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Image result for square and compassthe season itself as the joint, the index as the female count start 8/9 days before the fixed point. The middle finger longer starts the count on the fixed point.

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The following theory specific to the Pyramids (The Oldest Still in Existence Printing of Genesis; Also a Electro-Magnetic Wave Detector/Broadcaster, an XLA), Rome, and this Numbers/Letters concept. All the letters/numbers aspects are entirely proven. It does not take much to prove when the repeat letters are 100% predictable 100% of the time. Changes in the Calendar do not change at all the predicted words present. However, there is a larger issue at stake.

Israel 2015 3 28 2049

Chariot of Ra




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Noahs Ark


Heliopolis Egypt

Heliopolis Vatican


November 26


January 11

Abu Rawasha

Quirinal Hill 


January 12  


February 27


Viminal Hill


February 27 


April 9

Abu gurab

Esquiline Hill 


April 10


May 27


Capitoline Hill

Memphis Egypt

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Memphis Egypt



May 28


July 10


Capitoline Hill


July 11


August 25


Caelian Hill 


August 28


October 11


Aventine Hill 


October 12


November 25


Forum Building/Temple






Memphis Rome






Carthage Africa






Carthage Rome

If this theory regarding the locations has even the smallest amount of credibility, Michelangelo could not have painted the Sistine Chapel Ceiling. The only Painter, Inventor, Engineer, etc. capable of the work would have been Leonardo Da Vinci.

Change two little vowels and Hiram becomes Harem.

my theory about masonry used to directly involve intimacies in a communication has more evidence. Said parts were stripped out about 200 years ago. Minus pockets here and their. Mostly in the LDS and southern lodges. The LDS kept up the traditions till the middle of the 1840s, and the southern FreeMasonic Lodges kept up the traditions till well into the 1900s, small isolated pockets in the very very deep south.

Paris Leonardo Da Vinci was close enough for long enough to help build/rebuild/recommission a similar tool which the Vatican possessed. Da Vinci worked with the King of France on the Tools in France, specifically Paris.


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AErdology Third Reich; 1 1920 present (in exile 1945) was created out of the Munich FreiKorp Branch

AErdology Thule Society; was created out of a string of German Think Tanks

AErdology FreiKorp; 1754-present a paramilitary spy organization of dozens of spy organizations from the Prussian Empire. The Prussian Empire itself is from the Teutonic Knights, a Knight order closer aligned with Mecca than Rome. The entire MO of the Prussian Empire was to find out the secrets the Templars found under the Temple Mound and Sent back to NorthUmberland, aka the Kingdom of Ogle.


Dead Serial Killers

AErdology Ted Bundy

AErdology Aileen Wuornos


































TR Welling