Ǽrdology but most computers and the internet are not fans of the Ǽ character.


AErd is old High German; Earth                                                    

Ology; the study of


AErdology; the study of the earth. Specific to the Electro-Magnetic patterns of the Earth.


it is a science I rebuilt from an ancient science which used to be prevalent through the western world. aerd = earth, specifically the electro magnetic cycles and sequences of the earth

ology = the study of

the earth has an orbit around the sun,

that orbit has 8 fixed points it passes through on its way around. first rule of mathematics measure too and from fixed points

of those 8 are 8 separate calendars

through careful study and observation for the last close to three decades. the parent language of Hebrew is primarily the Futhark

the Futhark itself is both a calendar based on the mathematics of those 8 fixed points as well as a language

a sequence of letters with specific meanings associated with each month. each month is 15 days long making 24 months. with 5 months of 16 days, and once every 4 years a 6th month of 16 days.

showing that the ancients possessed knowledge of the passage of time and said knowledge came with a way to identify and decode the language of time itself. language requires letters proved to be present, collections of letters produce words, collections of words are sentences.

AErdology itself is fundamentally about finding out the basics of how the above work, and to translate the language built into the structure of time into first the Futhark, then Hebrew, and then whatever language you so desire.


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