Book of Mormon


The book of Mormon was supposedly found by Joseph Smith when he was a young Teen. What he was doing and how I found them is a mystery. A mystery both he and those that followed him kept a secret.


In Palmyra, New York State during a middle of another violent Great Awakening Movement which pushed Spiritual people away like Smith. The Great Awakening Movements are noted for their holy roller attitude but more importantly their use of violence to ensure their philosophy is the only one acceptable.

18teens is also a time when the Great Awakening Movement was at open and violent war against both the FreeMasons and Jews. Anything associated with Jews was considered to be the definition of Evil and needed to be hunted down and destroyed.


Which includes Jewish Mysticism or Kabbalah. Technically speaking the Book of Mormon fits within the framework of Qabalah since Jesus is considered to be one of the greatest Jewish Mystics fo all time.


Two things happened immediately upon Smith finding the Library Cache hidden in that Cave.

First he notified many of his friends and family.

Two they started to explore the cave and its contents.


Of the large group of people he invited to see the cave. It became very clear instantly that this was something of extreme importance and not only that, the Great Awakening Movement followers would do anything to seize control and or destroy this cave, contents, and information.

A part of the group who were drawn to linguistics were pulled drawn to and or become interested in a section of material written in translatable languages.

They gave instructions for follow up books with source materials in major universities in Europe.


Full well knowing that any hint of said activity would be seen as a direct hard target threat to the Great Awakening Follower’s, they needed to gather up any type of money they possessed and evacuate America as quickly as possible. Travel up to Canada, then the first large port traveling to Germany.


They would be hunted and all associated information would be destroyed. The next books were not called “The Book of Mormon II, III, IV, etc” each had its own name. Similar to Genesis, Exodus, etc.


But there is another hidden portion to the book of Mormon which no one knows about.

“Wherefore, it is an abridgment of the record of the people of Nephi

Every single English Letter is an equivalent in the Futhark.

W= Wunjo

H = Haggalaz


Each letter has a symbol meaning.

Each letter was created based on the structure of Time. Which means that inside ever letter is a time sequence.

Every Character is also a Month in the Elder Futhark Calendar.

Well more appropriately every Character is eight months in the Elder Futhark Calendar, since there are eight consecutive Calendars operating together in synchronicity.






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