Born Again Christian Evil

Those that follow the teachings of Jesus are good people, and behaviorally do very little if anything wrong.

Those who follow the teachings of Esau/Mohammed can hardly stop themselves from doing bad things.


Born again Christians have convinced themselves they are good, they are saved, and there for all fo their actions are touched by god. since they have accepted Christ into their soul. Christ is part of every decision they make, so therefor every decision they make comes from god. god is never wrong, and is always perfect. so by default their actions are perfect. If they do evil, than is gods will they do evil. since they are merely an instrument of god. they are not responsible for their actions, god is responsible for their actions.

Protestantism is based on the religion philosophy of Islam. Islam is itself based on fictions. Mohammed did not “invent” the ceremonies, the books came from the library at Constantinople. The British marines were performing their trade route taking books and materials to and from the different libraries and universities, they either established or helped friends establish. Obviously the Constantinople run was the most dangerous legs of the journey. But since the British Marines had more than sufficient navigation skills and seamanship skills to sail point to point, they could by pass most of the troublesome cultures by simply out sailing them. This worked mostly well for centuries, since most of the Mediterranean cultures could only sail within site of the shores.

This worked mostly well minus this one trip, in circa 610 a fleet of British Marines were sailing into Constantinople. They interacted with the library as normal, and sailed out. Upon leaving soon to be known as Islamic sailors laid siege to the Marines and captured at least some of the cargo. That cargo itself was the point, one or more of the Marine crew were captured. Among them a 6 feet all, red hair, light eye, pale skin, etc typical Nordic female was captured. Obviously based on that culture she was sold into slavery as a wife of some man who could afford her.

Shortly after he managed to rape her, she killed him. She was able to fight off his family killing many of them. A child was produced, She was not captured or taken prisoner, but she was sold to another family. Shortly after she was raped again, she killed her second rapist, and another child was produced. She was sold to another family, same thing again. Her rapist let his guard down after the rape and she killed him, and several of his friends/guards. She was able to fight off all of those who would be her attackers.

She was then sold to a week and semi timid academic. Obviously, another rape, but scholars learn. He learned that he could never let his guard down, that every time he raped her it had to be under the most careful of protections. She in effect had to be tied down and kept tied down. The rape produced at least one child, a girl called Fatimah.

The writings of Fatimah are were born again Christianity comes from.

The night Fatimah’s father supposedly died the fictions Abu Bakr told have absolutely no basis in reality in any way, shape, or form.

Based on the physical and testable evidence this is what happened.

AFter a very long sequence of argumetns between Mohammed and Abu Bakr, Mohammed in effect performed the ritual poisoing. TO prove beyond a doubt that he was touched by god.

He injested poison with the idea that he was so holy and divine, that either he would pass the poison to someone else and or he would simply transubstaiciate the poison to something else. He was wrong, he suddenely became very sick.

This argument between Mohammed and Abu Bakr had started months previous, and in some cases it can be stated it started at least a year previous. Not being stupid, Fatimah ordered a relay system set up so that in an emergency, she could take a group of people and academic materials onto the relay system and be in Egypt in a very short amount of time.

The night occurred, she had her fathers dying body bundled up, as many of this papers and said assembled as possible. As many members of the inner circle as possible. But she had to leave her husband and her 3 kids behind. 2 sons and a daughter. The two sons became the new leaders of the Islam when their grandfather’s sudden disappearance the same night their mother disappeared.

Fatimah left mecca on horseback, traveled as fast as the horses could go, x miles away changed horses and kept running flat out, repeating this y times till they reached the coast and waiting ships to take them to Egypt.

In Egypt another relay system was set up to take the caravan to the Nile as fast as possible.

Traveling north down stream on the Nile, Fatimah had a plan. The base of that plan is the foundation of the born-again Christian philosophy.

Allow Christ to live in your hearts, till Christ resurrects.

Mohammed demanded to prove himself equal if not better than Emmanuelle, so he knew that he could achieve those goals. Resurrection from the dead, when that did not work, his daughter created a philosophy on how she could pull her father back from the afterlife and his soul could live in the souls of his supporters.

“Accepting Christ into your soul” is in all hard reality accepting the soul of Mohammed into your soul. So that Mohammed could live again in the souls of those who convert to his philosophy.

In Egypt at the Pyramids, Fatimah worked for months if not a year or so to find the ancient ceremony to resurrect her father from the grave, which is one of the major reasons why mummies were created. To resurrect them at some future time.

To return the soul from the afterlife back into the body.

All of her efforts failed minus that of spreading her sub Shia philosophy. She started to covert many of her father’s soldiers and imams in Egypt. When Abu Bakr heard of this, he ordered his entire army to go, find her, kill her, and kill all who had interacted with her.

Fatimah was forced to evacuate Egypt.

She went north to Alexandria, then west to where Carthage used to be.

At Carthage she continued to preach and the like, then she took a collection of ships to Rome. Where she interacted with Rome Proper for some length of time. Months possibly years.

She only left when it became obvious the army of her enemies were about to close in and kill her. She had gathered a huge list of enemies by the time she arrived in Rome.

Traveling by ship to either Carthage and or the southern part of the Iberian Peninusla. She continued to preach and convert.

Up through Iberia up through France to Paris.

Working very hard to convert and preach. Also stopping at every library and university to find as much information on the ancient ceremonies as she could.

At Paris she was forced to evacuate again west.

Traveling across the English Channel (not called that yet) to Britain.

Where she continued to preach and convert. this time convert the descendants of the Roman empire. The followers of Mars were very easy to convert since that religion is very close to that of the original philosophy of Esau, if not exactly the same.

In Britain, with a sizable force and supporters she approached Northumberland (although not called that yet) the Kingdom of Ogle, her mother’s family and asked to interact.

The meeting went from bad to worse to open war.

Fatimah was sure her mother would love her, cherish her, and find ways to convert her mothers family to Islam. She was operating from a standpoint of such intense cognitive dissonance it is almost delusional schizophrenia. Her mother informed her that her father’s actions were the belly of evil, and that she was left with her father because it became entirely obvious as a small child she was her fathers daughter.

Fatimah also met her a couple years younger then herself little brother.

A brother who oddly enough actually liked the idea of having a big sister. At first.

The two would eventually mortally wound each other in combat, along with the son they produced together. That battle took place at Lake Nemi just outside of Rome Proper.






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