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While studying about Notre Dame shortly after the fire started, a few seconds after the news broke on fb. I found so many interesting things about the building and its vast historical significance.

It is not actually a 850-year-old building. Portions of the basement are well over 3300, circa the Trojan War. The building was constructed to be a Synagogue, since the religion of the Parissi was Judaism, so was the religion of the Trojans.

One of the things I have found regarding the study of Psychological Historiography is that if you actually make a map, the 0000 point of the altar at Notre Dame and not count the 5th 0 of time, the connections of who had interacted with that building and what they have gone off and done. If you drawn all those lines out, it looks almost exactly like a neuropathway.

Be fascinating to create a study to compare a computer program to chart out each of the major place, events, etc. of history and how those images compare with a brain scan.

Ethically the only problem is the theology implications of how closely do the actions of humans and that of cognition in the brain. Does the actions of humans in a species wide way reflect some type of neuropathway construction. Are the actions of the species in effect thinking.

Locations would be synapses, like Notre Dame, the Capital building, your home, any given large and substantial building, etc. and the neuro pathways are humans taking information from any given location to any other given location.

It is the same exact engineering in the synapses and neuropathways. The question becomes ethically how does this information affect the species. This could be interpreted as physical evidence of some type of connection to the purpose of a theocracy is.









TR Welling