Adolf and the Tabernacle



One of the most critical aspects of any discussion which involves World War II are the facts surrounding the English and British/Trojans Governments are literally different entities. The English are in basic descendants from the Romans and the British are renamed Trojans. So Hess was in peace negotiations with the Trojans not the English. The Temple/Tabernacle Complexes of ancient cultures were not based on the divine structure, they were in effect a type of computer. Each temple was its own processor to achieve a specific goal. The ancient deities for the Greeks and Romans were an ignorant copy from the previous cultures pantheons. Those previous pantheon’s were not about polytheism but a working computer. The subject below explains what the Trojan and Third Reich computers were, where they were, some theories as to how they worked, and how they could be used as a weapon against each other, the Rudolf Hess May 12 1941 peace negotiation was in effect to build a siece fire between the British/Trojan and the Third Reich tabernacle war.

Just because from the late 1400s-1650 the English and Northern Kingdom were at war does not mean the war ended in the late 1600s. The war was merely put on pause for both cultures to relocate to America to keep fighting. But the British/Trojans are not the aggressors, the English are. The English have name changed more times than can easily be counted well before the Romans stepped foot on British/Trojans Soil. After the Roman Empire collapsed 400 ce several Roman cultures banded together in and around the city of Londonium to regroup, change their name, and attempt to reform the Roman Empire with slightly different rules. Less slavery more working together, but the same rules Pax Romana applied. Peace under the unification of Rome was still standard. The Anglo’s and Saxon’s were in part descendants from Romans specifically Roman Army veterans whom were given lands as a reward for a full military service. Upon retiring from the military Roman soldiers were given land and their pay. From 150-400 bce most of the soldiers were given lands on the frontier. Which at that time the best frontier were lands in Germany or as the Romans called it for a while Sarmatia. Lands in Britain were inappropriate. The cultures in Britain were literally too strong for the Romans to peacefully create any type of large settlement which would not be under immanent threat of attack. Except Wales, the Welch were never strong enough to mount any type of significant offense against the Romans. The Romans pacified the Welch with relative ease. The Romans were so comfortable that they built a Bath 56 miles from the Capital of Wales Cardiff Castle. So wales would work just fine for a very small number of Romans to retire around the Bath close to Cardiff Castle but venturing out more than a short distance was entirely unadvisable. But the army on the north side of Hadrian’s Wall was just flat out too much of a threat. The people on the north side had chosen not to attack the romans. Only to defend their positions, not to advance. If the Northumberland family had chosen to attack the Romans, within a few weeks the Romans would be having a difficult time with their back to the shore standing on the beach at Dover trying to figure out a way to arrange sufficient boats in a short time to cross the channel back to Roman lands before being either killed or drowned.

The Northumberland family in Northumberland; although hard reality that word, Northumberland and the associated family did not go by those names previous to the Pictish Revolt from 320-750 ce. Previous both were called Yr Hen Ogle DD. Hard evidence regarding this whole tabernacle thing at Troy, the third Reich, and now this odd Hess landing at Bamburgh Castle. The closest major Ogle city south of Bamburgh Castle is New Castle. Which New translates into Futhark as Jera, Castle from Latin to Hebrew is Salem. Place the two words together JeraSalem; you have the capital city of the Jewish people. The Trojans were Jews.

Hess’s landing site was at Bamburgh Castle which is 50 miles north of NewCastle. Same exact place for all manner of issues and occurrences which were key to western culture took place literally within 60 miles of the place Hess was supposed to land. From London to Bath is 115 miles. That strip of land was mostly safe lands for the Romans to occupy. Other than a strip of land in the very middle called the Saulsberry plane. The same land area which contains Stonehenge.

Meritaten was by legend the Queen of Ogle Kingdom circa 1330 bce in the same exact area as Hadrian’s Wall, Hess’s landing, NewCastle, the wedding of Constantinous to Helen producing the child Constantine the Great, the grave of a Hyksos princess Alba, etc. all happening in exactly the same place with the same family in charge till Henry VIII forced the Ogles to leave.

But ethically the Northumberland family could literally not push the Romans into the sea. That would be murder, so pushing them back off their lands is acceptable but not murder them. After the collapse the units and descendants whom were given lands in Germany found themselves without the Roman Army ready and willing to suppress any rebellion about to destroy the Romans in Germany. Constantly documented back and forth between Germany and Britain in just 1500 years in the scholarly communities brings up the idea that part of the reasons for said wars including the third Reich against everyone else was about the Tabernacle System most sides knew about but the chase to find and control them seem to be a serious part of the motivation factor. Battling over either Jerusalem itself or parts of the temple complex seems to be a significant motivation for the each of the different situations. So the newly named Anglo’s and Saxon’s along with a few other former comrades in arms chose to evacuate before being killed. So they headed to a former Roman Stronghold, the only Roman Stronghold left. They knew what they needed to do because over time the Romans figured out were the reinforcements to shore up the Northumberland (were Hess landed) the British/Trojans Culture defenses had to come from somewhere. The reinforcements to keep the Romans on the south side of the wall came literally from Germany, Scandinavia, Ireland, etc. the troops in Germany allied to the British/Trojans would have made quick work of the Romans in Germany. So some of the Romans in Germany had to leave and make their way to the only safe place left; Londonium. In more than a few ways World War II was the same war the British/Trojans and Romans had fought countless times from the beginning of recorded history to present. Starting with the most notable War was in Upper Egypt centered around the Tabernacle Complex of Heirakonoplis. Terah/cultural ancestor and his descendant Esau/Hyksos have stopped at nothing from 3800 bce to present to conquer and capture that tabernacle system. It is a powerful Weapon of Mass destruction and has the power of the divine to back it up. The problem is, only the righteous can understand the tool and use it for good and not evil. The Third Reich spent as an organized force from 1920-1946 looking for and exploiting archaeological sites in order to literally find the Ark of the Covenant, the spear of destiny, and the Tabernacle Complex of Adam. They were able to not only find the Tabernacle Complex but start to rebuild it in Germany. Using Miramont Castle in Manitou Colorado as a blue print model. Solomon’s Temple was literally a three plus story building not a long three room building. It was tall not long. That occurred after Zerubbabel (second temple period) laid the design on its back circa 500 bce when his forces recaptured Jerusalem. Jerusalem in Levant lands renamed to Israel, NewCastle Northumberland aka Jerusalem Northumberland or the pre-Latinized name Jerusalem in the Kingdom of Ogle is 50 short miles south of where Rudolf Hess intended to land.

The British/Trojans on the other hand actually can claim direct and first hand descendants from the Trojan Royal Family (there is some over the top interesting hypothesis regarding the Trojan Royal family and the 18th Egyptian Dynasty. The 18th dynasty ended at the same time the Trojan War started.). The English are descendants from the Villanovans whom are part of the Dorian culture, the Dorians are direct descendants from the Hyksos. The Hyksos are one of the descendants from Esau. Biblical fiction or not Esau and Jacob did spawn real and verifiable cultures. The Hyksos and the Jews respectively.

British History

The only way to prove this is by DNA, the linguistics are the following very complex sequence. The word Trojan literally meaning: descendants of the foot holder. The definition for Jacob: holder of the foot or foot holder.

Which means Trojan literally translates through a couple languages to “Descendants of Jacob the father of the Jews.”

King Priam sent his cousin Prince Aeneas out with the treasures of Troy first to Tyre, pick up copies and endangered originals from that temple (which the Temple of Tyre, would be used as the blue print to build the Temple of Solomon from. Prince Aeneas interacted with the Temple of Tyre for some time before he headed over to Carthage. Carthage the future home of the Punic War with Rome. Rome the Romulus was a Villanovan. The Villanovans were Dorian descendants. Agamemnon was a Dorian e.g. the Trojan War. After Aeneas left Tyre, he traveled to Carthage. After the fall of Troy the still able bodied axis against the Trojans simply followed them to Italy to continue fighting. That follow to continue fighting 500 years later became known as the Punic War. But the 500 years between were erased because Aeneas did his job well. The Dorians and axis armies lost for the next 500 years. The enemy does not brag about losing. Not being able to brag about victories for the next half a millennia, those centuries were simply written out of the history books. But in those same centuries the British culture formed in both Italy and Northumberland.

