A very interesting and highly difficult culture to separate the facts from the pure mythology.

The Anglo-Saxon culture itself is a direct descendant of the Roman culture from both Britain and Germany.

After the collapse of the Roman Empire, reformed into the Papal States. The former Roman Army faced a rather serious problem. They were spread out as to not be a threat to the Empire, a group of soldiers upset at the senate for giving them lands 1000 miles away from the Capital. Could reform and perform rather nasty actions against the Capital, by invading and hurting the senate. So, they were housed in Germany and Britain.


But after the collapse, the romance and descendants of the army found themselves spread out and under invasion from forces the Roman Army had suppressed for centuries. With no Roman Army, the remanace chose to reform and find a nice safe fortification to reform themselves into a solid army and rebuild Rome.

Those chose the city of Londonium, name changed it to London.

The Roman Empire continued but under the name England from them to present.

Although they had to make a language change since the majority of the members spoke and wrote in a part Futhark part Latin language.

Eventually this language became wide spread with the former Romans and English was invented.

There was no way the Romans were going to learn Gaelic.

Just the opposite, the ex-Romans went to open and sadistic war against the Gaelic cultures. Much worse than the roman senate had ordered.

Monster wars between the Gaelic and the Romans have been being fought from 2100 bce to resent. Almost no on remembers why the battles are occurring. They just know the survival of their culture demands on the other side losing.






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