1.  Causeways and the ATEN Islam

o  Muslim section is about each mosque/person praying to mecca. mecca is the fixed point. the lines extended from mecca to each prayer matt has several degree numbers. cryptography converts numbers to letters. those letters collect to form words.


o  This is actually part of the science of Ǽrdology. Since it uses that mathematics.

o   Ǽrdology is the science and field specific to the study of the waves inside the structure of time. Time as proven conclusively by Einstein a century ago, operates in waves and patterns. Those waves and patterns operate not only exist, proven by a picture of the same exact fixed point in the sky taken from two very distant points on the globe. in on England the other in Australia. Those two points presented a clear and absolutely unmistakable difference in location, not from their actual location, but from the Electro-Magnetic waves as the light traveled through our magnetosphere. The waves were altered e.g. in different places in the night sky, our magnetosphere bent the light rays from that object to appear to be in two separate places, same location object, as those Electro-Magnetic waves passed through our magnetosphere they were bent. Those bent waves prove that the waves exist, those waves since they are a solid thing can be translated into a variable. Those variables can be then translated using Ǽrdology cryptography numbers/variables become letters. The more letters in given sequences become words, etc. till the letters build definable and describable information chapters etc.

o  The First Rule of mathematics; Measure too and from Fixed Points. This cannot be explained and emphasized enough. Too and from Fixed Points!!. Fixed Points..

o  Image result for tossing a ball


o  these graphics show the fixed points which are present in all motion. Thank you Newton. What has been done is to change all of those variables into numbers then all those numbers cryptography become letters. The exact same number has an equal letter. F = 1, F will always be 1. But this is a 25 character sequence. 0-25 0-D.

o  Point 1, 2, 3 the start of an arc, 2 the top of the flight of the arc, 3 the end of the arc.

o  those 3 points are all fixed. We know with absolute certainty in all aspects of motion those 3 points will occur. Where they occur and all the other variables regarding speed, duration, etc. are immaterial to the fact that those 3 are part of all motion.

o  In this case 1 is mecca, 2 is the curvature of the earth, 3 is the player matt/mosque. it also works in exactly the opposite direction. 2 is the prayer matt, 2 is the curvature of the earth traveling at greater than 17,000 mph, 3 mecca.

o  each of those fixed points!!!!! this cannot be emphasized enough.

o  Each of those fixed points, is a variable. Each variable is a number, every single number has a cryptography using the rules of Ǽrdology letter equivalent.

o  every single letter when combined in proper sequence will; let me state that again Will!! An absolute scientific and mathematical fact will with absolutely no doubt in any way, shape, or form will form letter combinations. Linguistically those letter combinations will form into patterns, those patterns are called words.

o  words form sentences,

o  sentences form paragraphs,

o   paragraphs form chapters,

o  chapters form book sections.

o  Books form a library.

o  Let us do the most basic of basic mathematics in this specific situation.

o  Mecca is one place, during the highest holy ceremonies. you have about what a million Muslims gathered around the Kaaba doing their “Thing”. From the exact cubic cm’s were Mohammed did his thing in that Tent, that is 1, two is the distance from where Mohammed was located in the Kaaba to every single Muslim in a say 1 mile radius.

o  1 Mohammed, 2 the distance between Mohammed, 3 every single Muslim in a one mile radius.

o  1 fixed point to drawn to, 2 the distance between point 1 and point 3, point 3 every single person in a one mile radius.

o  every single one of those Fixed POINTS, is a variable, every variable is a number (well a collection of numbers), every single number has a letter equivalent.

o  the number of different ways each of the points can be identified with is also a staggering amount.

o  each persons distance and degree from the fixed point with say magnetic north being the start of the circle. Or east as the start to the circle. No reason why both cannot be used.


o  the fixed points of each of the primary prayer times. both in a day and of course according to each time zones own unique fixed points.

o  every single number including time is a letter. Seen Translation below.

o  at call to prayer times,

§  where did the sun come up that morning according to the fixed location of Mecca.

§  where did the sun com up that morning according to the closest Mosque.

§  Where did the sun comp up that morning according to each individual Muslim

§  how long has the sun been up at each times to call to prayer

§  how long has the sun been up at mecca at each time to call to prayer

§  from Mecca out to each mosque, out to each prayer matt. every single one of those fixed locations is literally a fixed point to convert to numbers. those numbers convert to letters. those collections of letters are a language.



o  Mecca specifically the Kaaba is the fixed point of F. From that F east to west 24 hour cycle around the planet.

o  Every single Mosque from largest to the smallest its location needs to be measured out. In order to measure both the distance and the angles from the point Mohammed did his thing in the Kaaba to the head of the mosque the main guy who leads the prayers.