In Carthage and with his home country being obliterated by the Dorians. Aeneas met, fell in love with, and married Queen Dido. Her story is entirely difficult to work with or around. Queen Dido is literally very likely to be the widow of King Tut Ankhesenamun ; there is little if any realistic aspect regarding the daughter of Amenhotep IV aka Akhenaten not having an evacuation plan. If nothing else her eldest sister would have sent troops or orders to troops in country to evacuate her the second anything bad or even close to bad happened. Her eldest sister Meritaten and all the older sisters had already evacuated Egypt to form their own Kingdoms outside the reach of the Hyksos/Avaris. Nothing about said would indicate the youngest sister would have done anything other than evacuate. If nothing else the youngest sister of Meritaten’s body guards would have picked her up and carried her to safety. The only realistic place to go would be either south to the headwaters of the Nile, west to Niger, then around North West Africa to Carthage. But it would be faster and easier to just head the couple weeks travel to Carthage from Egypt. Send runners out in the weeks and months ahead of time and if things became unacceptable. Which everything from the time their dad Akhenaten was about 15 for the next twenty years the Avaris/Hyksos performed actions and behavior patterns which the Third Reich simply copied, building up a military in secret, building up troops and diplomatic agreements with like-minded nations. Twenty years of the Avaris/Hyksos increasing their level of violence, constantly pushing the boundaries of what they could do; no one doubted the Avaris/Hyksos would eventually seize control over any week spot in the 18th dynasty Amarna Empire and topple it. Two decades of warning leaves the guards with plenty of time to create evacuation plans. Set up horse stations to quickly evacuate the Royal family. Pack up treasures and sensitive library materials, ferry them all out or prepare to ferry them all out of Egypt. Twenty or thirty years with a few years before Akhenaten rising to the throne and the few years after he died and Tut ascending; there is no chance the family and guard did not know exactly what was going to happen.

Tut was not a strong Alexander the great strapping man, with the ability to lead an army from a chariot. He was not good with archery, he was even worse on a horse, and falling off a chariot at full gallop was a realistic concern since he was born with crippled legs. Not unlike Toulouse-Lautrec-Monfa. Although Tutankhamun/Tut’s legs were worse than Toulouse-Lautrec. He could not stand without a cane or assistant to hold him up. Three decades of pre-warning. The second tut went charging into battle against the Hyksos his guards would have picked up the royal bride, put her on a horse, and road out for twenty miles to the next waiting horses, repeat till they were at least two hard days of riding away. At full gallop not sleeping but riding through the night. 60 miles in two hours x 2 days 30*48 1400 miles away from the enemy Avaris/Hyksos. Distance is needed not easy passage. At 1400 miles, stopping for a few hours to rest, then push on for another 48 hours of constant galloping. That would place Tutankhamun/Tut’s widow Ankhesenamun close enough for her entourage to send word forward to the Carthage Empire to send troops as both a backup and a Royal entourage large enough to fend off any size attack. Around 20,000 troops would be on a double fast march out to meet the by now widowed Ankhesenamun and Full Pharaoh in her own rite. As soon as Tutankhamun/Tut’s widow Ankhesenamun was within the protection of the Carthage army the Avaris/Hyksos would need to stop the chase. NO matter how large the Avaris army was, they were literally no match whatsoever to the Carthage army and Capital city defenses. They were not going to be able to defeat the Carthage army. The young widow Ankhesenamun was not mature enough to command the army, her Nefertiti and Meritaten could command the army but not the young and recently widowed Ankhesenamun.

Arriving in Carthage a few years ahead of Aeneas.

The Son of Grandson of Aeneas was given the Name Brutu.

Prince of Troy Brutu King of the Britt’s.

The British in Britain descendants of Aeneas the cousin of the Jew King Priam is whom Rudolf Hess was in peace negotiations with. Aeneas brought the Tabernacle System with him, it was dismantled and taken out of Troy. That was one of the treasures the NAZI Wanted, but failed to achieve. Their were more treasures Schliemann smuggled out of Troy than just jewelry from a previous century. He smuggled dozens of crates. Which was not gold but the dismantled tabernacle system, since the boxes passed customs and never side could tell why lots of wood and canvas with some amber was valuable. The customs officers not seeing gold thought the crates were either just tents or other personal supplies and let them slide on through, they were looking for gold not amber. Amber was not valuable.

There is of course more than one tabernacle complex, the way to ensure the survival of the concept and engineering is to have at least four tabernacle complexes at least several hundred if not a thousand miles away from each other. That way it is possible to rebuild two or three of them by making an exact copy of the remaining. Over the millennia a hundred copies were made, because over the millennia most of them either became part of a city’s infrastructure. Or were burned to the ground. Hence the Yule Log, destroying the tool to make sure the tool could not be turned into a weapon to hurt the aggressor. The aggressor whom should not have gained access to the tool in the first place, usually reacts with a soul level rage at being denied the weapon. Exactly like a two year old’s temper tantrum.

The Tabernacle crates from Troy would have been shipped to Germany. Which could be where and how the Scholars war started. Anti-Semitic scholars gaining access to said crates and starting to play. Learning more and more about them expanding their rage at not being able to make the tool work. Heinrich Schliemann 1876 kept sending more and more stuff back to Germany. Stuff which would be considered useless. Just old tents, some amber, but nothing of value. Little did they know.

In the previous decades 1850, in Whatcom County one of the last actual battles of the Trojan War was occurring. That battle being literally one of the last actual stands of the British/Trojans against a dozen forces renamed from the English culture, which itself was renamed from Roman. Romans are renamed from the Hyksos. The Hyksos versus the Trojans in Whatcom County. The Tabernacle complex which was the point to the War in Whatcom County those tabernacles which were not dismantled and shipped back to Northumberland, possibly first Germany and then finding out the anti-Semitic laws were being reintroduced and followed through on with extreme violence. It is a very good chance the Whatcom Crates were shipped to Northumberland and hidden in the family’s old vault caches till the radical violence ended. Which would take more than a century.

Hess negotiating with for all intense and purposes Jewish descendants of the Trojans in Northumberland. Why would Hess agree to open peace negotiations with the British behind the backs of the English. Hess knew the Tabernacle War was more powerful and more difficult than the bullet war. The Bullets war was a simple game of chess, the Tabernacle War was fought on the divine plane. Not a place for anyone at any time to play with, if you think you are on the wrong side. Since the NAZI were never able to get their possibly Schliemann and recreations from miramont castle tabernacle system to work, the bet was they were not on gods favor. Being on the wrong side of the divine in a tabernacle war would be the definition of a bad idea unless you want to fight against god itself. Which is usually a very bad idea in all aspects.





Hess was negotiating with the British not the English

The English were entirely clueless on all accounts

They were so clueless in fact that even decades later the English still probably have no idea a second war was being fought

A scholar’s war which started years to decades before the bullet version

As the tools, library, and equipment poured back into Germany from Whatcom County America and Troy courtesy of Schliemann circa 1860-1870.

The anti-Semitic groups and people started to once again take serious notice. One of those groups several generations later would with a new brash Jewish/Hebrew leader form a socialist group. The NAZI party began. A year later a young quarter Hebrew(Moses/Avaris/Hyksos not Jew) soldier entered a party rally to find out if they were a threat or not by his Commanding officer. He reported back they were not a threat. But under his leadership, that group grew into the NAZI party.

From 1860-1910 the notice of the archaeological items in Germany turned from interest, to want, to, hay you Jew give me that weapon. Then give that weapon to me or I kill you, you are dead I can just take it



Hess was negotiating with the British/Trojans not the English. They are extreme to the maximum degree different cultures. They are so different that as a matter of hard fact the Tudor War against the North Kingdom was not all that much different than the Trojan War. Same sides fighting over basically the same goals. Which is fascinating since the whole Helen of Troy mythology is a pure flight of delusion from Menelaus. He would never have been within an arrow shot of her let alone anything else. Metaphorically speaking the two of them marrying would be not unlike the second in command of Al-Qaida marrying the child of the commander of Masada. Not only unlikely, but they would never have been within 200 yards of each other ever. His culture would have killed him for taking her as a bride no matter how great a prize she was. No matter who her great grandfather was; it would never have been allow. Her entire culture would have done close to anything to ensure that marriage would never have taken place. So there is less than no possible way the Helen of first Athens and then Troy would have laid eyes upon Menelaus let alone be married off to her.

There is so violently more to the story of the third Reich than has previously been researched. The War between the British/Trojans (in all accounts in this book the English are defined as from Sherwood Forest south. The British/Trojans from Sherwood forest north. The British/Trojans are just another name for Trojans while the English are just another name for the Romans/Dorians/Hyksos/Esau.) and the Third Reich was an entirely separate war than the bullets and bombs war the Allies fought against the Axis in almost all ways shapes and forms. The War between the third Reich and the British/Trojans was a scholars war not (the weapons used in the scholars war were not bullets but WMD’s similar to a stun gun but charged with amps not volts, the tabernacle system of which was fought over in Troy  as well. Weapons modern culture has a difficult time understanding let alone being able to comprehend how to fight said war.), repeat not consisting of bullets. The Pawns need bullets to fight their wars for them, scholars need knowledge and weapons much more advanced than a bullet.

Whom Hess was negotiating with was the British/Trojans in Northumberland. Not the English, the English were not involved with the Scholars War at all. The English did not even know about the scholar’s war.

From 1920-1946 there were two wars occurring. The first and infinitely more lethal was a Scholars War. The Scholars War was a war which consisted of not bullets, bombs, soldiers, tanks, or any of those crude items. This war was about Ancient Technology reborn in the modern age. The concept of Frankenstein, to reanimate the dead back to life was a book more than 100 years old. In the center between both the steam punk movement and Nicola Tessla took similar information from the library which Mary Shelley gained access to which brought her monster made by her evil Doctor Frankenstein back to life.


