Ancient Time Code



I found an ancient time code in ancient scripts. likely associated with music, since the futhark is connected to time being both a calendar and a language.

so if the 5 primary deities were conceived at specific solstices than the other three also have deities. that mixes when a deity is mentioned that time of year and all symbols on that megalith means are directly connected to that time of year.


Early writing based on pictograms the Crops are obviously Fehu; so that sets this time sequence to litha.


Proto-Elimate writing

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But when applied to the structure of the Futhark. The symbols are completely understandable. In addition their time sequences are also totally coheriant.

Lots of Othallo’s so this has a great deal to do with Houses and likely a village.

It is also upside down.

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With out a clear large figure to be specific regarding a given time of year. This would be a generalized message.

Or just a brief note regarding time.


However Linear A is sometimes rather heavy in its depictions.







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