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How do describe and define how difficult of a school APUS/AMU way.

My first hell experience was in an about an hour-long chat with the head of the history department where I doubt I could have insulted him more if I tried, entirely not on purpose. I was actually excited to chat with someone who at least in theory knew as much about history as I do. I was wrong, he did not know as much about history as I do. Which by default offended him.

We chatted about the history of the Pacific North West for a bit less than an hour; a class he has taught at WSU for the last 20 plus years. His knowledge is of the Columbia River from Vancouver to Spokane, he knows little to nothing from Seattle North to the Al-Can. Deeply offended and upset, the head of the dept informed me “enter my dept if you want to”. What he meant was “good luck passing my classes”.

My first teacher was a nightmare, attended that class for about 8 days. In daily discussions the teacher began to demand I cite virtually every point I brought up, including PD things like the Roman Empire. The last two discussions which occurred were “cite your work or leave my class”. Also, he wrote a very nasty diatribe which was intended to humiliate me to the rest of the class, regarding he did not agree with what I wrote in his class. I dropped the class before the first paper was due.

My second class, the teacher and I had a few email exchanges the day before the class started and the day of class. The teacher began to yell at me in email form about proper formatting, and proper respect in the second email. Apparently, none of my questions as to how to interact in that class were appropriate, the teacher had no problem screaming at me in email form that I was being disrespectful asking questions. That teacher is a “learn by failing” type of teacher. guess what I want, and if you guess correctly you pass, if you guess wrong you fail. From the time I woke up that first day, till I dropped was about 4 hours.

My third class was actually two separate forms of a violation of the code of conduct. Not only did the teacher demand I plagiarize my paper, but turned anti-Semitic. Screaming at me that Herodotus was not a Jew, he was offended by the mere suggestion that he was Jewish. We had a 45-minute-long, very inappropriate not very quiet very disrespectful exchange of words. The first 15 minutes I was respectful. After the second time I described what his parameters in class were for a paper ending with “that is plagiarism”. At which point his comment was “my class I decide what is plagiarism”. My comment x 5 was, “no sorry academics decides what is plagiarism, not the teacher. I will not plagiarize my paper.” After a particularly loud and nasty exchange of anti-Semitism coming out of his mouth, I hung up. Called my student advisor and dropped not only the class, but the program. I thought about shifting to the Psychology dept where I was informed of information, I was not happy about, and dropped the school entirely. As a result, 3 W’s. Thinking the school might have improved more than a year later, I attempted again. Was all signed up and ready, when the school informed me that I needed to hand them several 1000 dollars in cash up front or I would not be allowed into the classes they signed me up for.

I informed them that I would not be paying for services not rendered with abusive and inappropriate teachers. I left and did not look back.




The end of the call

He screamed at me again “I demand you provide quotes, or those historical to prove you read the material” I replied back well first with the internet that is pure fiction since it is easy to go get quotes from google. so not I do not have to read a single paragraph to get a quote from Herodotus, but then again I cannot quote Herodotus at all since I am not allowed to use anything other than Time New Roman and he wrote in Ionian.

I thought he was going to come through the phone to strangle me. Ever heard that “tone” from a parent, authority figure, etc. when just before they loose it and get angry.

That tone was present in his exhale.

I then added before he could scream again. “Plus Ionian language is Jewish, so there is no way the 15 scholars from Rome to now did not alter what he wrote to serve their anti-Semitic purposes”

I had already decided to drop not only his class but the entire school. I wanted to see just how anti-Semitic he was going to react.

I was not disappointed.

He spent the next few sentences yelling at me that Herodotus was not only not Jewish, but Ionian was not a Jewish language. I listened for a bit, at some point I hung up. Called the school and informed them, “So long, farewell, auf Wiedersehen, good night”. When logic and reason are left behind, there is no further scholastic point. It is pure theology and theocracy which has no place in a scientific foundation.

Which means I scored a grand slam, all 4 of the teachers I interacted with at APUS/AMU I not only managed to piss them off, but I did it by knowing more about hteir field then they did.

Those teachers have memorized 100s of books. The problem is, those books are like memorizing the scripts from Fox News, mostly pure fiction being presented at facts and historically accurate information.

Ws were the result of my time at this school.







TR Welling