The Fascist ideals were not only not new ideas but they were ancient ideas which the first recorded flag bearer was Esau. Jacobs brother turned away from good and towards the power from which was contained in the tools of the divine.

The first flag bearer in the Bible regarding said War was Abraham’s father Terah whom attacked Eridu from Ur, the Eridu Ziggurat/Tabernacle complex was the point to that War. To destroy the Eridu tabernacle Complex to ensure the weapons of that complex would not be used against Terah and his family (the tabernacle tool cannot be used that way, all that fear and violent rage against something which can never be used that way. It can never be a weapon, no matter if the Jews are using it or Esau’s line. Much to the soul level rage Esau’s line reacts with when they cannot make the tool lay their enemies to death.). The Eridu tabernacle complex and the tabernacle complex the NAZI’s built in the forest of Germany were built for the same purpose. The tool is just the tool, how it is used is the question. But the tool also has an extreme well beyond what modern science can understand aspect and measurement of time. The Futhark was used in ancient times, the tabernacle system uses the Futhark as a major tool for it to work. The Futhark literally has a calendar as part of is operational matrix which is entirely accurate forward and backwards through the entire length of the universe. Not lost trillionth of a second every billion years, it is dead on at every given length of time to measure. *

Fascism is an interesting topic to discuss for the singular reason it is an ancient concept which constantly changes its name but has almost exactly the same behavior patterns. In essence every new generation whom takes up the cause of fascism are attracted to the behaviors but they either use a new name or worse take over an existing organization and change its rules to match fascist ideals. Fascist ideals based on following the behavior patterns backwards from present to the invention of writing, the basic ideas have been present since no later than Esau. Esau the brother of Jacob the father of Judaism. Which according to biblical research Esau followed in the cultural footsteps of Terah, whom followed in the footsteps of other relatives whom were more interested in violence and power than in following the true compassion of being a steward of the garden. Strip mining, stripping the sources because it is profitable but ecologically disastrous. There are places which have been so stripped of wildlife that more than a century later those ecological systems are still trying to recover. Esau’s behavior patterns at work, strip and take rather than Stewart the ecology. Gluttony now, our children can find somewhere else to be to find things to eat. There were about five different political organizations created which Adolf and or the people whom formed the NAZI party formed before that actual party was formed. From 1917-1921 several different parties were formed all with the same basic agenda. To promote anti-Semitic behavior, laws, violence, etc. to direct the mob’s attention away from being good into being violent against those whom are or could hurt you. Hurt them before they can hurt you, hence the Terah forming an army and attacking the Tabernacle of Adam complex aka Tower of Babel aka the city of Eridu in order to either capture or destroy the weapon to unsure the weapon would never be used against them. But frustrated when the weapon turned out to be just a tool which could not be used as a weapon. Destroying the tool in frustration it could not be used as a weapon. Which after years of trying to make the rebuilt/confiscated and possibly Schliemann’s tabernacle found at Troy to work.  To use it against the enemies of the third Reich, Rudolf Hess chose to stop being aggressive and defect to try and prevent the third Reich from being damaged any more than they had already been damaged by trying to force a divine tool to perform evil with. After spending from 1880-1930 trying to make the tabernacle system work, under extreme amounts of secrecy the scholars were not only becoming frustrated but were in a way enraged at the very thought of not being able to figure out how to make the tabernacle of Adam system work. That system being part of the infrastructure the NAZI wanted to use as a weapon to conquer their enemy and suppress any form of rebellion. To reign for 1000 years without any dissention within their population. Everyone to just follow what they were told to do and obey the rule of the fuerer without question for their entire life. Have children and their children’s children spend their entire life living in pure peace and happiness and not thinking for a single second there might be a problem within the framework the culture they live in. by using psychological conditioned responses and violent operative conditioning as well as the mind control tools from the tabernacle system. The NAZI wanted a population entirely controllable. When the tools began to malfunction and the NAZI party itself began to break into powerful factions, each vying for control over the party itself. Rudolf Hess knew the internal structure of the party was going to implode. Instead of trying to continue to fix from the inside, which was beyond impossible. The only solution was to literally defect to the British not English and try negotiation for a peace for the scholar’s war, the bullet war was long since decided. It would end literally within five years at the max, the third Reich did not have sufficient soldiers to sustain for more than five years.


Martin Luther in his own hand wrote (the one of the key founders of Protestantism) "Protestantism is designed to repackage Islam to make it more acceptable for the European cultures" Islam has no problem with both pedophilia and males dominating female relatives. Esau from which both Martin Luther and Mohammed's philosophies derive performed very bad things in the Kaaba. Shortly after Esau took mecca an angel was sent to fight with Jacob, the father of the Jews. Sounds like summoning a demon.

The Scholars War was between the scholars whom had an understanding of the ancient technology. The Fascist Scholars wanted to use the tools to control the world, the Good Scholars wanted to either put the tools away till the threat of those tools being used for evil was passed or use the tools to end this generation’s threat from evil.

Hess’s negotiation for peace was not the physical bullets, bombs, etc. Side of the war. That side of the war was decided long before when he chose to defund the meshershmitt jet and keep channeling money into propeller and rocket technology. Knowing the rockets would never come up to meet the challenges required to rocket land 10,000 storm troopers in New York. But the Jet could and would in the necessary amount of time. Plus if the Luftwaffe by 1940 almost entirely made up of 600 mph jets. The allied bombing runs would have been a total disaster, for the allies. The fighters and bombers would never had been able to get past the coast.

The Scholars War is the true War. The War which had the most casualties, the more to lose, the most to gain, and above all else the fate of all humanity rested on the shoulders of the outcome. , the Physical War has been covered to such an extent only placing video cameras literally in the battles by some type of time travel would allow the war to be covered any more extensively. The main problem is, the Physical War and the Scholars War almost never crossed paths. The missing evidence is not actually missing evidence the missing evidence is misunderstood evidence. The Scholars did their academics and laboratory work and the soldiers performed their job. The two rarely met, when soldiers or labor was needed. The soldiers would be brought in to perform whatever task was needed. Usually construction and or some other type of physical labor. The soldiers would then be sent back to their units. If the soldiers started to ask too many questions or worst figure out what was happening and they were the radical anti-Semitic types would could only bring hate and rage to the situation. They would be shipped off to front line service and erased from causing a problem. To be allowed to die gloriously on the battlefield. Hence the Russian front. Building a tabernacle requires literally laboratory conditions with extra attention regarding the conditions of the construction process. If a person is out of sorts, upset, angry, in fear, terror, etc. they will only cause a problem with the final solution. They would not be of any help. Just because western science is entirely uncomfortable with said issues does not mean by any stretch that the field of electro-magnetics is not only real but someone in a bad mood can have a catastrophic effect upon the outcome of an em laboratory. Example a female whom willingly becomes amourus and will perform said tasks with pure emotion will be an entirely different situation than a female forced and the worst emotions attached. Just because the emotions are not capable of being measured by any modern tool does not mean they do not exist, or have a behavior cascade effect into the event. The construction of the experimental tabernacle system in Germany required all participants to be of the best and nicest of emotional headspace or they were less than useless in the construction. The Jewish slaves would be metaphorically spreading pure sewage into an operating room, the worst possible outcomes are the only outcomes possible. The Scholars knew that the war was over long before Hess defected. Hess by making sure the Jet did not enter service till 42 to 43 meant there would not be sufficient numbers to send up to form a sufficient attack wave to ward off the bombers.  But the Scholars needed to keep their war entirely secret. The More secrete the Scholars’ war the better everything would work, on both sides. The Third Reich versus the British/Trojans was not a simple war, nor was it an easy war for the British/Trojans to Win. But the British/Trojans won the war despite having to keep almost the entire war not only secret but fight it based on covert weapons they had to hide from all sides. If the armies of the world became aware of the tabernacle complex, they would have instantly attempted to seize control of it and use it to become literally the most powerful army on the planet. nikita khrushchev, McCarthy, etc. Leaders were already trying to power play with each other to position themselves for the cold war which started in 1944. The Cold War started as a way to find out which of the winning nations was the strongest and most powerful.

Almost the second the National Socialist German Workers' Party (German:  Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei (help·info), abbreviated NSDAP) or in German NAZI in took over, they had the deep pockets and sent scholars and troops around to almost every major archaeological site they could reach. They wanted to find the ancient weapons, codex’s, scholarly texts, etc. anything and everything which had anything at all to do with the armies of the Lord. A subject the NAZI scholars had wanted and had planned on decades before the Nazi party formed. In some ways the Nazi were allowed to form to allow the anti-Semitic scholars unfettered access to the archaeological sites they had been denied in the previous centuries. The Jews had a lock on the educations institutions and would not allow those whom hated them permission to travel to said areas and steal their ancient treasures. Previous to the Nazi rise to power more than a few times the Jews did possess significant power in the world, but not long after they were able to gain power they were knocked out of said power again by anti-fascist laws. The laws which Adolf was cursed with, his father’s original last name was not Hitler. But Adolf’s paternal grandmother bore an end of life baby “Alois” from an affair with one of the people she was employed by. A Hyksos family with a Hebrew name. Noting that the Hebrew are not Jews. The Jews are a difficult culture than the Hebrew’s. Hebrew are the pure invention of the Avaris/Hyksos Moses. Whom never lost his alliance with the Hyksos. He force marched his Jewish slave shield wall army out of Israel aka Egypt and turn them into gladiators so others armies could come to Levant and train against live Jewish targets.

