Akashic Library


The Akashic library is a academic exercise which became popularized by a Russian Jewish immigrant at the end of the 1700s early 1800s.

It became popular during the early 1800s spiritualist movements.

In fact the whole LDS golden plates can also be linked to the same academic exercise.


The facts are that the a universal library not only exists but it can be decoded, translated into any language, aspects of that language can be translated into Hebrew through an interesting translation matrix, and the library itself can start to be translated.

Although the library itself is much more complex and detailed than can easily be imagined.


The Akashic library itself is larger than the size of the known universe.

The Akashic Library is larger by several times if not folds than the known Universe.

This is a small problem when it comes to the applications of trying to decrypt the library itself.

Although it does add some very interesting ideas to the applications of tracing a planets pathway.


Just like a motor boat moving through the water, leaving a trail of exhaust behind. Celestial bodies do the same.

As the sun is constantly spitting out materials of Electro-Magnetic waves in different patterns. The consistency in wave patterns allows for the objects moving in those waves to leave a trail.

The trail can be identified and traced even backwards for extremely long periods of time.

It the SETI project was looking for “spaceships”, the best way to look for them would be in the “Electro-Magnetic Wakes” left behind by various celestial bodies.

If every single sun gives off Electro-Magnetic Waves, than there is a map scattered through the entire universe of said Electro-Magnetic waves. all things traveling through said waves will leave a trail.






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