§  From the Kaaba to the mosque. The distance

§  Now the degrees from the Kaaba to the mosque

§  From the mosque to the Kaaba.

§  Making note of the timeframe

§  Making note of the 24 hour day and the specific hours x5 where the humans are called to pray. There are several fixed points over the course of a day

·     1 Mid night

·     2 Mid day

·     3 Dawn (which is an arbitrary point, from the point the sky begins to have some sun touching the sky to the bottom of the sun touching the bottom of the horizon.)

·      4 Dusk the exact opposite of Dawn. From the sun touching the horizon to the last bit of light in the sky.

·     5 Half way between mid-day and dusk

·     6 Half way between mid-night and dawn

·     7 Half way between dusk and midnight

·     8 Half way between dawn and midday.

·     Over the course of the year, those change every single day based on minutes from dawn to dusk.

o  Again, 1 is dawn, 2 mid-day, 3 dusk.

o  Every single one is a fixed point to measure too and from.  Since every single day the length of the day changes but is semi-consistent over the course of years. The patterns of the numbers become letters will be both consistent (dependable words will be present) and non-constant. Occasionally different words will be present. Those differences when new words are added will be fascinating to find out what those words say and what they mean.

o  Numbers of Ǽrdology apply the number of days in the year. The number of hours in the day, the number of minutes in each hour. The number of seconds in each minute.

·     From the start of that one prayer to the end of that prayer.

·     Each year has its seasons.

·     Each year also has its plus and minus counts of the influence of each orbital fixed point.

·     To categorize each hour the mathematics work the same as in the year.

o  This hour the letter is in the middle.

o  The last hour is one letter to the left

o  The next hour is one letter to the right

o  Two hours ago was two to the left

o  Two hours into the future is two letters to the right.


§  Each and every single number cryptography translate to letters. collect the letters and see what those letters say.

§  Convert the Futhark characters by sound to the Arabic to find out what they say in Arabic.

§  Be fascinating to find out what is said in both Arabic and of course Hebrew. Since the Futhark is the parent language of Hebrew. 

o  There is scientifically and of course mathematically less than zero middle ground to doubt their will be patterns present in the numbers. Those patterns of course are present in the basic structure of the ceremony. So since the pattern is exact and with 100% dependability 100% of the time, those same predictability patterns will be present when the numbers become long sequences of letters.

o  The  question is not if there is a language involved. That is an undiscovered proven hard core, undeniable fact. Use the number/letter sequences as exactly defined without deviations and those collection of letters will begin to create predictably repeatable letter sequences. those sequence in letters in language are called words.

o  What each of those “words” mean will be an interesting challenge. Since those words are written in a language which is in some ways older than the pyramids. Which means it is in all hard-defined reality Indi-European language. The Language of Adam and Eve, the language given to mankind by god. A Language till about 20 years ago was still a completely mystery to academics, from where it was to how to read it. Now that language has a way of being decrypted, then translated into several other languages.

o  Computer modeling can begin to decrypt what the basic words are and attempt to give a reasonable guess as to what each of the repeat words might mean.

o  Then work on repeat collections of words, which are sentences. And define what those sentences actually might mean.




767.22 miles translates to

157.31 degrees from The Temple Mound to Mecca.