But after spending close to a decade or more digging for the treasures, they came up with lots of caches which used to contain secrets, libraries, etc. but the contents had long since been taken out and placed somewhere else.

So what does a tyrannical military do when they find countless underground storage chambers empty. They go to the people whom might know where the stuff was taken out of, and more importantly where it was taken. Which points directly to the Jews living in America and Germany whom managed to evacuate from the previous holocausts.

So the NAZI’s went to the Jewish scholars in their control and asked “were the stuff was take” the insults which followed as answers from the Jews to the NAZI was not taken well.

So it became a situation of “tell us where it is, or we kill you all and look for it ourselves”.

Give us the secrets of the Tabernacle of Adam or we get rid of anyone whom might stand in the way of our rightful power.

The Jews would have stated something very rude back. Which case they would have been almost instantly killed. Their friends, and loved ones killed, expanding out till some Jewish scholar started to talk.

By circa 1938-40 enough Jewish scholars would have talked to create a mosaic of the information the NAZI needed in order to achieve their goal. Their goal was to find a working Tabernacle of Adam, or find pieces of broken ones, refurbish, and make it work.

Then figure out how to after turning the engine on, make the engine do what they wanted it to do.

Clearing out the Jewish populations starting with the theological and other scholars. Then looking for the library caches.

Hess finally learning about said actions chose to (possibly) take the assembled notes regarding how to turn the engine of the tabernacle on and how to make the engine work. Taking the notes and evacuating to Britain. Giving all of it over to the British/Trojans.

After Hess defecated from the third Reich and taking as many of the documents, treasures, etc. with him. The NAZI would have reassemble what Hess stole. Search for more books and more scholars forcing them to talk to rebuild the notes Hess took with him.

More refusals to cooperate. This time death camps were set up to dispose of anyone whom refused to cooperate. It is easier to search a neighborhood if that neighborhood is literally empty. No people to distract and try to hide or move the caches of books and weapons.

The third Reich was in effect divided into two separate organizations. The first literally being the roughens whom worked only from fear, hatred, rage, etc. they would not be ok till every last Jew was killed in the most beastly way possible. The actions of the pawns literally from the guards at the death camps up to the through most of the high command staff. Goering, Himmler, Gorman, etc. they were not trained to understand the other parts and portions of the Nazi movement. They were in effect not smart enough to understand it.

Part of what they were not capable of understanding is the following.

The tools and equipment which the NAZI bragged to anyone whom would listen they spent more than a decade assembling were literally part and parcel within the framework of an entirely different war all together. The scholar’s war had nothing to do with bullets other than as a manipulation tool to force the rabbi’s, talented, etc. Jews and like to rebuilt the tools from heirakonpolis. Those tools were literally part of something else entirely. The Scholarly war was not about pomp and circumstance. That war was literally as quiet and secret as it could be. Because every single aspect of the Scholars War needed to be secret.

The scholar’s war was all about finding whatever remained from the heirakonoplis temple structure and rebuild it. That temple structure is literally what the scholars descended from Esau have been searching and killing for since seconds after Adam and Eve were expelled from the Garden.

The genocide of the Jews was for a reason, for every scholar there was about 10 men whom needed to express their rage through violence. So those whom only understood violence were sent out to be violent. Strongly encouraged and rewarded for not only being violent but being as violent as humanly possible. The more the pawns are distracted with battle, the fatigue of battle, the spoils of battle, etc. The more they would be entirely focused on killing, sex, money, and military accolades. They would not and could not care less about anything to do with the scholars. The scholars had their own jobs and responsibilities; which they needed the soldiers to be as far away from the laboratories as they could be shoved. Those whom need violence tend to not care at all they are supposed to be fighting the enemy not just anyone they so choose.

More than a few scholars were harassed and their laboratories damaged because the SS could not keep their aggression in their pants. They had to be as violent at home as they were encouraged to be on the front lines. The only solution, sent the violent once to be violent somewhere else.

To eliminate all the Jews in Europe not because of just anti-Semitic behavior patterns, but because of a full and considered intent to kill them all to find the research and tools needed in order to make divine tools. Find the codex’s, tablets, etc. which would lead to the spear of destiny, ark of the covenant, the tabernacle of Adam, the amber room, the secrets to resurrection, etc. the list goes on and on.


Joseph Mengele and Frankenstein *

The amount of horrors Joseph Mengele performed, academics and scholarly work was at an absolute premium in the third Reich. Too bad the academics given blank checks and unlimited resources were informed to direct their research to helping either create better war machines, or kill genocide the enemies of the state.

But Joseph Mengele was not the only scholar in the third Reich to perform experiments.


Evidence that the exact same library that Wilhelm Wundt gained access to which created the foundation of psychology. Is the same library that Lord Byron had access to decades before which he allowed his friends Mary Shelley, etc. to have access to and they found the codex’s and books about both electrical experiments as well as resurrection. That research led directly to the creation of the Defibrillation machine standard equipment for a heart attack. Shock the heart back into sinus rhythm.


When the Holy Roman Empire Library opened up to scholars, they



So if those books were literally findable, and research from ancient cultures whom were beyond experts in electro-magnetic. Than what makes anyone assume for even a second that the third Reich did not spent 15 years and the best electro-magnetic, astrophysicists, quantum physicists, atomic physicists (with tesla’s work readily at hand) they had a perfect starting point, etc.

The third Reich had more than a starting point, they had the linguistics and pockets of money to fund the translations from ancient documents into German. Then have the engineers start to build the machines described.

Weapons made from electro-magnetic.

The ability to understand how to build a tabernacle of Adam.

Link tubercles of Adam together using ohm’s law to complete a circuit.

Completing a circuit of a dozen or a hundred tabernacles of Adam hidden deep within the bowls of third Reich controlled areas. Linking together a hundred or more Amber Rooms but about 30 feet above the ground. Each room about 40 tons of amber, using gold to direct the electricity. 100 or 1000 of those linked together in a delicate web of intended ohm’s law circuits; that is the definition of a computer. A fully functioning and operational computer.

All the evidence points to the facts that the third Reich could literally have built themselves an electronic computer.

What could that computer do is another question. The fact that they could assemble it is the facts of this specific portion of the academic exercise. A Model T is a fact, sitting in a garage without fuel are the facts. Add fuel is a different fact, turn the engine on is still another fact.

The important fact which starts the process is, did the third Reich have the capacity and know how to build said computer. The answer is, not only did they have the capacity but there would literally be nothing to stop them from building it.

A computer would be one of the greatest weapons of war imaginable.

Think of the same exact technology used at the Alexandrian library. The light house was by legend and mythology capable of generating some type of death ray that could destroy ships miles away.

Modify a wifi signal to an intense beam. Or take dozens of Wi-Fi signals and compound/focus their energy to one place.

If the Nazi did develop the tabernacle system, like at the Alexandria light house. Than they would have absolutely done so.

Hard evidence of said in creation.

Nicola Tesla in Colorado Springs

Ft Francolin had Nicola Tesla wire his Castle Miramont with electricity.

Miramont Castle was literally designed to be as close to an exact copy of the Tabernacle of Adam as the research files from the 1870s would allow. Since Francolin was the son of a diplomat he had unfettered access to any library he wanted to go into. Which included the French, German, Istanbul, etc. libraries. The third Reich had agents and American collaborators in the south west working as hard as they could on various research studies. Which included miramont castle and the native languages.

Build two or three Tabernacles/Miramont Castles in the Black Forests three decades later, with a rebuilt of the amber room in each one on the third floor, link them together by some form of conduit and you have yourself a computer in the black forest.

Miramont Castle

Knowing the NAZI were all over America in both American’s whom were fascist supports and American educated German’s whom came to America at some. They had scoured America looking for archaeological treasures to either take back to Germany or copy so replicas could be made in Germany.

As a consequence and the facts surrounding the ideals that Palmer, etc. the founders of Colorado Springs brought with them. They were fanatical Protestants, almost puritan in their lifestyles. Which casts huge problems when it comes to fascism. Born Again Christian and Islam minus a few issues around some of the key details are the same philosophical origin. Martin Luther was trying to repackage Islam to make it acceptable. He achieved his goal. The Born Again part is Fatimah’s philosophy of trying to have her father resurrected from the dead. To prove he was actually a real prophet breaking the death barrier is the only hard prove Abu Bakr would settle for. Martin Luther took up this concept and added it to the framework of Protestantism. So every protestant whom had invaded the spirt of the lord to possess and control their actions, is actually Mohammed. Which is why most of the actions and reactions from born against are almost universally violent. Unless the person themselves finds a way to single out Jesus from Mohammed and does not allow Mohammed in. but most born against are funning from an already violently aggressive nature. They use various chemicals and drugs to suppress there violent nature. But when the drugs are more harmful than good, they turn to Mohammed. Group think model takes care of the rest of the violent behavior patterns with it is ok we are all saved so just ask for forgiveness from god again and keep being violent.

