Battle of Bellingham 1750-1880



This is a theorized battle, but all the evidence is starting to become very clear it occurred and where.

The Battle of Bellingham was an extension of the Seven Years War which occurred in both Little Egypt e.g. Illinois/Missouri and the North East Coast of America.

The participants simply retreated west in order to keep fighting.

The Colonies started a war between Britain, England, and themselves immediately after in order to gain power and control over the colonies. In essence the colonies did not want to have the issues which the superpowers of the time brought to their shores. England wanted complete and total dominion over the Colonies and Britain, but the British were too strong to lose easily.


So instead of a short genocidal fight, where the looser would be erased from history and the winner could brag about how easy they were to be defeated. The war raged farther and farther out west till it finally came to a head in the area of Bellingham Ferndale Washington state.


As to where the battles were; that is anyone’s guess, but to be sure most of the armies of the world were not only present but armed to the teeth. About a dozen of those armies were in active bloody conflicts in other areas. So if army 3 is fighting in location A versus one if not more of their most vehement enemies; the chances of someone on either side in location two maintaining a cease fire is almost impossible. The evidence a battle took place in Bellingham is the fact so many armies were present, actively fighting in other areas, the distance between  Vancouver BC and Fairhaven is so small as to in basic the armies were just about literally on top of each other.


List of armies present

Group a

Group B

Group c


Royalist French



Loyal Dutch



British Canadians

Some native tribes














Libertine French





This book is about gathering the evidence to show most if not all the armies of the world were gathered in Whatcom county and were actively engaged in battles, fighting for supremacy over who would control the area.

The winners although it took a considerable amount of time were the American’s, English, Canadians, a few of the Native populations in the areas.

The British only won the right to exist but most of their holdings, rights, and population were decimated.

In addition, they were given the honor of being included in the name of the Province of British Columbia. Which in stark contrast is both an honor and an insult at the same time.

Columbus was a well-known as the time Conversos which means he was a Jew who he and his family only pretended to convert to Catholicism. They kept their Jewish ways. By legend Columbus on one of his journeys traveled to the UK. Seeking funding and support to apply to the Vatican for permission to sail west.

Since the radical Islamic cultures of Spain, the Northern African Islamic cultures needed new lands to build plantations on, and remove their Jewish/native/Coptic slaves from the ability to run home. Columbus was granted permission, but only under the most strict of parameters. His seeking funding from the Ogle family was not only natural but they also had an army and navy. They would be a strong motivation to prevent the Vatican from executing Columbus on the spot and doing the journey themselves.

The battles of Bellingham even Churchill commented on them referring to them as the Great War between nations. He was not referencing to 1915 he was referencing the Seven Years war. Which lasted much longer but the winners did not want to acknowledge the other portions of the war.