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Moses Hebrew Noah and the 2x2 Twins (Castor and Pollux / Romulus and Remus) with the third (Grand Lodge; Jacob and Esau) City of Pillars the Pyramids of Egypt Janus.


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Garden of Eden The tabernacle System of the Garden of Eden. It was not one tree but 4, the fountain sat in the middle, the cast off from the fountain cast off into a pool. Which divided into 4 rivers.

Over the Pond was a platform built from Pillars from the Pond. Not all that different from the fictional narrative of the North Pole home of Kal-El in his Fortress of Solitude. Huge Pillars of Ice collected together (Metaphoric Wood) forming a structure from the Pillars of Ice. Same idea as this; God, Angels, Adam, Lilith installed Pillars in the Pond to build a Platform over the Pond with a hole in the center of the Platform for the foundation waters to come through.

The Four Trees in Kaaba the rivers create a Quartered Square. On each Square is a Kaaba built around one of those four trees.




Noah’s Fleet



Moses Creates a Sigel Lock part of the problems and issues regarding the events of the Exodus are the following sequences of evidence which on the surface do not seem to have anything to do with each other, however they are part of an incredibly complex sequence of events. Moses used the Elder Futhark language that operates in a circle (which is a direct reflection of the earth’s orbit around the sun) as a Sigel/seal between the events pre -Exodus and post -Exodus. His intent the evidence is growing to show he intended to create an in effect “Magical Barrier” between the pre 1330 bce world and the post-world. He wanted to in effect use the power of the lord to block any and all things which occurred previous to exist and to recreate the world in his image.

Sealing Hells Door Shut why did Moses create Hebrew to Seal shut the doorway to in effect Hell. From his perspective he sealed the door shut as a protection against the knowledge and power from the past. Moses was not a Jew; he was a born and bred devout follower of Esau. Who was a devoted follower of Terah the one killed shortly after the Battle of the Tower of Eridu aka the Tower of Babel. In that battle Terah and his oldest sons were Electro-Magnetic lobotomized when they attempted to use the machines in that Ziggurat. They in effect gave themselves a TBI. Terah’s damage was so severe he died shortly after from obvious internal injuries. However, his rage over who controlled a copy of the tools which were copies of the machines built on the platform of the Garden of Eden Pond.

Magic Sigel

Circle in the Bible it talks about how Moses used the power of the lord e.g. magic to defeat the magicians of the Pharaoh. They had an in effect magical battle. The Circle of the Futhark is in effect the boundaries/seal of the intent to create a limit on whatever is being sealed.

runes the Elder Futhark Statistically it is not all that realistic to assume the Pyramids of Egypt were not intentionally built to reflect 1000s and 1000s of points of homo sapien sapien biology. The double spines of the schema of Rome and the same identical to the Pyramids, buildings, temples, complex, etc. of the Pyramids of Egypt. However, inside the biology of the Pyramids of Egypt are literally the function and structures of the fixed points of biology which when lines are drawn regarding those fixed points; those fixed points take on the shape and functionality of the Futhark Symbols. The Brain produces impulses that the nerve impulses carry those signals to the muscles and the face, which generate sound. The Shaft of A picture containing object

Description automatically generated, and the top and bottom of the Sound Generator in the face. Same holds true for the other Symbols in of the Elder Futhark. By using the double spines of Janus, drawing from fixed point to fixed points in the biology of the human body you can find all of the Symbols in how the human body functions. The Futhark and the Pyramids of Egypt can be defined as the same thing.

Futhark Calendar

Futhark Calendar Egypt fixed point

Moses blocking the West these parts becomes more than a little complex.

the AEtts

Enoch’s Blade

the circle to the East as the Electro-Magnetic sphere or Magnetosphere of the planet plunges into its orbital east around the sun, it creates a tunnel.

The Circle of the Earth as the earth faces the sun the tunnel becomes sub divided into spheres. This in mythology has been defined as the character of Lilith and her Demon Offspring. The Aetts being created are her demon offspring. The actions humans do fill the context of each sphere much like a surfer or an aquatic creature moving through the waves . The motion of the orbital east creates the wave, the shore creates the curve up, the actions done by the human fill the specific wave with actions and deeds.  

orbital West  as the earths Electro-Magnetic waves e.g. Magnetosphere and the solar wind merge to become a single thing. The waves, particles, etc. of those two things mix to produce a tubular structure. A Mine, Shaft, tube, straw, tunnel, cave, etc. mythologically it is the snake which is orbital west eating the Aetts created by the earth and the solar wind interacting together.

The Abyss of Hell mythologically and Christian theology the created tunnel has a name. That name is Hell, the endless abyss of hell. Which would be the assumption of why Moses felt so compelled to create a language which one of its founding principles was to create a door, blockage, seal, etc. between the earth and the gateway to hell orbital west.


Revelations Seals in the Book of Revelations, it talks about “Opening Seals”.