Miramont Castle structure

Fr. Francolin was a French Catholic priest whom had strong influences from the Avignon papacy. To build his Cathedril Fr. Francolon chose to spend this youth literally studying every piece fo theology and ancient culture inforamtino he could get his hands on. His father was a diplomat so he was literally had access to major libraries everywhere his father went.

First floor


Second floor


Third floor

Cathedral basement: the basement of the Cathedral is where the top floor amber room would have been located. That Amber Room could not have been located in just about any other place than in the basement of the cathedral. Portions of that Amber Room are still very much present. But partially destroyed to make the parking lot were the Cathedral used to be.


Cathedral first floor


Tesla and wifi


Miramont Castle a Tabernacle


Manitou Spa Building

The Manitou Spa Building would be at least one of the other Tabernacles to make up the Tabencle4 of Adam System requires to make the infrastructure work.

The other would be the Manitou Cliff House.

Manitou Cliff House


Alexandrian Lighthouse Death Ray

Hypothetically capable of sending out a death ray e.g. Alexandria library death ray.

But Hess stole as much of the infrastructure and all the research notes to give to the British/Trojans before he was captured by the English. The English did not care at all about the research only that he secured the man. What he knew and the other supplies in his plane were of less than zero importance.


There is an extremely good chance that most of the tools from Tesla’s laboratories were eventually purchased by the third Reich. If Americans were going to ignore the technical advancements, the third Reich was not going to make that mistake.

The owners were more interested in money than being interested in the technology. Itself

In Germany the tesla engines, and other electrical devices would have been not only present but fully operational.

Telsa had fully functioning and capable Wi-Fi generators and receivers.

Could the Hindenburg have caught fire due to a Wi-Fi weapon test. To test an Alexandrian lighthouse weapon in America. So see if they could first get the weapon onto American soil, and two use it to rain death from above.

Meaning the connection between the tabernacles in the black forest could have been hooked together using teslas Wi-Fi.

The equipment not purchased by Edison in Colorado Springs sold at auction for profit circa 1906. July 4, 1917 the Wardenclyffe Tower (1901–1917). Was a Wi-Fi tower designed to transmit electrical signals across the Atlantic to England. With the proper funding in 1917 the project would have worked, but the financial people were starting to be persuaded to turn towards hate and anti-technology instead of furthering it. Instead of the money people in both Europe and America behind advancing technology, they turned anti-Semitic and chose to cause violence to technology instead of advancing it.

Adolf joined a hate based organization which was not the first nor the last anti-Semitic hate based group operating in the western cultures at the time.

The one thing about fascists is they constantly name change to throw off suspicion as to whom they truly are as well as the always turn to the most advanced scientists to build the next generation of weapons.

Fred Chase Koch was an early financial supporter of Adolf’s ideas. Whether or not his father was also anti-fascist is a question. But Prescott backed the NAZI party so much and hard that without power and money when the war ended he would have been arrested and executed for treason. Crimes against America.

Koch would have been rich, in New York, in his early 20s when Adolf started his rise to power in the 1920s. Already a strong fascist. So there is likelihood that Koch eventually purchased the wycroft equipment and stored it to later sent to Germany to be experimented with. Some of said equipment could have been part of what went wrong with the Hindenburg, a short circuit in the Wi-Fi between Nazi collaborators in the area and the Hindenburg. Testing the weapons, and or some type of radio communication.

The rumors regarding wycrott tower being directly connected with the German war effort has a profound amount of evidence to it.

Koch and friends in America would have had everything he needed to purchase both powers and associated equipment, ship. Have fascist scientists work on them, then as the fascists rose to power in Austria, have the whole thing shipped to Austria.

Which brings up a very interesting point.

The run on the banks aka black Tuesday aka the American stock market crashed. More than a few investors whom had in the weeks and months before had already pulled their money out of the market. Were quoted as bragging about letting the market implode. Buy low, sell high. If the market was at an extreme high, pulling all money out and letting it crash. Creates an automatic serious low.


But why crush the economy; easy answer. Because like the eastern block countries of Europe, desperation leads to desperate decisions. It is very easy to push a fascist agenda in America if the people are too desperate to think. So crash the economy purposely and hope the seeds of fascism take root and grow in America, like they had in Germany.

But the American leaders of fascist’s movements in America were not charismatic enough to sell the message. They ended up looking like extreme fools or worst clowns as they would spend hours screaming about it is all the Jews and ex-slaves fault for your plight in life.

Several of the leading banks, financial institutions, Hollywood, theaters, etc. were for the most part either owned by or controlling interest were held by Jews. So to crush the American and European Jews, to get them out of the financial markets crushing the market was the only real option. Then of course reinvest from the profits created by the intended crash. The Jews paying attention would have also pulled their money out, but a simple couple scanels and an arrest or two and all property could be easily confiscated. Then kill him after that Jew is broken.

But most of America were not fooled, they knew that the bankers and Wall Street investors telegraphed the crash. They pulled their money out well before hand and simply let it crash. The reinvested pouring money back into select companies which could be easily controlled. Pull money out at 100dollars a share, reinvest when that same stock is 1penny. Sell 10,000 shares at 100 dollars and reinvest half purchasing almost as many shares are a possible. Cornering the market of specific companies.

The 1930s was a fight to keep fascist out of American government. Which also points to trying to keep fascists out of the best and greatest technology American had to offer in the 1930s. That culture war kept science and technology at a minimum for the next two entire decades. Only specifically chosen technology would be acceptable. Stuff which had been on the drawing boards in 1920. Not the stuff on the drawing boards in 1935.

To give Germany the best advantage possible fi the nasty American anti-fascists won and American went to war with Germany instead of joined the axis.


Medical experimenting with people inside the electrical box which was the amber room inside the tabernacle. This is not only right up the alley of Mengele and others but it would be easier to believe they did it than not. Proving Mengele did not experiment with the tabernacle would be an insane and entirely unbelievable assumption. All evidence from the second Mengele exited medical school to the point he evacuated to South America. Very likely using a similar escape route Adolf more than likely used. Either leaving from a port in the Baltic in a U-boat, sailing around Europe to Africa, the at the shortest and safest point cross over the Atlantic to South America. Get out and start a new life were the third Reich had already invested huge amounts in building a private for special VIP’s only evacuation site. The problem is, the middle to end of the war the special south American for vip’s only became a free-for-all for Nazi and Germans attempting to escape the carnage and vast starvation immediately after the war. The population of both berlin and Germany would have in part starved to death if the Russians would have had their way. The Allies on a daily basis shipped in tons of food and basic living supplied for the Germans because they possessed literally no possibly way of feeding or taking care of thsemvels. The fields were either so heavily mined it would take years to clear all the land mines. Farming and raising animals was impossible. Vast areas of cities were bombed so heavily that most fo the population was homeless. Clothing was whatever they could based on no clothing factories. So the population who’s tyrannical leaders sacrificed everyitng to remain in power just one more day those whom had not evacuated to south America had bee killed in combat. Some combat taking place days, weeks, and even months after the official third reich surrender. Several of the most fanatical infantry were still willing to fight the allies despite no possibly way of winning. A platoon against a company is attempting to have a glorious combat death. Knowing most of them would be arrested and executed for war crimes, the assumption is the last holdouts still taking up arms against the allies preferred to be killed by a bullet fighting rather than by firing squad and or hung. The assumption is death in combat is honorable. Forcing a death by combat long after the war is over is simply forcing someone else to allow you to commit suicide.

Mengele was not the only Medical doctor in the third Reich given free reign to experiment on any slave he wanted to. Mengele was simply the most flambouint, but each camp had their own medical staff. Each camp ran different experiments on their slave populations.

If truth x every concentration camp, it is more likely truth in a secret “third Reich version of los Alamos”. The rabbis’ and other learned Jews would not have been outright killed. It is smarter to have them in one camp to force them to rebuild the tabernacle system of Adam. To in effect rebuild the temple structure of heirakonopolis.



After the last blitzkrieg the third Reich did not want to rely on fighters, bomber, and cargo/troop transports, to invade either Britain or America. So they shifted their focus about the same time the jet engine was being designed circa 1935 to Rockets. The Rockets were given the funding which used to go to training pilots and building aircraft. If they would have simply carried forward with the same strategy of moving from propellers to jets, the outcome of the war would have been entirely different. America was still 15 years from a jet engine. With more than a little help reverse engineering the ME 262. The ME 262 was literally developed too late.

As Hess’s control and focus regarding the proper function and sequencing of the organizational structure of the third Reich was handed over to Martin Bormann. Bormann not as smart as Hess and having little if any real understanding of the scholarly war regarding the applications of the Tabernacle of Adam and the fascists of Germany. Bormann was good with the physical war, but had little understanding of the scholar’s war. The Scholars war was a specific war where the goals were entirely about theology, academics, and reengineering ancient technology. Most of the officers. Bormann turned a huge amount of funding away from areas he did not understand to the Luftwaffe; thus granting a huge increase in funding to Messerschmitt.

