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The Compass affixes due North 000.

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Affix the center (000) of the Compass over as close to the very center of the Person, Place, or Thing in question. Yes that also includes you, although unlike World Heritage locations as examples below, people are usually a small area affect. With in a city, or a county, sometimes a couple counties, but usually not more than a quarter of a state.

Some jobs have people travel over a state or a couple states, but those jobs are rather rare. Although people like Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, etc. have global affects. The actions and decisions they make affect huge portions of the population. But for most people they live, work, exist within about a 20 square mile area. Can vary based on the size of the city, and or distances between stores. Central Florida for example, the distances between different stores forces hours of travel for basic needs weekly. If you live off say 192, an hour-long trip to south Orlando for supplies you can only pick up from those stores is essential. If you live in say New York, you can pick up your weekly and yearly supplies from stores within a few miles of where you live.

Some World Heritage locations. More to come

White house

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Paris Notre Dame

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The Location of the Crucifixion, based on a huge amount of evidence.

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Curia Julii

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Sphinx Egypt

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The Battle of Troy, although the full sequence of the war began at the Palace at Knossos 1330 bce and ended in Whatcom County WA State in Bellingham WA.


However, from you to an ever-expanding area of influence. The City you live in(from a small few dozen people town, to a major metropolis, different compassís apply), county, state, region, Country, allied political connections, heritage of course, World Heritage Locations.

Then there is also the Continent thing. Starting with PangeaA picture containing accessory

Description automatically generated, to the first split, to each continent as it split off.Each have their own compass.

Where the Encyclopedia starts to have an effect.

Just because 1000 compassís might intersect at a specific mm of the planet, does not mean those intersecting compassís will interweave.

When they do not, they create letter sequences entirely their own.

When said occurs.

In any given MM, you can have enumerable Columns of Letters.

Now the point is to determine what each column of letters is and what compasses is that column related to. In order to find the repeat sequences of letters, to create words from.

For example

St Patrickís day for an Irish person has a different letter sequence and impact than the letters for a Roman Catholic.

In addition, Ramadan the letters of said have little if any affect on a person with little to no connection with Islam.

The more compassís are added makes the globe more and more covered in lines.

But not all compass's affect everyone. The Letters from the global compass of say some Japanese or India major holiday, which might be celebrated and life changing for a person in a community 500 miles away or next door, have little to zero affect on you.

Example a Hindu standing in say Nebraska, standing next to an Australian, standing next to a Russian, a Frenchman. each have their own counts, which might or might not have anything to do with each other

so not all letters in a given mm affect everyone in that same area.


However, in that one mm of space, those letters from those different compassís combined can and usually will produce word combinations which tell a much larger and more complex story.


Something which must be remembered.

Every character in the Elder Futhark has a built-in meaning.

Character sequences also have built in meanings.

Let us not forget that the Direct Child of the Elder Futhark is the Hebrew language.

Which means that when those stacks of Letters from different sometimes related and sometimes unrelated compass come together; the circles they form, although from unrelated compass, those circles might just form interesting Hebrew Letter sequences.

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Every Hebrew Character has a collection of Sounds which directly correspond to the Futhark Circle.

Those Columns of Letters can be seen as Pillars; the Pillars of MasonryImage result for freemason pillars


Image result for freemason broken pillar

The Broken Pillar in FreeMasonry could be a reference to this science of Ǽrdology (which was intentionally destroyed by cultures which had a problem with the information.) and it is the organization of FreeMasonry which was tasked to reassembling the pieces and working the Degreeís of the Science again.

Also a solid connection between those compassís and both group think model and group consciousness, Ethos. Those compassís could have an impact on the quantum field which is where thought occurs. The Psychology concept of ďGroup ThinkĒ model proves there is a connection between AErdology the Compassís and the gatherings of people. The 100th monkey syndrome comes to mind.

