Anglos and Saxons

The Anglos and Saxons are actually four separate cultures. Those who were loyal to the British and had worked for common goals for the previous several millennia, Then their are the former Roman pockets who change their name to hide their former self, but kept up the illusion they were new but were Romans in all but name. In London you can see statues of the Kings of England. Which is true, when the Empire collapsed middle to late 300 ce the Romans simply changed their name from Roman to something else. Many changed to Mercia. Some chose Ango, Saxon, Jute, Dane, etc.  The Germans had been hired by the Ogle family to as soldiers to fight against the Romans. So what better way to confuse and confound the enemy than to take on the name of the enemy. In this case Anglo Saxon. Plus with the collapse the pockets of Romans in Germany needed to evacuate or be mass executed by populations they had been brutalizing for centuries. The German Romans simply followed the British German soldiers west to Britain. Then continued the war against the Ogles at Hadrian's Wall the Romans did. But with the change in framework and function the rules regarding do not attack were thrown out and the Ogles advanced down to Sherwood forest. Most of the Reasons for not advancing past Hadrian's was due to the establishment of the Vatican under the philosophy of Simon Peter. but after the collapse, those rules no longer applied. The Romans and English have less than no idea the foundation of the Church of Rome had been planned out for several millennia. The Ogles had to ensure Rome did not collapse too quickly. Never underestimate if they wanted to  the Ogles and their army could have easily marched into Rome at any time they wanted to. But that was against all acceptable rules of order. Self defense is good, but murder is  not. Retaking Rome renaming it The City of Seven Hills again (which was its name previous to 753 bce) was unacceptable. The British are Trojans, the Trojans were/are Jews. Pacifism is a centerpiece to their philosophy. Self defense is acceptable, but not aggression.