The city of carthage was by legend founded by descents of Tyre circa approximately 72 years before Rome was captured (753)circa 825 b.c.e.


The descendants of Tyre could have been Jacobs line escaping from some type of Esau line domination. 800 b.c.e is


Queen Dido (a possible Jacob line descendant) married an Aeneas a Jacob line descendant (who founded among others the Julii family of Caesar the first Emperor of Rome fame); hero of the Trojan war, who informed his wife Dido that Rome would someday conquer carthage. He left carthage in the middle of the night to head to alba longa to complete another task. Upon being abandoned Dido commits suicide with her ancestorís sword.


A possible reason for the Trojan War by the Dorian's; to find and sieze the sword of destiny for themselves.

Most likely since Romans write this story centuries later; it is more likely the Trojans conquered the city took the sword, killed the queen, then left to go to alba longa. Why did they travel to carthage; carthage is more than 4000 miles distance from troy; ĺ kitty corner across the entire Mediterranean,


Which gives some reason to conquer the city of troy. The dorians might have thought the weapon of destiny was being held by the Trojans. When they sacked the entire city and did not find the weapon, they could have headed to Tyre; the last place they knew had the weapon.

Tyre told them the weapon was taken for safe keeping to carthage..


At carthage they could have taken the city to take the weapon. Carthage then attacking Rome mercilessly to get the weapon back.

In a very odd effect continuing the Esau and Jacob fight through the punic wars. In a very real effect Caine and Able behavior patterns playing out in the conquest and eventual almost entire elimination of the city of carthage and all its inhabitance.





Said sword is later taken to alba longa.