Bass Reeve


The Lone Ranger



The key to the legend of the Lone Ranger are the facts of he was absolutely virtuous in all ways.

Well that legend grew out of the basic construct that he was in fact the sole survivor of an attack on the Working Tabernacle of Adam system in Manitou Colorado, then Texas.


Although in larger quantities the English and Americans did have a problem, one cannot just kill 10k or 100k people from a group and leave them to rot. That would cause problems in that area for the next several years while the body rotted and the scavenger animals found a taste for human flesh. The American Expansion west to fill up the continent would have to deal with those issues and that would become unacceptable.

So a different solution was a must.

The Rodeo was in part invented not as a way to test the skills of the cowboys but to have a fun and profitable way to “Dispose of the Undesirables” on the frontier. Kill them based on entertainment, exactly like the Gladiatorial games of the past.

A very sick part of Western Culture history is this is not the first time the “Round Up” was used to gather up Jews and other “Unacceptables” and Human Sacrifice them for the pleasure of the crowd. 


Although it is very likely some type of temporary Rodeo type configuration was created so the crowd could enjoy watching the Jews be tortured to death. But Americans/Confederates different than the Germans did not want a single record of the events, they only wanted to ensure that the Jews were killed not to ensure records of the events were done.





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