Benny Siegel


The strange and unusual case of Bugsy Siegel.

He was Jewish, part of the New York Mophia, and he was by most accounts a hard-core Sociopath.

His primary job was as an enphorcer and then a killer. He did not kill the same way every time, he changed the method based on the needs of the time.

He only killed when he needed to. He had no compunction to kill unless the person was in his way.


But although gambling was allowed in Las Vegas and had been part of Las Vegas since day one. What was not part of the situation being that the CIA came to the New York mob with a problem.


The problem was, the mob was the only group which had any idea how to work with the Tabernacle of Adam System and not kill themselves. Almost every time the American Government gained access to a system the person or people in charge eventually lobotomized themselves.

Andrew Jackson, Jefferson Davis, George Custer, etc. the list is long and extensive.

But the New York Mob from their days back in Rome not only had direct access to said structures, had in their distant past might have been a protective force regarding them and protecting them against unwanted people interfering with the Jewish who knew how to operate them.


Benny was a Jew. Christopher was also based on the Acroterie machine which is in basic a quantum computer. It measures the flow of time based as the earths position in the cosmos.

That mechanism was on its way from X Greek Island to Rome to honor the Coronation of Julius Caesar becoming emperor.


Alan Turning based is Christopher Quantum computer on the basic engineering found in that machine.

Christopher went onto break the NAZI encryption code. With a strong amount of assistance from the Thule Society members who slacked off on the changing the first 5-digit code sent out to each person with an enigma machine.

Benny was a Jew and he had direct access to both Jews of the very old Tabernacle school as well as academic mathematicians.


The CIA needed to create an atomic test base, but the expenses were going to be to a maximum level extreme. Raising taxes was not going to be acceptable. So, to pay for the atomic age, other income sources were going to be an absolute requirement.

Those other sources are why Benny came up with a great idea. Build a modern resort city out of the shake town of Las Vegas. Build resort casino after Casino each with 100,000s of slot machines.

Have Alan operating under a new Witness Protection identification design and build the slot machines. For each of the Casino Resorts.

Once the math’s were proven to work and the slots were allowing the numbers to be crunched faster than the bombs could be detonated; the next step was to use all those calculations to go to the next level of multi-dimensional time calculations which is where first Disneyland was based on. Each Ride is a Gear for Christopher. The number of people, the length of the waiting line, etc. are all contributors to the quantum calculations.

All those numbers lead to the development and need for even more sophisticated and detailed math’s. Enter the beginning of Walt Disney World. A Jew, who built not one theme park with a dozen rides, but eventually 5 theme parks with a dozen or more rides per park.

The calculations possible are endless.


Think of a Disney ride as a slot machine, but with only one drum. Each in this case 7 is its own drum. Each Ride Image result for Seven Dwarfs Mine Trainis one drum. But unlike adding drums or gears Image result for christopher gear enigma can calculate dozens of different things, not just a single in the case of Christopher a code to an actual letter in English equivalent.


All in all, extremely complex. But the mob obviously possessed serious and specific needs for said types of computers. The mob was trusted with said because of their experiences in Rome, New York, and St Louis.

It is more than likely Al Capone did not have syphilis but was more lobotomized by interacting with a system badly and his brain was hit by too much electricity.

With slipping mental capacity the mob did not want Benny to experience the same thing that Al did, when all was lobotomized by his interaction with A System. So instead of the same Syphilis cover story, the mob simply killed Benny in his living room surrounded by Virginia and a few close friends. Image result for bugsy death scene He knew too much. Unlike Capone who was not that smart in the ways of working with the System and did not understand the math’s involved. Benny was entirely brilliant and understood completely Alan’s work. He played a key part in designing the architecture of at least the Flamingo if not the next dozen casinos in Las Vegas. Al did not understand any of it, he understood it was a significant income stream, but did not understand the math’s. Benny did. So, benny was not permitted to live. As soon had it became apparent that he might be losing his mental faculties due to an Electro-Magnetic lobotomy, his closest friends ordered his execution. Focusing on this brain to erase any medical evidence of his Electro-Magnetic lobotomy.


Benny knew about Alan, Christopher, the Atomic project, Disneyland, Disney World, Quantum Computers, slot machines, what really killed Al Capone, the CIA, etc. any one of them was high treason. At the time. An outsider with zero physical evidence is not high treason but a conspiracy theory, so I sound more nuts without evidence than someone with sufficient  evidence to break the rules of treason. Plus if I did find it on my own, which I did, it is no longer treason to possess classified information. It would only be illegal if I was informed in some way. Not all that different from a reporter investigating some type of idea associated with  something extremely classified. Once the reporter finds sufficient evidence, on their own. It is no longer illegal to possess said information and not a treasonous act. Hence the high treason execution of benny.

He knew too much and was well on his way to being declared Non-Compus Mentus.


Although his mistress “Virginia Hill” aka Flamingo and he did have numerous amounts of sex. Which points strongly to his interactions with a system at various points.

Be that a system in Las Vega and or Las Angeles.


The Pandora, Queen Sheba, Whore of Babylon roll is what Virginia played in both his partner and his intimacy mate.







TR Welling