April 8, 1941 the first flight of the me 262. Despite minimal funding. Messerschmitt figure out a way to still design and built the jet. If the funding was made possible three years earlier, the first jet flight would have been in about 1938. If the Luftwaffe would have consisted literally of all jets versus the props they had; the entire war would have been different.

A few days past a month after the first me 262 test flight, Hess takes the paperwork and as many treasures as he could smuggle out to Northumberland.

But it would take two years before sufficient ME’s could be built in order to be a real hard target threat to the allied bombing. Hess was a master at organizational infrastructure.

He purposely defunded the jet to ensure the third Reich would fail. By the time the jet came up to speed there would not be enough pilots to make an impact. Organizational infrastructure people both work on solving short term problems. But they spend most of their time working on long term to solve the problems which could cripple the entire thing years out. In 1935, Hess knew that the jet was a real thing. He was a pilot, he knew that the allies were eventually going to bring America into the war. The second that happened the allies with their ability to manufacture tanks, jeeps, planes every few seconds Germany would be entirely outgunned. In 10 years circa 1945, the tiny fortress Europe itself would not be large enough to produce or had produced sufficient 18-30 years olds in order to fight against America. American had a larger population. More guns, more bombs, more bombers, more tanks by the time the war was another world war the only thing which would keep Germany from winning the war was to make sure the jet was not funded properly. By the first flight of the jet, there would not be sufficient pilots to make the jet a realistic weapon against the waking giant that is America.

There were too many Americans whom did not like fascism to pull America into the war on the side of Germany. So since America would either devolve into another civil war which case the new confederacy would align with the third Reich and the union would align with England for the Physical War, but the scholars war is another story all together. The Scholars were not allied with the British/Trojans, Hess bringing the notes, tools, etc. to the Northumberland family was not about creating peace for the coming physical war juggenaught. The Scholars war was a different type of war, which was going to end badly for everyone unless Hess tried to work with British/Trojans. Or more to the effect surrender to the British/Trojans the power of the Reich tabernacle system. Why surrender a weapon of biblical proportions, for one the people operating the weapon would use it wrong. For two the weapon of mass destruction which is what the tabernacle system can turn into if used by the wrong people like Himmler could literally destroy the planet. . The only solution would be to negotiate and work with the British/Trojans in both England and America. The negotiation was not friends talking, it was more hated enemies talking about divine tools and how best to work around the problems.


Even a year before the bombers defecating the third Reich. The jet available in 100s of not 10,000s would have been turned back the allied bombers at the English Channel. The Luftwaffe would have regained air supremacy, or if Hess had not of limited the funding to as little as he could, the Luftwaffe would never have lost air supremacy. Owning the sky’s over the third Reich. Which would have literally spelled doom for the Jews of the western world. Including and starting with Jewish scholars. Every time the third Reich invaded, they rounded up the Jewish scholars first and killed them. Usually in the middle of the town square in the middle of the day. Talk about a real hard target trauma inducing treat to life and family. Nothing good about any aspect of the situation. The above scholars whom were either Jewish, part Jewish, or taught by Jews were under immediate execution order even in America if only a few things had gone another direction. There is no getting around the facts of that trauma and most of the theories about lifespan development.


The Futhark has a profound amount of influence with time. The Futhark the calendar is a perfect calendar. The Calendar itself is literally more accurate by a factor than the Mayan.


Rudolf Hess literally worked very hard to not only stop the progress of the war, but to assist them allies in almost every way he could from 1933-1941. The evidence is the facts that he defunded Messerschmitt and heavily funded Von Braun. Despite the fact that a powerful jet could reach across the Atlantic in just a few hours; allowing a blitzkrieg of New York eliminating the entire threat from Britain. Forcing the English whom were in charge of Britain to surrender. No ability to fight and no ability to obtain sufficient supplies, the English government would without America have had to surrender or be pounded to death.

The assume plan would have been to develop fast airships to capable of sending sufficient troops across the Atlantic to obtain a foothold in America. The Hindenburg for instance. But those plans were abandoned when all airships from Germany were no longer allowed to enter American airspace following the crash.

So the only solution so close to war would be to have something faster than a propeller. Something close to the speed of sound not 200 mph. 200 mph is slow enough that American aircraft defenses could meet the Luftwaffe over the Atlantic. With insufficient fuel to cross and fight, this was deemed impossible. Then the idea for a jet engine was proposed, but rocket was proposed as well. The rocket being literally less than an hour from Panamunda to New York City could land 10,000 troops.

The decision was to developed rockets instead of the jet. The jet was four hours, the rocket one hour. Plus jets require landing fields. And fighter air support.

Invading America by jet was not guaranteed to be successful, but by rocket would be. But Hess and von Braun both know the technology was not ready yet. And von Braun not being an anti-Semite did everything in his power to make sure the rocket technology advanced as slowly and badly as possible. Without drawing the suspicious perception from Goering.

The entire time the third Reich was in power, they literally forced their way into every archaeological site they could get their army into. Studying every single aspect of archaeology. They knew as a matter of the hardest fact that they were beyond doubt searching for technology which was so far above and beyond what had already been thought of. The weapons which could be found in the bible make nuclear war look literally like a small fire cracker.


What if the Reich was able to force sufficient scholars to work enough to rebuild the Futhark language sufficient to know the Futhark is the parent of Hebrew.

What if the Futhark itself was literally the language needed to make the Tabernacle of Adam work. What if the NAZI in some small way were able to make the Tabernacle of Adam work.


Children of the HY

The psychopathic children born as Adolf’s children.

The children who were part of various Hitler Youth camps were encouraged and in some cases strongly encouraged by the guardians to have sexual encounters. Those whom were of the purest Aryan blood were encouraged to be proper patriots, the girls would need to produce at least one child for the Feurer. That child would be the child of the Feurer and not their child. Those children were raised in a sort of a fascist boarding/orphanage to be indoctrinated form literally birth in the ways of the third Reich. So leaders e.g. the top girl in her school/group would be paired off with the top boy in his school/group and encouraged to produce at least one child together. They would then be paired off with the top girl/boy from the next school to produce a child as well. That way the next generation of the ultimate of Aryan supremacy children would be chosen from Adolf’s children.

The parents of those children some in the strongest terms possible objected to said breeding programs. More than a few either not yet pregnant but in the way or already pregnant girls were taken out of the third Reich when it became clear to the parents this type of behavior was more than unacceptable. Killing Jews was one thing, but manipulated breeding with no good family to take and raise the children born of said pairings. The teenagers whom participated were indoctrinated that the children belonged to the fearer and not them. So as soon as the infant was born that was close to the last time the mother saw if ever that child born. Many were given sleeping medications soon after to delivery to keep the new mother from being upset at never being able to hold or see their child.



Where did they go, and what role did both their birth and lives play in the development of this extremely hypothetical time war.

Were those children the warriors of the time war. There would have been 10,000s of children born from 1925-1945 under the concepts of “Adolf’s Children” were did they go. Did they simply blend into the culture, or did they serve another purpose.

Second question, were any of those children conceived inside an amber room which would have been inside a tabernacle.

The Russians amber room is beyond wrong. They are trying to make a Yugo into a Rolls Royce.


The original amber room was part of the upper floor of a tabernacle. That tabernacle would be similar to what the Kaaba looks like.

Those kids conceived and possibly born in an amber room might have some connection with the Fictional concept of “A Time Head” from the Dr Who mythology.

Kids not born and raised for combat, but born and raised to fight some kind of time war. Using reassembled or bran new Tabernacles of Adam like Noah used the Ark to perform whatever duty was needed.

In every single society, the rules of those societies are drilled into the children from the first few hours. When they are introduced to the word no within minutes of their first breathe. No you cannot be warm yet, no you cannot feel your mother yet, and you have to be picked/probed/stabbed/etc. for the first few minutes without consent, etc. in Western culture the ability from the start to literally start to shape your perception starts before your eyes are open. Consequently by the time you are 18 months old a significant amount of your persecution is already locked into your neuropathways.

What if the kids and adults forced to work inside the tabernacle system produced energy waves etc. which became inappropriate for the work needed. But the kids born from the purest of Aryan stock would be raised as if working in the tabernacle system was not only natural but not working and producing different types of energy waves was strange and unusual.

What if those kids were raised to be the tabernacle warriors, to control and shape the energy waves and compounds to do whatever the tabernacle computer was designed to do.



Hess landed in Northumberland, there were a several hour grasp between the times Hess reached the English Channel to the time he crashed landed.

The discussion was about the amber room, the paperwork was about the amber room.

With the British/Trojans not English

The negotiation was between Hess and the British/Trojans, the English government was kept ignorant

But it was not a peace deal.

Emma Welling

Were they trying to bring the Amber room to Britain?

