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Connections which are connections between say the Ogle family and Northumberland in regards to Hastings

Or the parissi in regards to Caesars military campaigns in Ga’al.

Spider web covers from the third layer of connections out to distant connections.

Example Noahs’ Ark and the formulation of Washington State, they are connected however they are layers and layers separated from each other.



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To explore the spider web and its multi-dimension wave patterns.





This document is a list of how any one given subject and all the other subjects which it is connected to are connected.


Example the Hyksos I mention the Hyksos in about 1000 pages. I mention Esau in about the same.

I mention the Elder Futhark on about 500 pages not including AErdology pages, which is the science of the Futhark.


X subject is on these pages.

Y subject is on these pages

Z subject is on these pages.


The list of topics and those topics mentioned on those pages is what this is about.

Other pages discuss other aspects of the relevance, mathematics, and linguistics of said connections. But this is specific to just those connections.


Also a mention of the sequences of the generations of each document.

I have some documents which have 1000s of generations. Every time I went over the document to fix the spelling and grammar, almost by default my mind would start to roll into sequential connections.


Example my Wannsee Conference Document itself began its existence as an explanation for how the IQ test was developed.

However upon rereading over what I wrote, my brain did what it usually does. It began to look into the history of St Cloud Minnesota where some of the First IQ tests were developed. The first recorded IQ test was created in France a few decades after the French Revolution 1790.

The sequential problem is; which took me almost three years of research to make the following connections. The IQ test is a direct result of the Libertine government seizing control over Versailles and its Polytechnic university.

Which Versailles phase one being a Polytechnic university/college is itself a long, detailed, complex, and incredibly difficult subject to pour over the details of its creation (designed and built by Leonardo Da Vinci, as his personal school and Palace. The school part is easy to understand, the Palace part is difficult to the extreme to define since the powers that be during the time of his life worked very very hard to either erase all traces of his Royal Blood and or did not allow documentation to exist at all. Remember the Vatican attempted to kill him on 4 separate occasions and for the 5th he was evocated from Italy ordered as a 60 year old man to never come back to Italy or be executed on the spot.). The Creation of Versailles was done By Leonardo Da Vinci as a way to have his best and greatest ideas a home to work on them. Not just a place for him to live and work on his ideas in his notebooks. But for him to actually build them and house them so he could look at his models and allow his mind to explore the mistakes.

More than a few inventors will built generation one of an idea and then after that idea is in physical form, will then want to make changes, sequences of changes later sometimes 1000s of generations later and a solid good physical form develops.

Example the Wright Flyer circa 1902 and the Current most advanced Jumbo Jets, not to mention the Current Space X designs. The Wright Flyer model 1 under the direction of the Wright Brothers themselves they built and improved their design 1000s of times from there first powered plane to the last design changes they built.

Leo needed a place to play with his ideas.

Versailles became that location.

However back to the previous subject.  Versailles phase one was built as a college to teach Leo’s rather extremely advanced engineering, architecture, etc. ideas.

After the French Revolution which occurred in basic and in brief so that the Prussians could get their hands on all those secret French and British technology so they could turn it into weapons of mass destruction. to Rule the world.

Shortly after the revolution, the Prussians and their name changed spy organization the Libertine French figure out they were in way over their heads. They did not have the slightest idea how to function and operate inside of a school which had been operating at the upper end of upper end engineering for more than half a millennia.

Leonardo was one of the smartest humans to have ever existed. Some of this ideas would not become a physical realistic reality till the middle to end of the 1800s. His Helicopter would not be realistic till the beginning part of the 1900s.


Being able to mark each evolution of an academics, engineering, model, etc. idea from start to current model is what this section is all about.


The IQ test was in part developed as a result of the collapse of the French Government and there desperate need to make the weapons at Versailles work. however, their efforts were after half a century approv to be fruitless. They were simply out of there depths.

So they began to send people to the school to learn and find out if having large numbers of their citizens who could keep a secret. If collectively if a large number of their citizens were educated than maybe collectively they could get their heads around the ideas and weapons Leo built or designed in the 1400s.

This was met with only the mildest of success.

So the French and Prussian Governments decided that they needed a test to form their citizens into different groups.

They also needed factories in order to mass produce the weapons pouring out of the colleges they controlled up to and including Versailles.

The American and Prussian governments cooperated with each other to allow the creation of the industrial revolution. which was required to allow for the inventions of the past to be built.


The industrial revolution had been stalled in place since shortly after the Roman's Seized control over the Alexandria Lighthouse. The books and matorrals were moved to Rome to form the backbone of the Roman Library, and the building itself was destroyed. The Empty building was destroyed.


The Roman Government chose to not allow the industrial revolution to occur. They were far too afraid of the implications of how much power and control they would lose if they allowed industry to take over.

The Roman's suppressed it for the next two entire millennia.

The English and of course the Prussians when they learned of the mechanical engineering associated with industry they also suppressed it. So that they could maintain power over their populations.

But after the end of the 1700s start of the 1800s, the Prussians realized that in the previous 2000 years. No matter how hard they tried, no plan for world domination would work.

