Ben Ben Stone


This specific item has a tradition of exiting in theology since an unknown amount of time previous to the invention of Hieroglyphics and Sumerian; which is about 3500 and 3200 bce respectively. Although proto-versions of both stretch back to circa 3800 bce.

The Ben Ben Stone has been associated with Monotheism since literally day one. However most of what we know about “The Ben Ben Stone” has been edited so far outside of the realm of reality, that it is mostly fiction form the original.

IN basic and brief. The Ben Ben stone was built by “god” at that point in linguistics god was spelled ATEN. The ATEN is/was in the most basic and brief an upside down Pyramid.

 The Stone has or at least the original had 8 sides, in brief it consisted of 4 very large triangles.

Standing on top of the platform the ATEN had Ptah stand on the stone.

In Latin this “Ptah standing on the Ben Ben Stone” is literally the definition of Simon Peter. “Build your house of the Lord upon me”.

You have to remember how much Paul and his descendants hated with a genocidal passion any and all things which had anything at all to do with the function and structure Judaism and of course the religion of Peter. Most of hwat you get from Paul and his followers is layers and layers fo pure hatred.

A small list of things Paul’s people hate.



Having their authority questioned

The educated

The philosophy of Judaism (not the fictions of Hebrew, the Hebrews and Jews are entirely different. The Evidence regarding said is completely easy to determine.)








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