Books of LDS


Book i


Book ii

explaining mathematics

Book iii


Book iv

Applied mathematics

Book v

Working with the mathematics

Book vi

Mixed variables mathematics

Book vii

Combined mixed variable mathematics

Book viii

The Weave of Time


That one book was not the only book. There were supposed to be several which followed.

Based on pulling research and sources from dozens of areas. The books which followed would have been arranged in the following manner.


The first still in existence printing of Genesis is the Pyramids of Egypt. Which is specifically Israel. The capital of the area was Memphis. Before Memphis was moved out of Egypt to Rome.

Shortly before Heliopolis was moved to Rome as well. Courtesy of the First and Fourth Emperors respectively.


Knowing the structure of Genesis was beyond more elaborate than is currently known. Also knowing that Smith sent his closest and best friends to Germany circa just weeks after the discovery of the library cache. In Germany, the libraries were needed to translate the rest of the books.

Two decades later when Young found out, he was beside himself with Rage. He as almost fit to be tied, he was so soul level livid.

For a man who self-proclaimed how holy and divine he was, he spent most every minute of his life so angry he would have needed mood stabilizing drugs if he lived in the present. Being holy does not leave room for being that angry and needing to genocide anyone who questions your authority on a constant basis.

Missionaries loyal to himself were sent to force the Smith missionaries to either convert to seeing Young and Prophet or be excommunicated, and likely killed.

Most of those loyal to Smith laughed it off and ignored the hot air from Young and his supporters.

80 years later the LDS community in Germany was more than a million strong.

Just 15 years later and before the mass executions of the Jews began only several thousand were still alive. By 1945 only a few hundred were still alive.










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