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Addiction and AErdology 


As the Earth Orbits the Sun, the Earth Passes through various and assorted fixed points in that 365.4 day path.

This being true, I was thinking about the concept of Addictions, as they apply to slipping off the wagon.

Now most of the 12 step programs deal with a slip and you go back down to zero. However that does not need to be the case.

You can start counting from the first day you attempted to be clean and sober, and the slips count them as “fixed points” in your own recovery process.

See if there is a pattern to the slips, to see what can be learned from those slips.

An addict who slips off the wagon, it is obviously a disease, but addiction needs to be seen as more than just a binary condition. The internal structure of the mind and possibly the quantum thinking in association with the same behavior patterns humans are compelled to perform 3 acts. Part 1a some type of violence, 1b some type of intimacy, Part 2 some type of community involvement.

Those 3 acts 1a b and 2  which is the foundation for the Roman Memento Mori Ceremony. Which itself is directly from both the Pyramids of Egypt and the Path of Noah and his 3 sons. These three things could be part of the same mechanism which causes the addiction in the first place, what could cause a person to relapse. Is the relapse part of some type of personal orbital fixed point, some type of compulsion from the Quantum Thinking which created the 3 act behavior pattern in the first place.

Measuring day to day from the “I want to get clean” from that day forward start counting days.

The slips and fall off the sobriety wagon could be identified as the solstice and equinox mathematical fixed points.

I have been on this journey for x days total, the distance between my “I want to get clean” to my next slip up was y days. From my first slip to the next is z days.

See if there is a correlation between the compulsion of the 1a b and 2 (3 acts of the behavior) and the addiction process.  As they might relate to the orbital fixed points.






TR Welling