Well the peace deal was different

Ohm’s law

The ATEN, more than one limb\

7 months till

I wonder if the negotiation between Hess and the British/Trojans in the months before cascaded into Roosevelt’s actions with japan


The same family which funded Adolf’s rise to power were also responsible for an American version “The John Birch Society” which from the 1960-present has been considered to be ultra-radical fringe politically. The hard evidence regarding the group think model linking Adolf’s rise to power (and his extreme anti-Semitic capital crime against diversity groups) was supported by, funded, by profited made for, assisted in the war machine against the allies, etc. was the cofounder of the John Birch Society Fred Chase Koch. Tying the John Birch Society directly with the rise of the Third Reich, as well as close cousins with Ilse Koch, the wife of the commandant of Buchenwald, Karl-Otto Koch. Karl Koch performed crimes against the Jews in his case at a death camp that lead to his own arrest, investigation, trial, and execution only a week before the camp was liberated by allied forces. How bad does a person have to be, to be considered worse than mass genocide? To go to the trial, trouble, and time with the allied forces literally only miles away to carry out an execution of a man in charge of genocide. The genocide was what the man was paid to do, but his crimes were not ok. That is a powerful benchmark of how bad his crimes were. Gives a strong family behavior pattern model regarding how the American cousins perform their own actions. The attraction to the Society by individual members helped the culture itself identify people whom appeared (maintained a solid façade) to be good and solid people, but they held beliefs which were unacceptable the individual through sociological psychology were able to be identified and reacted to accordingly. Over time the individual members of the society behaved in ways both inside the society itself and in public which were considered entirely unacceptable to the community they lived in. People whom might have been anti-diversity were in varying degrees quoted in the press as being racist. From being anti-African American to the standard anti-Semitic. Which in the hard evidence of the Egyptians, Coptic’s, and Jews whom evacuated out of Egypt when the Muslims invaded circa 630 cue. Those groups of diverse peoples evacuated south, then using the river system of the headwaters of the Nile moved west to Niger. Where several hundred years later the natives of Niger were used as the free workforce for the plantation system. In a very real effect the African America former slaves their ancestry is linked directly back to the Jews and Coptic’s of Egypt. Finding those in a culture whom are violently opposed to an ethnic group, no matter how hard the social media is controlled by a publicist the persons need to spout unacceptable in inhuman garbage will come out eventually.


Hess taking the notes, and possibly shipping by boat whatever treasures he had already assembled from the archaeology. Sending them to Britain then flying their himself. Causing Adolf to lose his temper and invade to regain an amber room


NAZI Physical versus Scholars War

What if the scholars and said from within the NAZI regime were not interested in acquiring lands. The lands conquest was a diversion. Those that needed to use guns to acquire power, that was simply a way to get those that have no understanding of real power = knowledge not real power is how many you have killed, or how much land you control, etc.

Real power is knowledge.

The Nazi heavily invited time and efforts into the concepts of Futhark, into seeking out every single Jew they could say their hands on.

What if the rabbi’s and scholars were taken not out and killed, dumped in a mass grave, but instead were place in a scholar’s only concentration camp. A NAZI version of the American Los Alamos Laboratory; were the NAZI Scholars could work on both the nuclear technology as well as the Tabernacle System. Where from 1933 to 1946 they were forced to use their minds and vast quantities of scholarly works to create divine weapons for use in the third Reich.

What if that work produced a working Tabernacle.

If that Tabernacle worked, that would literally be just a small micro-step from being able to work to a full capacity.

A working tabernacle with the fuel of the Futhark, with the mechanism of the Futhark calendar is for most intense and purposes a Time Machine.

Somewhere in the heart of Germany, Russia, and America are the following. Documents and materials which when assembled properly are literally the parts and necessaries for making a Time Machine.

For the NAZI scholars those whom understood the deeper and astrophysics concepts of ancient cultures knew. They needed to give those that need to sling iron the ability to sling iron. Distract with hate and rage. Kill all the non-scholars and such they wanted. As a distraction from the true purposes of the war.

The clearing of all things Jewish was not to kill the people, but to clear out vast areas s3o the ancient library caches could be found and studied. From 1806-1880, vast qualities of the holy roman Empires library disappeared. Mostly stolen by parties unknown. Into private collections, thieves stole to sell the pages of books. Pages of a book are more valuable than the book itself. A book is only 15 dollars, but each page can be sold for 2 to 10 dollars apiece. A 100 page book can be sold for 1000s; as a whole 15 dollars.

Clearing the Jews out meant they had to leave their libraries behind. They would bury them, hide them, attempt to ferry out them out of danger in some way. But the larger collections were too large to move. So the Jews were literally forced to give them up.

Those that needed to inflict damage could to so, but those that needed to perform violence were also needed to have a distraction so the NAZI scholars could do their work.

In case Russia would repeat the same research since they already possessed a Tabernacle or at least one very small portion of a fake Amber Room from a Tabernacle. They possessed a serious and hard target threat to this proposed idea that the scholastic side of the third Reich was moving from a physical war to in effect a time war. Using the ancient tabernacle system as a time machine.

The second Rudolf Hess defected from the third Reich, taking unknown with him. Hundreds of lbs. of paperwork and tools, possibly the spear of destiny, etc. the third Reich pushed operation Barbarossa forward. Invading only a few scant weeks later.

If I found all this without unlimited resources, unlimited manpower, almost no one believing in what I was working on, etc. I found it in 30 years; what could the Fascists find with the opposite problem. Too much information, too much money, too much ego, too many wanting to take credit, just too much.

Sitting in dark room for three decades isolated from most social functions, just thinking and thinking and thinking. Pouring over the details enumerable times.

Further evidence of some type of Time War which started circa 1938; which has yet to stop. Fighting the time war on many dimensions at the same time.

The Philadelphia experiment. As soon as the war was over and the scholars could get down and dirty with the confiscated research from the fascists of Germany, as well as the confiscated library from the Holy Roman Empire. Some of the books dated all the way back to the first libraries.

The Philadelphia experiment could have been a test to find out the details regarding trying to determine what aspects of what the Nazi’s came up with possessed any basis in fact.

The only thing they did was prove how little they knew about the research.



There is no getting around the facts of that trauma and most of the theories about lifespan development. Knowing the allies were fully informed of the jet age upgrade to the blitzkrieg, that whole plan was then thrown away and new plans were drawn up to win the war another way. Intelligence reports coming out of the third Reich from Jews and others up to 1839 stated as a matter of some speculative fact that this was part of the war effort. Those initial storm troopers would have obviously had to land in New York with wave after wave of reinforcements. But obtain a foothold they would have done, and the tide of the war would have been radically different. Every major theory of lifespan development minus those created in 1880 e.g. Wundt’s ideas and his peers were created within the framework of the psychological scholars creating theories and academic ideas under the hard target threat of the above scenario. Most of the above scholars would have known about the above plans and no matter if the scholars were in America or not, they were all marked for death. Just because the American government and most of the European cultures both under third Reich occupation and still free the vast majority did not believe the stories, the Jews certainly did. Enter Operation Barbarossa after the defection of Hess, which also has to do with the Psychological concept of the Placebo effect. It was rumored that the third Reich found the “Spear of Destiny” it was the spear that Hess took and flew it and as many records as he could regarding what the third Reich was up to Britain. The third Reich having just lost its “Symbols Placebo” of the spear of destiny moved to replace with an equally powerful tool. The Amber Room held in St Catherine’s Cathedral St Petersburg Russia. With a huge amount of troops about to be deployed on the Eastern Front still alive and the peace with Russia still holding, the third Reich still had plenty in reserve to force this specific issue. The vast majority of western cultures did not believe any of the odd stories until the pictures, movies, and first-hand accounts from soldiers in the field in 1945 brought back undisputable evidence and proof. The Jewish community’s comments were a polite “Why did you need that much evidence to believe us, 10 years we knew and you did nothing until you were personally impacted.” There is nothing fun or good about that scenario. But relying on the scholars of that time, most of whom were Jewish to come up with well thought out ideas through the fog of panic is in most of their direct written opinion a bad idea. Anti-Semitic behavior was not limited to only Europe, America possessed more than its fair share of fascist groups. More than a few politicians and military leaders were making serious motions to go into the war on the side of the third Reich not against them. It was a simple twist of fate that Roosevelt knew enough to force Japan into attacking the US mainland. Since Japan had signed an axis agreement with Germany; If Japan was forced to attack America then America would be forced to go to war with Japan, which would by default force America to go to war with Germany. Silencing those whom wanted to change the American government to a fascist representative style. From 1925-1950 those 25 years are when most of the men who wrote the currently accepted theories about lifespan development were either writing their ideas down to publish or were being raised in that level of traumatic violence. Where family members were disappearing in the middle of the night never to be heard or seen again. Small family executions leading to building executions, leading to ever widening and larger executions. Psychopaths until they are comfortable start small, then slowly build up their confidence and seek to inject ever widening and larger levels of pain and torture on their intended victims.

