Amelia Earhart 

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On This Day in Seneca County History Ė February 23rd, 1935 - While researching local history, itís always neat to come across the many famous people who have passed through Seneca County over the many years. On this date, it was reported in the Fostoria Daily Review newspaper, that Amelia Earhart, the first lady of the air, made a brief but unexpected stop at Fostoria on that day. She was on her way to Toledo from Marion, where she had delivered an address, when her car met with a minor traffic accident that didnít allow her to continue beyond Toledo. She was then forced to take a train back to Chicago. Todayís photo of Amelia was taken in 1935, the same year that she passed through Fostoria. Only two years later, on July 2, 1937, Amelia disappeared over the central Pacific Ocean attempting to make a circumnavigational flight around the globe. Thanks to Brian Courtney for finding this historical story!



50 miles from Tiffin, wow. The amount of beyond significant and key to the development of Western Culture including the entire field of Psychology the Ogles of Tiffin were directly involved. Now add Amelia Earhart to that list. Remember the FreiKorp previous to 1940 were still an extremely powerful group in Ohio. The FreiKorp renamed one of their branches to NAZI Jan 10, 1920 under the direction of Adolf Hitler. Fort Ball was in part manned by FreiKorp members.


Between Fostoria and Tiffin was the Car accident. Less than 15 miles and the Ogles interacted with


Obviously Amelia has worked as an Air recon spy for the majority of her flying career. She likely was part fo the Air America flights between Maine and Ireland in the 19teens through the 1930s.

The amount of interactionswith spy stuff she did was a significant part of virtually every single part of her flying career.


What in her spy career brought her to Tiffin within two years of her last flight?

The Ogles are only the west side of city. She would have had to pass through Ogle Lands to go anywhere east in just few miles past were her car might have Crashed. The Ogles and the FreiKorp had been at war with each other since the day the Prussians formed the FreiKorp. For that matter the Ogles has been at war with the Prussians also since day one.