There are two Carthage of historical note.

The first is of course Carthage Africa currently located in Lebanon.

Although almost nothing of the original city remains. It was dismantled and shipped to Rome after the Punic Wars. Thank you very much Hannibal Barka; His story is beyond complex. His mission was a diversion not to sack Rome Proper but to have his country evacuate the population to Northumberland. He scared Rome Proper by sitting outside the Gates of Rome for a while till his was notified his people were safely behind the Northumberland defenses.

They he withdraw from Rome Proper. He had more than sufficient troops and qualifications to conquer Rome Proper and to not only conquer it but to be the next Emperor of Rome. But that was not the plan. The plan was to allow Rome to continue to operate so that another larger goal could take place.


Carthage Illinois

This Carthage was supposed to be the a recreation of the Carthage Egypt infrastructure built by the British (not English but British) west of the Ohio River Valley.

From 1810-1840 the American Government pushed harder and harder to expand its influence West. Ignoring flat out people and infrastructure were already present and a legal system was in full operation. the buildings, people, etc. were forced to either accept the new America or were violently invited to leave. Any British left with what they could, the Americans seizing anything left behind.

Same thing same time was occurring in Ohio. The British lost huge tracks of land, cities, infrastructure, entire libraries, etc. the Americans came in, and completely erased all the evidence of any type of civilization existing previous. All legal documents were written by the Americans, all other nations documents were destroyed.

What does this mean for Illinois. the Capital of Illinois Change from Kaskaskia to Chicago at this time as well.

All efforts to hide the past were conducted with swift violent oppression. The American government wanted not a single thing from the past to remain.

This was fully and completely supported by the Presidency of Andrew Jackson. A more loathsome and disgusting an individual is difficult to find. But since he wrote the history and he had especially was more than a little violent toward anyone who questioned his authority; for the next several decades Jacksonian politics and military might was the norm. Clashing directly into the formulation of both the Confederacy and the American Civil War.

The Confederacy formed from those of the Democratic party who were reacting negatively to the rules of the constitution. The American people who were not Plantation owners and or in favor of both slavery and the execution of Jews had not place in Amirian. Instead of removing abolitionists, they were mostly just killed an their history erased. Thus the execution of Joseph Smith. Although he was not killed/martyred. He left about a week before the mod came to kill him, he was heading to the Capital of Texas to be the leader of his community in Texas. Since B.Y. had already informed Smith he was taking over and he was going to lead his people to Salt Lake City. Smith had planned for his and had already created a large community in Old Colorado City.

Carthage Illinois Carthage Lebanon and the 18th Egyptian Dynasty are in basic the same subject. Since descendants of the same army were bound and determined to seek and destroy. Carthage they were called Roman's, Carthage Illinois they were called Americans, and B.Y. was a Greta Awakening descendant who demanded to take LDS church into the direction of Esau/Paul and not those nasty disgusting Jews.


All those conflicts are literally extensions from the Trojan War.






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