Unlocking the meanings of the

First Seal

Second Seal

Third Seal

Fourth Seal

Fifth Seal

Sixth Seal

Seventh Seal

Cities of Pillars






zHebrew Character Twin Dynamics

Janus East and West Faces

Jacob and Esau

zHercules and his twin

Caster and Pollux

Romulus and Remus

zsets of twinsz

to create a magical door, it was assumed based on the ways in which one makes a door and the more than obvious connection twins have. Attaching a sequence of wood to cross parallel pieces of smaller wood, this makes a door.

Obviously this was the mythology Moses used to create the Hebrew characters from. To create in effect doors to keep what was orbital west from coming back into the present or the future.



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Rome Coliseum Domus Aurea the Golden (Amber) City <A 5th North Umber Land name thing inside Rome Proper> (The City of Gold, El Dorado, Cibola) (Formerly the lake the Coliseum sits on used to be about 100 acres large. Very similar to Babylon which straddled the Tigris River.) The history of this specific location is one of the most secretive and secluded areas in all of the Roman Empire. This city within a city within a city in effect was built and maintained as its own “Vatican” until the Evil Priest Paul/Emperor Nero chose to attack this city directly, conquered it (ignoring the sovereignty the residents of this city had enjoyed for more than 700 years), then chose to build his palace on the remains of that specific City of Pillars. In consequence, the residents were forced out of Genocide to flee. They fled to the Harbor of Venice where they built a copy of said city. 1600 years later they were forced to flee again under direct conquest threats from the Ottoman Empire and the Inquisition (parts of said genocidal issues were documented by Casanova, who hid the history of his city and the raging issues inside his romance stories). The residents fled again their “City of Pillars” to build anew in the New World. Choosing a dozen locations on the new Continent to build new Cities of Pillars in the same exact engineering specifications as the city of Hierakonpolis.

Previous to 60 ce the east side of Rome Proper the Forum Rome Proper is a city, inside that city was this long erased from history city. A large lake more than a few feet deep with dozens of rather large houses and structures built on Pillars had existed as a sovereign country all on its own having been in existence long, long before Romulus and Remus were conceived in a Memento Mori Ceremony 1b in Alba Longa. The city of their birth they gleefully destroyed in their 20s. The City (of no name; all records, artworks, etc. of said city were carefully and systematically erased from existence during the Dark Ages, this city and all of its records were part of the reason why the Vatican created the Dark Ages in the first place. The other most important reason is to hide the facts that the crucifixion of Jesus occurred well part of it took place at Traitors Post a dozen or so feet from the front door of the Curia Julii) had been a thriving center with an army, defenses, a navy (think river boats of the Mississippi and the Nooksack) more than capable of defending itself. Stories of those River battles did filter into the modern age, but out of context. The Romans did attempt to conquer that city several times, but each and every time the cities defenses were too strong, and the efforts were rebuffed, and a peace treaty was signed. The residents were always in the “you do you, we do what we do, we will happily pay you a fee to leave us alone, we will upon approval of our counsel will provide troops to your wars, but we do what we do, you do what you do, and we leave each other alone.

Rome Gondola System did Rome between the “City of No Name” and the river Tiber have a canal system close to identical to the ancient canal system of the Nile which was copied at Venice. Which was also copied in London and the now erased from existence Castle Bellingham Nooksack River. Was a canal system built between the lake and river. Could a tunnel have been built over time to protect the merchandise flowing into and out of the city of no name on the lake of no name.

Twin Jupiter Temples Image result for sign of the devilThe index finger would be the Capitoline Hill with the Temple of Jupiter on top, the Pinky would be the long ago long to history name of the Lake inside the walls of Rome Proper and it city built on Pillars on it. This power dynamic semi only existed from when the Evil Priest Paul used overwhelming force to conquer the city and unlike all the previous times the Romans attacked this little City (let’s call it Avalon for a fun concept; about half a century before  this city being conquered, Emperor Caligula ordered a copy of this city to be built using materials he had brought to Rome from Egypt. That city would be built not on pillars but on huge 300-foot-long ships on Lake Nemi. This divided the forces of the city of Avalon which led to its conquest, destruction, erasure, and being replaced by Emperor Nero built his Palace on the Pillars of that City. The Palace was under construction longer than it was a finished building. Soon after Nero was executed or was killed in battle under the sword of Vespasian. Vespasian himself was in all hard reality not killed in battle somewhere outside of Rome. He was likely killed in the Vesuvius Eruption, he was likely killed in Pompeii hunting and killing Jews and the new Christians’.) this time the attack from Emperor Nero worked and the city was erased from existence. He built his Palace on those Pillars, having a huge courtyard and theater complex in the middle of this palace which allowed for both Gladiator battles to take place e.g. Ritual Human Sacrifices to power his version of Esau’s Philosophy. Which was in direct opposition to the philosophy of Jesus who was a direct descendant of Jacob. The Peter v Paul war was identical to the Jacob v Esau war of several millennia previous. For a while Emperor Claudius and Nero fought for control over the city from their respective houses. Much later in history the victorious begat of the Evil Priest Paul shortened the life of Emperor Claudius by 14 years to allow Emperor Nero e.g. the Evil Priest Paul’s Pharaoh name to rule as a singular Emperor. When in reality for the last 14 years of so of Emperor Claudius’ reign he as co emperor with Nero. Since all three armies were just about equal in strength. The Armies of Nero, the Roman Army, and the Armies of Claudius/Jesus/Simon Peter.