Do different individual, community, world heritage, etc. locations have an affect on the people connected to it. Will aspects of the Say Vatican Compass have an affect around the world on people connected to any one of the enumerable groups which have direct links to the Vatican. Catholicism, Rome, the English, Romance Languages, Christianity, Science, Mathematics, the Trojan War, etc. a very long list. Can descendants of those cultures be standing directly next to someone from an entirely different culture and be able to be unaffected by the Vatican compass.

When and or where is the affect line between affecting just x, y, z groups from the Heritage site, affect only them, when does those Compasses cross over and affect most if not all humans.

Close to the location of the Trial of Jesus


The Futhark Circle is the Compass.


The Compass itself has built in Hebrew Letters within it.

In a compass over say a city, how to find the Hebrew Letters are to label each specific location with its associated character. Each Futhark Character has a specific meaning.

Each specific meaning character has a specific sound. Those sounds directly correspond with the Hebrew alphabet.

In a Civilization; the structures which are related to business are labeled G. So all the Hebrew letters which with G sound are associated with buildings related to business.


Electricalplaces U

Stick out geological formations Th

Sound places, concerts, places to talk, chat, communicate A

Health places, work out areas, R, athletics, parks

Education centers are K

Businesses G

Community centers and or entertainment venues are W

H are places which are very old; example the Bent Pyramid 2500 bce.

N are new places

I are future plans

J are time associations clock towers for example

ďmake out centersĒ places to go for intimacies are Ǽ

Machines, mechanicals, boat right, etc. are P

Language markings Al signs, markings, art, murals, etc

Academics are S

Government buildings are T

Nature areas are B


Religious centers are L

Libraries and organizational structures are Ing

All the structures which are residential are O


For an interesting aspect of Masonry which is included in the Pillars and their names associated with the Pillars. Each Pillar are the mmís of each compass, the sequence of letters from ground up. Which is one of the definitions of the name Ogle, the Ogle family translated into English Northumberland, which is the namesake of a Kingdom in the UK.



The first extreme question which comes up is.

What size are each of the compasses in exact sequence.

Although there is a bit of a clue.

King Solomon's Temple is an exact copy of The Temple of Tier. So that is one place to start to look.

The next compass to look at is the Kirkwall Scroll.

Each section of that Scroll is its own Compass.


Levant Lands Jerusalem




Garden of Eden

Although; !!!!

The names could be in reverse.

From the Ground UP!!!!!

The name of the founders of FreeMasonry are the Ogle family; one of the founding families of the British culture.

The Ogle family the full name is Yr Hen Ogle DD.

Which translates from Gaelic into English as North (Vertical) Umber/Amber/Gold/Divine, Land (specifically designated area). Apply that of the location of the compasses, and from the ground up eg North Umber Land or the Ogle family.

They are in reverse order.

From the ground up

ZAOB; the hypothesis is that the z or j as it translates into the Elder Futhark would be Jerusalem Levant lands. A would be Tier

O would be Memphis (O for the Home temple of the name Egypt; Temple of Ptah the first pharaoh).

B; environment (ecology) Heliopolis which would be Noahís Ark.


Of course the other word Jachin

That word might not be a couple compass line, that might be an indication of the sub wedge.

To the left the major compass wedges, to the right the sub wedges

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In addition

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A picture containing indoor

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Each building above needs to be identified and labeled according to function. Commercial (G), Residential (O), Industrial (P), Entertainment <Bar, Art Gallery, etc> (W)(unless audio singing performing is involved when A),

Each location has a compass, each compass has a function. each function has a letter associated.

Label every sporting venue with the letter R

Every school with the letter C

Every higher education S

Government institution T

Church/Synagogue/Mosque/Temple/? L

Unique geographical location The

Consort hall/singing venue/theaterA

Business G


Every location which has had a history, something lived there before, or a building was built their previous H

I what is the future plan for that location

Ǽ hospitals

P factories,


Of course a lot of buildings in a city have more than one story. consequently, more than one type of action occurs in each building from ground up. This creates a vertical sequence of letters.

The more letters the more repeat letters the more words are found. The more words found the more complete that areas dictionary is.






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