From Mecca to Temple Mound






0      F D

1         F

2         U

3         TH

4         A

5         R

6         K

7         G

8         W

9         H

10         N

11         I

12         J

13         AE

14         P

15         Al  

16         S

17         T

18         B

19         E

20         M

21         L

22         Ing

23         O

24         D

25     F F D

26     F    F

27     F    U

28     F    TH

29     F    A

30     F    R

31     F    K

32     F    G

33     F    W

34     F    H

35     F    N

36     F    I

37     F    J

38     F    AE

39     F    P

40     F    Al  

41     F    S

42     F    T

43     F    B

44     F    E

45     F    M

46     F    L

47     F    Ing

48     F    O

49     F    D

50     U F D

51     U    F

52     U    U

53     U    TH

54     U    A

55     U    R

56     U    K

57     U    G

58     U    W

59     U    H

60     U    N

61     U    I

62     U    J

63     U    AE

64     U    P

65     U    Al  

66     U    S

67     U    T

68     U    B

69     U    E

70     U    M

71     U    L

72     U    Ing

73     U    O

74     U    D

75     TH F D

76     TH    F

77     TH    U

78     TH    TH

79     TH    A

80     TH    R

81     TH    K

82     TH    G

83     TH    W

84     TH    H

85     TH    N

86     TH    I

87     TH    J

88     TH    AE

89     TH    P

90     TH    Al  

91     TH    S

92     TH    T

93     TH    B

94     TH    E

95     TH    M

96     TH    L

97     TH    Ing

98     TH    O

99     TH    D

100     A F D

101     A    F

102     A    U

103     A    TH

104     A    A

105     A    R

106     A    K

107     A    G

108     A    W

109     A    H

110     A    N

111     A    I

112     A    J

113     A    AE

114     A    P

115     A    Al  

116     A    S

117     A    T

118     A    B

119     A    E

120     A    M

121     A    L

122     A    Ing

123     A    O

124     A    D

125     R F D

126     R    F

127     R    U

128     R    TH

129     R    A

130     R    R

131     R    K

132     R    G

133     R    W

134     R    H

135     R    N

136     R    I

137     R    J

138     R    AE

139     R    P

140     R    Al  

141     R    S

142     R    T

143     R    B

144     R    E

145     R    M

146     R    L

147     R    Ing

148     R    O

149     R    D

150     K F D

151     K    F

152     K    U

153     K    TH

154     K    A

155     K    R

156     K    K

157     K    G

158     K    W

159     K    H

160     K    N

161     K    I

162     K    J

163     K    AE

164     K    P

165     K    Al  

166     K    S

167     K    T

168     K    B

169     K    E

170     K    M

171     K    L

172     K    Ing

173     K    O

174     K    D

175     G F D

176     G    F

177     G    U

178     G    TH

179     G    A

180     G    R

181     G    K

182     G    G

183     G    W

184     G    H

185     G    N

186     G    I

187     G    J

188     G    AE

189     G    P

190     G    Al  

191     G    S

192     G    T

193     G    B

194     G    E

195     G    M

196     G    L

197     G    Ing

198     G    O

199     G    D

200     W F D

201     W    F

202     W    U

203     W    TH

204     W    A

205     W    R

206     W    K

207     W    G

208     W    W

209     W    H

210     W    N

211     W    I

212     W    J

213     W    AE

214     W    P

215     W    Al  

216     W    S

217     W    T

218     W    B

219     W    E

220     W    M

221     W    L

222     W    Ing

223     W    O

224     W    D

225     H F D

226     H    F

227     H    U

228     H    TH

229     H    A

230     H    R

231     H    K

232     H    G

233     H    W

234     H    H

235     H    N

236     H    I

237     H    J

238     H    AE

239     H    P

240     H    Al  

241     H    S

242     H    T

243     H    B

244     H    E

245     H    M

246     H    L

247     H    Ing

248     H    O

249     H    D

250     N F D

251     N    F

252     N    U

253     N    TH

254     N    A

255     N    R

256     N    K

257     N    G

258     N    W

259     N    H

260     N    N

261     N    I

262     N    J

263     N    AE

264     N    P

265     N    Al  

266     N    S

267     N    T

268     N    B

269     N    E

270     N    M

271     N    L

272     N    Ing

273     N    O

274     N    D

275     I F D

276     I    F

277     I    U

278     I    TH

279     I    A

280     I    R

281     I    K

282     I    G

283     I    W

284     I    H

285     I    N

286     I    I

287     I    J

288     I    AE

289     I    P

290     I    Al  

291     I    S

292     I    T

293     I    B

294     I    E

295     I    M

296     I    L

297     I    Ing

298     I    O

299     I    D

300     J F D

301     J    F

302     J    U

303     J    TH

304     J    A

305     J    R

306     J    K

307     J    G

308     J    W

309     J    H

310     J    N

311     J    I

312     J    J

313     J    AE

314     J    P

315     J    Al  

316     J    S

317     J    T

318     J    B

319     J    E

320     J    M

321     J    L

322     J    Ing

323     J    O

324     J    D

325     AE F D

326     AE    F

327     AE    U

328     AE    TH

329     AE    A

330     AE    R

331     AE    K

332     AE    G

333     AE    W

334     AE    H

335     AE    N

336     AE    I

337     AE    J

338     AE    AE

339     AE    P

340     AE    Al  

341     AE    S

342     AE    T

343     AE    B

344     AE    E

345     AE    M

346     AE    L

347     AE    Ing

348     AE    O

349     AE    D

350     P F D

351     P    F

352     P    U

353     P    TH

354     P    A

355     P    R

356     P    K

357     P    G

358     P    W

359     P    H

360     P    N

361     P    I

362     P    J

363     P    AE

364     P    P

365     P    Al  







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