )

·     The City of Jupiter name changed to Jerusalem to Jerusalem (Jerusalem = Heliopolis = IWNW)

·     Heliopolis/Jerusalem moved to the Vatican Valley sandwiched between the Vatican swamp (since filled in) and the Vatican Hill (erased and replaced by the Vatican ST Peters Basilica and Square)

·     FreeMasonry the Alter and the WM

·     the Vatican (the ministry of Jesus is a direct offshoot from the line from Adam, Noah, Jacob, ) and the Ministry of Paul (an off shoot of Caine, Terah, Esau, the Hyksos, Moses, Paul, and the began of Paul including Protestantism)

·     Jacob and Esau


Jesus Christ Space Flight; Descended from Heaven,   Noah’s Ark (fleet),   Jacobs Ladder,   Jesus Christ (space flight), the Holy Sea (direct reference to sailing, ocean, astronomy),   Leonardo Da Vinci’s Versailles Space Agency,   some Christians believe that “the chosen” will be taken into the body of Jesus and transported to Heaven. Making Jesus some type of a Spaceship. Which could explain why the Vatican was so angry with Leo and tried to kill him so many times,   he took this idea/concept literally and built an airship fleet and worked to built machines capable of space flight.

Born 0 elevated to Pharaoh Easter 33 ce

His 5 Pharaoh names; Emmanuelle,   Jesus,   Simon Peter,   Claudius,   ?


A member of the Julii family


The locations of his life.

Apply the 000 compass to each location. The large compass applied to the general area of where he was.

Smaller compasses specific to given tasks.

His own person compass for his own personal counts,   age,   etc.

1.  Bethlehem born to a few weeks old.

2.  Levant Lands a few weeks to arrive back in Egypt.

3.  Egypt 5 or so years

4.  Levant Lands arrived around age 30

5.  ship journey to Rome around 32,   traveled from either Egypt or levant lands to Rome to the Julii estate Vatican.

6.  Jerusalem; Heliopolis translates into Hebrew as Jerusalem. His entering Jerusalem would be his traveling on the ship Heliopolis to Rome Vatican. Heliopolis would be one of the remaining ships likely the flag ship of Noah. Docked next to the temple of IWNW.

7.  Rome

8.  Execution image001

9.  Rome

10.                Lake Nemi Ships; ministry of Jesus,   conducted at 2 of the 3 Noah’s Ark Fleet ships brought from Egypt by Caligula. Caligula resigned his throne in order for Claudius to take his place as Emperor.

Emperor Claudius; ruled as Emperor from 34 ce to Vespasian in 69 ce. The last 15 or so years Claudius was co Emperor next to the extremely powerful Emperor Nero (aka the Evil Priest Paul). Where there is a huge army,   there is a way. How said anything about Paul being one a Jew,   and two Paul and his begat spent the next 1500 years working as hard as they could to shape/reshape the discussion as to what happened in the first days,   weeks,   months,   years,   and decades of the foundation of what would be called Christianity circa 80 ce.



Jesus Christ; means the vessel of the vertical light; since the name derives from a holy reference and the color of holy is amber{German amber room} this by default of words in sequence means Northumberland. North = Vertical,   Amber/Umber = Sacred = Red,   Land =defined area.

Christ = Amber/Umber,   Jesus a Sacred person trained in the ways of the Anointing Olive Oil. A spring of said is by legend to have been carried from the Garden of Eden by Adam.

The heart of this entire War Jesus versus not Jesus is not about the divinity of Jesus Christ,   it is about the King of Kings of Israel. Israel is whom has permission to enter the Holiest of Holy inside the Sanctum Sanctorum to perform the Job of Steward which Adam also performed. That Job is done inside the Tabernacle of Adam complex. All

Northumberland also translates as Jerusalem. Which is interesting since both Heliopolis and NewCastle both translate to Jerusalem.

Northumberland is the English Equivalent to the Gaelic Yr Hen Ogle dd. The Ogle family are still very much alive but have forgotten almost all of their ancestral history. The Ogle Family were one of the original British cultural group of families. By legend and which has profound impact on the Temple of Solomon in Jerusalem. For one Hadrian’s Wall end to the East in the city of NewCastle Northumberland. NewCastle translates to Jerusalem. The British by legend and some DNA evidence (through King Tut; although the Egyptian Islamic government refuses to release the actual evidence. Evidence which proves a huge portion of the mythology of Islam wrong. Best to perform evil and lie a sin than to allow truth back into the light of day.) are direct descendants of the Trojan’s. The Trojan Royal family did not die in the War,   they for the most part evacuated out of Troy,   headed first to Alba Longa Italy to the West of Rome then known as the city of Seven Hills,   and then to Britain to avoid the furthering of War with the Esau/Hyksos/Dorian/Avaris bent on finding and killing every last Jew they could get their hands on. The Trojans were and are Jews. The Temple of Apollo is actually a cultural attempt to hide both the truth of Yahweh and to hide the WMD The Tabernacle System of Adam.

Jesus was born supposedly in the Cave of the Nativity,   which Empress St. Helen found and had the Roman Army built a Cathedral over it.


Mary; the mother of Jesus her title was not bethela but alma. Alma means educated in an ancient form of mathematics. Bethela means of marriable age. Which means at 0, she would have been more like 25 than 12. Placing her birth at 25 bce, makes her the daughter of either Cleopatra Selene II, or Alexander Helios. They are the offspring of Caesar not Anthony. The whole Anthony being mated with Cleopatra has zero basis in reality. The twins of Cleo and Caesar, the senate was so afraid of them they altered the dates of their existence to make them Mark Anthonies kids instead of Caesars. Which places a huge chaszm between Cleopatra and Caesar and Jesus, when in reality



Dead Sea Scrolls




Evil Priest Paul

Jacobs Line

Esau Line



Editing by Esau’s line

Simon Peter



His life




Birth Nativity


Temple privileges

Escaping to Egypt

Life in Memphis Egypt (the Roman army did not have sufficient resources to control what occurred in Egypt. So they left the matter to Egyptian officials. The middle Easton the other hand the Romans wanted absolute control over that area. No wonder since at least two of Esau’s descendant cultures established the Roman empire. The Romans treated Egypt as a “oh this is an interesting place” but they put huge resources into maintaining order in the middle east.) what Jesus learned in Memphis. The birthplace of Abrahams consort Hagar. 

Resurrection was a standard thing in both polytheistic ancient Egypt and monotheistic ancient Egypt. Monotheistic courtesy of the legend of the Noachite Rite.

Returning to galilee

His ministry


Dead sea scrolls

Possible life after crucifixion

Crucifixion  the placement of both the crosses and the position of Jesus’s head and hands both are almost exactly the angle of Orion's belt.

Would be interesting to find out what the thieves crucified next to him their lineage. Abraham was also a thief; he stole his wife from the city of Eridu,   he by legend might have stolen the plates of destiny. Two crucifixions on either side and a royal execution in the middle.

Orion's belt has been known as the three kings since Sumerian(the first monotheistic created language; immediately following the destruction of several libraries in both the middle east and upper Egypt circa 3100.


After the crucifixion; and being crowned king of kings. Could this be an ancient Jewish tradition regarding a new name after being king.


So after the crucifixion Jesus Christ might have had a different king name after.


Simon means sound; Peter means rock. Sacred Sound from the Rock/Land.


Dead Sea Scrolls

Saint Peter,   also known as Simon Peter



 Green on the outside amber on the inside. 



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