Ǽrdology Spider Web Dream Catcher




Global Lettering





Secondary Connections

AErdology Spider Web Dream Catcher


Connections which are connections between say the Ogle family and Northumberland in regards to Hastings

Or the parissi in regards to Caesars military campaigns in Ga’al.

Spider web covers from the third layer of connections out to distant connections.

Example Noahs’ Ark and the formulation of Washington State, they are connected however they are layers and layers separated from each other.



Subject Calendar



AErdology Matrix

To explore the spider web and its multi-dimension wave patterns.





Every sequential layer of rings is another connection which may or may not be directly connected to the core subject.

Example the Events of the Trojan War and the life and times of Cleopatra might not seem to be all that connected. However they are not only connected they are only a few generations shy of the same subject.

The Trojans were Jews, Cleopatra was a Jew, so was the entire Julii family. Although the Julii family practiced previous to the exodus form of Judaism, which is a radically different form of Judaism than post Exodus. The post Exodus form is all but entirely created by the descendants of Esau who named themselves Hyksos renamed themselves Dorian and of course Avaris. The Avaris Prince of the 19th dynasty Moses set himself the task of infiltrating the Jews and destroying them from within. The descendants of the Dorian commanders Agamemnon and of course Menelaus who orchestrated the Trojan War in its aftermath the powerful cultures of the Ǽgean traded dominance and control back and forth for the next millennia.

The area was conquered by Alexander the Great, one of his major officers was Ptolemais. Ptolemais himself was the fountainhead of the Last to live in Egypt Pharaonic line

However things changes drastically and dramatically in the last century previous to the start of the Julian Calendar.


A point of rather intense importance.


The function and structure of the Quantum Physics field and thinking is of absolutely key of importance at this point.

The different ideas we have, the different thoughts we have over the course of our lives. For example as a child most toddlers up to about 8 love to study dinosaurs.

However almost none of those individuals grow up to become Paleontologists.

In addition how many kids think about growing up to become a firefighters. Again almost none of them actually do that career goal.

However those thoughts and feelings do exist for a while within the individuals thinking patterns.

However those “Ideas” in some way continue to exist on the quantum field.


Almost every junky (addict) who has said “I will not do this drug again”, at some point actually means it. However, the mind is strong, but the nervous system at some points becomes stronger. When the nervous system becomes stronger, the nerves push the body to intake the drug while the mind is screaming “NO”.

There is a rather intense Quantum Field argument being carried out inside the individuals mind during this process.

The mind is saying “NO”, but the body does it anyway.

There is a “Time Mapping” connection between these behavior sequences.

The NO (or the I want to be a firefighter)

However the body pulls the person to perform other tasks.


This thinking process is absolutely important since, that thinking process itself has not only substance but is in itself real.

In my own life I can think of 1000 different major decisions I would have made different if I would have known facts I was purposely kept in the dark about as a child. Those decisions would have radically altered absolutely everything about my life from that point forward.

However some remnance of said thinking and decisions remain on the quantum field.

What if those “thought” impressions are remain recorded in the quantum field as the earth continues on its journey. As the earth passes through the solar wind. Do those thoughts, feelings, emotions, etc remain recorded in the Electro-Magnetic field of the suns solar wind.

If so than, that would be a fascinating subject to study mathematically.









TR Welling