The famous quote regarding Rome; “All Roads lead to Rome”, which is only true after Caesar conquered and took some of the treasures of Egypt back to Rome. Including both the Alexandria library and virtually the entire city of Memphis.

The Aten

Both Mecca and the Pyramids have the Aten Built in.


The Causeways are an amazing thing. Not only are they 100% provable regarding their existence,  but 100% provable they bisect to the cm key geographic and or architecture hundreds and thousands of miles away.





The amount of data present is enough for several entire books. Ironically thanks to the violently militant field of Egyptology, said information is not only unwanted, but it outright ridiculed. Although every inch is not only laboratory testable, but most of the evidence are large 100s of yards long Rock  walls,  hallways, or natural geographical  locations like Everest.


The evidence said exists is beyond doubt undisputable. What is in extreme dispute is if it was intentional, except when the situation of statistics are applied, when you can predict with an above average percentage of exactly what will occur. The mathematical certainty is no longer in doubt, the question becomes proving the concept wrong. Which based on rock walls is impossible.


The Shape of the structure is the Aten.

The Aten is the same deity from  which Amenhotep IV changed his name too; naming all his children with the same Aten  name.

Which he sent all of his Children out minus Tut to start their own Kingdoms in other places. Because the Hyksos at Avaris were about to revolt and seize control over Egypt again.


The Center of the Circle of this specific ATEN regarding the Pyramids Causeway is literally the ancient location of the City of Luz (Genesis 28; 19. Jacob left the city of Luz to travel North West to the Light Place. The Light Place is an ancient secret translation meaning for a Megalith. But the much latter Biblical Writers from the Esau line edited what they did not like. A huge portion of what they did not like was the Tabernacle of Adam system .


A dozen Wars have been fought just in modern history about the Tabernacle System of Adam. The Tabernacle System is a collection of Tabernacles and or Tents which form together to perform some type of divine purpose. The problem is, that divine purpose is literally hidden behind so many different layers of conquerors changing the history to hide the facts, it is difficult to have a clear idea what the actual purpose of the Tabernacle System was supposed to do. Other than generate and direct electricity.


At the end of the ATEN Limb the in basic foot fans out into Toes. Those Toes are what the Causeway system is designed to reflect.

Physical Evidence performed five times a day the Muslim’s rooting for the Fallen Angel attacking Jacob, not rooting for Jacob to defeat the Fallen. Jacob literally translates to Holder of the Foot. It does not mean Jacob was born second and he was born holding onto his twin’s foot. It means he was chosen by the Divine to be the next King of Kings. But his violent and psychopathically inclined brother Esau could not function unless he was appointed King of Kings. Esau’s descended Cultures work very hard every single day to find ways to hunt down Jews to kill them. The Evidence that when Esau conquered Mecca, he performed a ritual in the Kaaba to sell his soul to the Devil to have a fallen go and attack Jacob. Hopefully to kill him and prevent him from being appointed King of Kings and have no children.

The King of Kings is the title for both the leader of the Semitic People but also in charge of the Tabernacle of Adam Complex.



The Toes 0-F of the Foot Prints Poem.

Each Point/Building/Temple is a knuckle in the Toe from the Extension of the Limb.






All Roads Lead to Heaven

All Roads lead to Heaven Part 1

Which was mistranslated into lead to Rome.

The Lead to heaven itself is not accurate. Since the original phrase is/was; all roads lead to the eternal city. Which was Luz named for the eternal bone.

The Eternal Bone; the bone at the back of the skull has been called since preSumerian the eternal bone.

So the old name for Memphis was the city of Luz. Or the Eternal city. Or the city of heaven.




Kirkwall scroll and the Jerusalem causeway


Why that is a very very long story

To sum up that story.

When Pharaoh Mem traveled down from upper Egypt into Luz; he had the dykes around the city built. Then very abruptly left.

Upon arriving back; Mem is by legend stated to have laid the foundation stones for the great temple of Ptah himself.

Which points directly to



Israel; is ra el

       Israel; Isis start of the journey Ætt, Ra 17 line between the start and the next Ætt aka footprints, El Destination. Although in truth Ra is the destination and El is the causeway.



All roads lead to Rome






Western Academics


A causeway is a hallway carved out of or made of rock from which leads from a specific sacred site. In this case the monuments on the west side of the Nile in the North Central portion of Egypt; semi-close to lower Egypt but miles from upper Egypt..

causeway so far measured point to a specific geographic location or an ancient sacred site. Not just pointing in the general direction of said; but bisecting the center or a corner of said. There are two sites which bisect the north and south walls of a city square/ziggurat hundreds of miles away.

Similar to how the statue of liberty has a much smaller twin in Paris. They are facing each other.

Indicating the People of Kaern designed the megaliths as a network of sites; interconnected by pointing hallways at each other.

Kensington Stone, Minnesota

Stonehenge causeway points to some old building in Cambridge.


The Egyptian Causeways


Pyramid complex north of Djosier to Strait of Hormuz


Obelisk to Babylon



North of Djosier bisect Bangalore



Djosier second angle causeway pointing at Bangalore India




Djosier primary angel pointing at Kuwait City




Khufu points to Everest



Khafre points to Sri Lanka



Mankaure points to Suez and Indus river delta


Pointing to where the mouth of the Indus River used to be; makes the builders of this causeway

know and reference both the hundred hands people e.g. those that helped Zeus defeat the Titans

but also the major city of the Indus People. This line bisects their major city. All father aka Abraham

with direct ties in rock to the Indus People.





Djedefre Pyramid through Olympus mnts to Kyiv










S of Djosier points to the church of the nativity





Red Pyramid to Eridu



Sakkara Al Badrashin causeway pointing directly at Jazirat Tiran





Sakkara causeway to Babylon





Sakkara causeway to Damascus





Sakkara causeway to Bushehr





Sakkara causeway Babylon






Sakkara to Babylon lines





Bent Sakkara causeway to the Temple Mound Jerusalem





Dasher pyramid to






North Djosier to Gibraltar






Djosier to Gibraltar facing causeway pyramid





Sakkara to the north pole



NewGrange to Djedere angle






Djedefre southern road pointing at Grenada
















El Beth El


Solomon’s Temple to Church of the Nativity



Bent causeway to hajlat al yahi dhofar



Memphis to Djedefre to NewGrange



Khufu to Rome St Peters square to Northumberland striate to prince Edward island



Khufu corner to Tyre


Tyre is close to where the legend of Osiris and his body in the pillar was taken and used in their




Teti Pyramid causeway bisects Ankara



Teti Pyramid causeway to Nabta Playa



Djedefre pyramid to Crete to Greece


Sakkara Heliopolis to Nile



Giza to Heliopolis



Depi to Heliopolis



Giza three






The Month of the Indus River and a couple island chains in the India Ocean


Shri Lanka