Sometime between 30-70 ce the city of no name on the erased from existence Lake inside Rome Proper to the east was conquered. That city had direct ties with the Temple of Jupiter.

Which means that there was a Temple of Jupiter to the west and a temple of Jupiter to the East.

After Nero was killed. The year of the 4 emperors, each one killed by friends of Vespasian, Vespasian ordered his army to go and conquer specifically the city of Jerusalem Levant lands.

That conquest of the city led directly to a group of Jews to evacuate out of Jerusalem to the mountain top fortress of Masada, where they took a desperate last stand.

Meanwhile Vespasian had ordered the Great Temple of Solomon/Zerubbabel dismantled, the pieces shipped to Rome, where they would be assembled into the Coliseum of Rome. Where they have sat in as the Coliseum since 75 ce.

Until 1450 when the south wall was dismantled, and those pieces were used to build the Sistine Chapel.

Vatican Temple Complex of Janus the name of the land is Vatican, the name of the buildings which sit on the property have changed in some cases radically over the 3300 years since the end of the Trojan War. Where St Peters Basilica Square, and the Obelisk sit now used to be a rather large hill, or more appropriate to say a large hill with smaller but not under 50 feet tall mounds to the west and east on the larger hill. The mound to the west were St Peters Basilica is in the present is where the Romans performed the Part 1a and b actions of the Memento Mori Ceremony. The Memento Mori is in 3 acts. Part 1a violence (in Rome usually some type of serial killing), 1b some type of intimacy (usually involving Sabine Females or mature Vestal virgins. They were kept “virgins” not out of lack of sex, but to keep them pure for the 1b acts.  They were not to be touched outside of performing the 1b with very special people of the city. Their offspring were in Greece considered to be “Demi Gods”; Hercules and his twin, Caster and Pollux, Romulus and Remus were all twins conceived through the 1b part of the Memento Mori.

Crucifixion of Jesus


Trial at Traitors Post in virtually the exact same place Remus, Caesar, etc. 1000s and 1000s of enemies of the city of Rome the Power of the Roman Empire were brought to this plot and were put on trial for being enemies of the state. Caesars trial was a modified version of the Bow Test of Odysseus, that the records are entirely fictional as to what actually occurred. Since both Caesar and all of his attackers were soon “dead”. So, it is an unknown what actually happened. But based on the facts of the Bow Test of Odysseus at the End of the Odyssey, Caesar was brought before the senate and put on trial. He was commanded “if you want to be emperor, you must past the bow test”. Whether or not he passed the test, he then proceeded to kill most of his 12 challengers. The fictional accounts state that his friends tracked them down and killed them one by one in a very 1800 years later Ride of Wyatt Earp v the Cowboys. Wyatt and his friends hunted the cowboys down in a wild multi state hunt and killed most of them. Whether they were killed in some great battle between a 60 year old Julius Caesar or were killed by his friends later on is a mystery the Roman’s created an entirely 1500 year dark age to hide this fact alongside the couple dozen other facts regarding the Julii family working tirelessly for the previous 300 years to bring about the ministry of Jesus. not the least of which is Jesus is very likely through his mother the grand son or the great grandson of Julius Caesar and Cleopatra. Through very likely the Daughter and her Twin who lived their lives in Northumberland/Yr Hen Ogle dd/the Ogle family for the most part. Having been removed from Italy immediately following the battle of Actium. Cleopatra sailed straight to Italy, gathered up her necessaries then headed straight out of the Mediterranean to North Umber land to live comfortably behind the defenses to work on the next plan.


Vatican 1450 remodel

Sistine Chapel

Sistine Chapel West Wall

St Peters Basilica

St Peters Square

Heliopolis Obelisk




Venice Italy this City was built as a direct reflection of the genocidal events which were occurring in Rome Proper under Emperor Vespasian. Vespasian had a hatred for Jews, Hebrews, any and all things which were monotheistic.

Pillar Cities built in Twin form

Cibola Twin City of Pillars in America the same twin format was used. the mark of the City of Pillars is their strict adherence to being built as twins. Sister Cities



Whatcom County the three main cities first built in Whatcom County were cities of Pillars built directly in Bellingham Bay. First in the Mouth of the Nooksack (Castle Bellingham, which is a copy of the City of Pillars Roman Forum which is under where the Coliseum sits in the present.)


City of Pillars Jerusalem  aka Fair (View, Distance, Ogle, New Day, Jeru) Haven (Castle, Salem, Opolis). Fairhaven translates to Castle Ogle and Jerusalem.

zBoulevard Park

City of Pillars Castle Ogle aka the Lettered Streets

City of Pillars Castle Bellingham

Marietta Alderwood translates to Notre Dame Dominos Aurora or the City of Gold, or Cibola/El Dorado, or the City of Amber. “Our Lady of the Golden Pillars (City)”.












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