Alexandria Library


First thing to learn about the Alexandria Library, the building was empty of scrolls and codex’s when it was burned to the ground. Second the building was not only empty but the first thing Caesar did was to ensure all the materials not already shipped out were shipped to both Rome and Northumberland.


Second the Julii family and the Ptolemaic family had a long standing agreement, the invasion and battles were not enemy v enemy. It was mostly show bad Roman legions versus hired Mercenaries on the Egyptian side fighting each other. The mercenaries quite fast as they were ordered to and the Egyptian Army had already left the area and reformed in both Rome and Northumberland preparing for the next step in the process.

Waiting and resting in those two locations waiting for the orders for a small portion to be reassigned to Levant lands in order to protect the Nativity and the new born King. But that event would not happen for several decades.

The Ptolemaic, Julii, and the Lucia family all date back to the Hyksos invasions of Levant and the Aegean. The Hyksos were never going to back down, it is not in their soul as a collective group to ever even think of backing down. So instead of being able to back down. They have to be sidestepped in order to achieve other goals.

The Hyksos are on a soul level bound to seek out Jews and all information even slightly related to the Jews and destroy it. For 4000 years the Hykso have been entirely ignorant as to why they need to perform said actions, but perform them they do. It has become so rote for their culture they have no idea what they are doing or why, but do it since they have been taught from infancy this is the way to live. This is their diving purpose seek out Jews and kill them.

The Roman Senate was going to rest till they were given the reports the library was destroyed. As much of it clandestinely would be shipped back to them for safe keeping and so they could arrogantly claim “The Roman Empire invented all these things out of no were. We are truly great” from stolen work produce form the Library.

But Caesar had a plan. A plan his family and allied families including the Lucia family and Ptolemaic family had been working on and from for more than a millennia. The Plan included the Nativity.


The Roman Senate only relaxed when they started to receive some of the material from the Library but were overjoyed to learn the building was erased. They were satisfied Egypt would no longer be a threat to the power of the Empire. The Egyptians would never be able to read those books and reform to become a scientific and or military power and threaten the Roman Empire. Out of Technology comes advanced Weapons. The Alexandria Lighthouse for instance. The Roman Senate either had to possess said Weapon of Mass Destruction of oversee its obliteration.









TR Welling