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Coliseum the Pit of Hell 

The Pitt of Hell very likely comes as a direct result of the Coliseum.

Vespasian his rise to the seat of the Emperor was not an easy road. He either directly assassinated the 3 Emperors before him or he had them killed. Among his other goals was to destroy the very notion of both the ministry of the Evil Priest Paul (Christianity)as well as the ministry of Jesus. He hated both as much of the Senate half a century previous hated Jesus himself.

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The similarities between the Vespasian designed and built Coliseum and the below Pitt of Hell are striking.

The Painting was done circa 1450, the Painter Antonio Manetti (1423–1497), Leonardo Da Vinci as well as portions of the Florence School of Art worked on the painting for a couple of years.

The Coliseum as it has become known was a rebuilding of the Temple of Janus in the position of the female of Rome’s left Upper Thoracic region. The Temple of Janus had been constructed well before Romulus and Remus were born; likely centuries if to millennia previous. The cornerstone to the function and structure of the Roman identity was and still is the ceremony of Memento Mori; which took place inside the Temple of Janus. Or at least portions of it.

The thing which scared the citizens of Rome and the entire Empire to its absolute core are the facts that the Hyksos (no matter what name they used of the enumerable number) chose to use the Ceremony from which Adam created to in effect raise Able from the dead or at least attempt it, which was the same ceremony Noah’s sons used to choose the next leader of the children of Adam and Eve. The world Israel is a Hyksos invention to hide the facts and evidence of what the original names used it be.

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