Amun Amunet Mat


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Amun in the back, Amunet and Mat kissing in the foreground.

This union has been part of the Rites of the Children of Israel since almost day one.

Although it has been albut entirely removed from post exodus ceremonies. Minus of course those recreated or retranslated into English thanks to Allister Crowley.


This type of ceremony is what directly led to the birth of Barbra Bush, when her mother Allister and another female had said type of encounter in a Temple in Empire just hours before he left to return to New York. 9 Months later, Barbra was born.

Barbraís future husband was the son of a high ranking American NAZI moneychanger.

Prescott Bush was massively punished but did not go to jail for extreme high crimes and treason.

Barbraís husband was head of the CIA for 20 years, later to become Vice President under Reagan (or as the GOP Call Him Saint Reagan) and President himself after. Their son Jr 8 years later became president as well.

The only other father son presidents were John Adamís who was one of the major founding gathers to the nation of America and the United States, and his son John Quincy Adams.

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Fascinating enough, Q Adams lost his reelection bid to Andrew Jackson of the bran new Dem party. They had one platform; kill Jews by keeping slavery alive and well.

Jackson was also a strong member of Tammany Hall. He was also a several generation business partners with Americans largest and most disgusting enemy Violent Militant Islam.

Having been business partners with them since the 1200s.


It is entirely common practice within the Arabic culture to have useless daughters from second, third, fourth, fifth wife be given as gifts to European slave masters.

These gifts were either entirely uneducated and meant to produce lots of babies for their master/consort or were fully trained in the ways of Fatimah and were given to set a foothold for a new generation of Arabic fundamentalists sharia law following Muslims to own their own plantations and create a way for a future invasion.

The Fatimah daughters were taught how to please their consort/master of European descent, do all the things which the master requires, willingly, and with eagerness.

Do all the things a Victorian woman would never do.


When the children are born, they would be set up with arranged marriages from other gifts and grandfather would provide all the money needed to buy their own lands, in American of course.

If the wife could be convinced, then the above ceremony could be done. If the wife could not be convinced, a second gift would be needed.

AT times the second gift would be a Jew not Arab with some rabinal training. To take advantage of said other skills in the same line as this ancient Amun Amunett Mat Ceremony.


The core of these mythologies regarding Ancient Egypt have a core of information from Adam (Amun), Eve (Amunet), and Mat (Lilith).


The Amun is the most powerful deity under the ATEN.

Amunís first Mate is Amunet. Her symbol is snakes eg Eve.

Amunís other mate is Mat; since to the Egyptians the concept of Lilith is much less freighting than Snakes.

Matsí animal Symbol is the Vulture, which is exactly the same as Lilith. Half vulture have human eg Harpie.


Also the structure of the King Solomon (Amun) and Queen Sheba (Amunet) working in the Temple of Solomon together the variables are more than slightly connected.


But the snake does not mean the traditional concept of a Snake. The Snake is actually the shape of the Futhark makes as it weaves through the structure of the earth rotating around the sun.


When Amun and Amunet come together, they open a gateway. But instead of opening a Gateway to Hell. They open a Gateway between Heaven and Hell. The opening is created at the Alter over the Ark of the Covenant.








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