In the months leading up to Hess’s defection Roosevelt diplomatically cranked the empire of Japan into a stranglehold. There was a naval blockade around the Island of Japan which allowed no ships whatsoever to come in. The main island had no ability to feed its own citizens past six months. The Homeland would have began to starve to death around six months after the blockage. Roosevelt gave the empire of japan less than no choice, attack the US mainland and go to war. Or begin to have your citizens starve to death. The Japanese mainland could not produce sufficient crops to feed its people. The mainland depended on food imports to feed its citizens. The American blockage removed the imports. The six months their is almost to the day six months between Hess’s defection and December 7, 1941. Hess’s defection was literally 32 days after the first test flight of the ME 262. But throwing the entire third Reich into a chaos they could not recover from in both the physical war and the scholarly war. The scholarly war was met with an attempt to replace the notes Hess took by forcing the Jews living in the third Reich to reproduce the notes and books or die. Most chose death.


Based on the Evidence of the Picket Tower and the other details surrounding the other towers in Whatcom County,

From the 1600-1860 the world was gathered in Whatcom County in order to fight over supremacy of what was present. What was present can only be speculated upon, but what is sure is the facts surrounding the evidence which was left in Bellingham and the surrounding cities. From 1800-1850 the last bits of the treasures from Whatcom county which could not be hidden in the box canyon of WWU or the surrounding areas was again boxed up and shipped out. The boxes were shipped back to Germany. In hopes that with the upsergence in scholastic works with the opening of the Holy Roman Empire’s library. That the culture would be more accepting and the reassembly and work with the tabernacle system could in effect be done in the black forest of Upper Germany.

But when the scholarly works and scholars arrived from all over including America to advanced knowledge again. The anti-Semitic movements restarted up again. From 1860 to 1910 dozens of anti-Semitic groups formed. Most with a similar playbook regarding fascist ideals. Proving the tabernacle system would not be good to rebuild in Germany at that time either.

But bring in a weapon of divine power, groups whom are convinced the only real way to go about performing the will of the divine is by using violence. Using a divine weapon to perform said violence because a Milgram the violence is the will of god not the responsibility of the humans performing.

Now when the weapon will not work, and anger/frustration cascades down into an unholy recipe for inhuman behavior patterns.


Hitler initiated Action Hess, a flurry of hundreds of arrests of astrologers, faith healers and occultists that took place around 9 June. The campaign was part of a propaganda effort by Goebbels and others to denigrate Hess and to make scapegoats of occult practitioner


H. R. Knickerbocker, who had met both Hitler and Hess, speculated that Hitler had sent Hess to deliver a message informing Winston Churchill of the forthcoming invasion of the Soviet Union, and offering a negotiated peace or even an anti-Bolshevik partnership.[73] Soviet leader Joseph Stalin believed that Hess's flight had been engineered by the British/Trojans. Stalin persisted in this belief as late as 1944, when he mentioned the matter to Churchill, who insisted that they had no advance knowledge of the flight

Why attack America

The slave trade gave the Nazi the exact map were the treasures they wanted were transported out of their sphere of control

Time War

The facts that the Tabernacle Complex at Heirakonopolis the nazi were trying to reassemble into a divine super weapon.

 First experimenting with tents as the original design dictates. Then moving to stone ala the City of Luz renamed Memphis Egypt from Abraham/Pharaoh Mem.

Methusla’s Blade

That which is used as a tool will do good, that which is used for evil will take from bearer.

Could the British Tabernacle Ssytems have been engaging in warfare with the Nazi system. But the nazi systems were not only failing but the personell operating the equipment ahd their life essense drained away. The real grail gives life the false grail takes life. Could the real tabernacle system have performed said acxtinos with the nazi scholars trying to make it work.

Could after the war was in full scale operation have started to kill nazi’s outside the tabernacle structure. Could the war have expanded notonly outside each building but outside the compound eg nazi’s version of los alimos nm. Killing those loyal to the party and Esua’s philopsy hundreds fo feet or even miles away from the facility.

Could that war and the resulting deaths be party fo why hess chose to end defect, to end the tabernacle war while they still possessed sufficient troops to maintain an optimune goverenmtal structure.

Of course the reaction from adolf adne others would hve been to ramp up attackes from the tabernacle once they got the machine back up and running.

Adolf's fantasy Berlin, I think has been mislabeled


I think they gave up on nuclear war and went straight for weapon beyond imagination more powerful

Starting circa 1935 at the latest


Those are tabernacles

But they look more like the Kaaba that this

On the third floor up or the second floor if the first is called ground,

That floor part of the floor would contain an amber room

Amber generates electricity,


What would a Time War consist of.

Knowing as a matter of very hard fact that the Nazi had the Kaaba, knew about Miramont Castle, knew about and understood the engineering for the Amber Room (compress amber generates electricity), obtained the blue prints for Tesla’s Wi-Fi machines (or they would have flat out purchased the remaining equipment from those whom purchased as auction), Adolf was an architect who designed more than a few grand cities (which if you take one of this grand city layouts and compare it to a circuit board; there is little difference), and the work on the Futhark. Combine those together

Tesla Wi-Fi

To allow tabernacles to send communication in the form of compressed electricity miles away.



An Alexandrian light house compresses Wi-Fi in effect ray weapon, failed test.



The Futhark is the parent language of Hebrew. The Futhark has a Calendar which is dead on the money accurate plus or minus the length of the universe.



Jera is the Futhark symbol for Time. Salem sacred defined place.



Tabernacle complex


Adolf’s city plan

A circuit board



Think of a tabernacle as an ancient computer chip


Miramont Castle

Replica of King Solomon’s Temple


King Solomon’s Temple

A replica of the temple of Tyre, which itself was a replica of the Temple of Ptah. Ptah was built by Abraham/Mem as a replica of the ancient tabernacle system Adam built as a replica of the tabernacle at the center of the garden of Eden.



The pre-exodus Judaism and post were two entirely different philosophical and ceremony based concepts. German Jews were at least in part still working from the pre-exodus ceremonies. The scholars were taken first. Very likely to a nazi version of los Alamos. They were to killed they were forced through torture to rebuild the heirakonoplis tabernacle system.


Noah’s ark



Ark of the covenant



Hitler Youth



Khufu Pyramid










Once the basics of the tabernacle system was built as an experiment, exactly what would the structures be used for.

To create a room which after closing the door would be literally a physical magnetosphere. With a tessle coil on top and a wycroffe tower over that, to send and receive energy bursts form other tabernacles.

What would a person inside the amber room do, sing, dance, maybe talk, etc. each thing they would do would change the charge, energy, frequency, vibration, signature, etc. of the energy generated. Changing the energy inside would change the signals being sent to other tabernacles and consequently change the signals coming back.

The Hitler Youth, the youth whom were entirely and radically dedicated to the fascist cause not only could have been but would have been used inside these chambers. Especially if an air hose was used to ensure a proper flow of oxygen.

What type of miles, hundreds of miles, half the globe away, outer space, other dimensions. Would or could this tabernacle ARAY do. Could it be some type of weapon, like the Alexandrian Library Lighthouse.

Could it reach into other dimensions.

If it could reach into other dimensions could it breach the space time continuum to open some type of gateway to perceive into different times. To perceive back and forth between different selected time periods. Different dimensions. Different energy patterns.

What could a devise like this do.

Monuments Men

The unit specifically frmed with the primary task to finding out about the Tabernacle of Adam System and if true seize control over it. After seizing it, dismantle and ship it to America.


After the War

After the War, the fascists whom not only knew about the Tabernacle System that could convince the allies they would not say a thing were given lighter sentences than the ones whom knew too much. The fascistgs whom knew simply too much were executed without a single thought.

It is possible Göring possibly did not commit a sneeky suicide but was allowed to commit gentelmen’s honor death because the allies simply could not trust the person incharge of the Tabernacle Project to not keep his mouth shut. He could have easily told all manner or secret details about the plants if he would have been kept alive till his hanging date.

Goring would have been one of the people incharge of the Third Reich Tabernacle System. through varous expariments with electro-magnetics especially if those exopariemtns are conducted incorrectly. More than a few “crystal” people have been driven literally crazy by their interactions with the crystals.

Goring’s insanity could be explained by interacting with the electro-magnectis of the tabernacle System. same mechanism used for EST to break the person from their depression or other mental issues; can induse mental issues and insanity. Gorings insanity could be a direct piece of evidence of his brains being EST by the electro-magnetics of the tabernacle system.

The allies simply did not trust he could keep his mouth shut. So they brought him cyanide and allowed him to do it. Keeping the secrets of the Tabernacle of Adam system from the 1780s to present had become one of the most carefully controlled secrets America possesses. The Secrets were present but not believed before. But before 1780, other nations were in charge of securing the sites and keeping everything secrt. Which was eaier in the past since in the past the locatinos were 100 miles away from the closest population zones and the only people allowed close were Rabbi’s incharge.

The last secret weapon of the Third Reich was the Tabernacle System. That system did not work for the Third Reich to lay waste to the enemy. One of the reasons the Monuments Men were created in the first place was to go deep into NAZI occupied Germany and seize control over the Tabernacle system Adolf built before the Russian’s could take it. The Allies wanted to study it, the Russians wanted to use it to lay waste to the world.

Philadelphia Experiment






TR Welling