So instead of trying another attempt at world domination through armor and swords. The Prussians decided that guns, bullets, bombs, flying machines, etc. was simply the only way to go.

So they allowed the industrial resolution to occur. However most of the work would be done not in Europe but in America.

The initial work was done in and around the Great Lakes areas because the Prussians controlled the vast majority of the populations in those areas. So the Prussians could still control the factories and said while still maintaining an overall control over the populations.

The IQ test was allowed to exist because the Prussians in America and Europe could use the test to separate out the factory workers, from the business people, doctors, accountants, support personnel, and those who needed to be academics and be directed to work in scholastics. Those who could actually learn how to work the machines and technology Leo and 1000s of others had built but the Prussians after more than a century were still absolutely ignorant as to how they worked.

Thus the IQ test was born from the Prussian rage over not being able to understand how to operate the machines they had spent a millennia genociding any and all who got between them and those weapons.


Which oddly enough those who were primarily genocided were the educated and cultures who had either invented and or knew how to operate said weapons.

The Prussians decided that since the people who refused to teach them would never do so. So instead of seizing control over both and forcing them to teach. They simply had to kill the humans to seize the weapons, then figure out how to use the weapons to kill anyone who got in their way.

Although it should be strongly noted that the Prussian Culture did not just “Poof” into existence out of less than nothing. The Prussians are a combination of half European half Muslims from various invasions of Europe. After a few waves of cross battles, a lot of half European half Arabic descendants evacuated out of Europe for safety. They traveld down to Levant lands, to live.

In Levant lands after the Age of the Viking they formed into a Knight order. They called themselves Teutonic Knights.

Most of the time they secretly fought on the side of the Muslims against the Templars and other crusaders.

Till the tide of battle shifted and they were forced to evacuate out of Levant back to Europe.

Where they were forced to conquer the Slavic Lands to exist. The Slavic lands is where some pockets of remaining Roman cultures still existed. Not many, most had moved out of Germany/Poland/Slavic areas to London to help form the English Culture.

They moved back to Slovak areas after the British recaptured their island of Britain.

The Prussians are half romans half Arabic.

Which means from two sides the Prussians are Hyksos.

The Prussians are in effect from two sides the descendants of Agamemnon’s army who created to destroy the Trojans.


Each of those connections in other documents are labeled, identified, and the language through the link connections, web/dream catcher are described, etc. but this document is about just creating a list of those documents.


The IQ test is Prussian, the IQ test is from Psychology which was in basic allowed to exist through the Trojan War. which itself the Trojan War and of course the development of Psychology separately and together is its own sequence of actions and reactions over the 3300 years since the events semi began.

Although the Events of the Trojan War did not start at Troy. That specific sequence of Events began sort of at the Palace at Knossos.

The whole Tribute concept which the King of Knossos forced the cities within a couple hundred mile radius of Knossos to give a male and female tribute to his city once a year. The power to command said could only come from a powerful range Weapon of Mass destruction.

Agamemnon wanted that weapon; he would stop at less than zero to obtain that weapon.

However his plan was fool hearty.

His plan was a frontal attack.

Theseus, the son of Meritaten and the grandson of Amenhotep iv aka Akenaten the second to last king/Pharaoh of the 18th Dynasty and a direct relative to the current King/Pharaoh Tut of Egypt. Although the timeline is a bit off since King Tut was killed in battle by having his Patella ripped off after he fall off his war chariot at full speed.

He was in battle with Moses to prevent the remaining Jews in Egypt from being taken/force marched to the city of Troy to act as a Jewish slave shield wall against the Jews of Troy.

Hence the long and complex subject sequences.

Tut lost the battle, the war, and his life.

His widow virtually the second he left to fight the war, was put onto an already in existence relay system from whatever capital city they were in to Carthage.

Where she awaited to marry her next husband her father had already made arraignments for.

The only person who did not know his life expectancy was short was likely Tut himself. The rest of his family and of course his father and siblings had already made arraignments for his death to occur in this late teens early 20s. They were not going to kill him, they were going to allow the Avaris to kill him.

The Avaris of Course had spent the previous three centuries rebuilding their army in order to recapture Israel/Egypt.

When they attacked at the end of the Regine of Amenhotep iv aka Akhenaten, they attacked a teenager who was born genetically deformed.

Said genetic deformities meant that other than the ceremonial part of his job, he was unable to do most if not all the rest. Their was no way he could command his troops in battle. 

Their was no way he could protect his people from invasion.

His family knew full well all of this and made decisions accordingly.

One of those decisions was to allow for the Avaris to recapture Egypt.

The name Egypt itself is actually Indo-European for Israel, although the name Israel is a Hebrew invention. The homeland of the Jews has been so carefully and systematically stripped from them, they actually think and will happily bleed and die for the wrong area on the wrong continent.

Egypt is Israel.

Israel is the Home of the Jews.

Evidence the function and structure of the word Egypt itself translates as Eg; Temple, Y; of, Pt; Ptah.






The person Ptah is the description for the Egyptian being stands on the Ben Ben stone and creates the world from.













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