Consciousness Matrix




Inside the connections made between various and assorted items. There is also a language component.

Said language component points in an extremely strong way to some type of a Consciousness at work.


Say for example the connections made within the framework of


Versailles phase one was designed and built by Leonardo Da Vinci. His mother was statistically an Egyptian Jew, very likely Princess.

That makes Leonardo a Half Jew. There are many many points of evidence regarding this statistical analysis. But enough to say, one of the largest reasons is that Leonardo was equally skilled in Medicine as he was in Art and Music.

He in basic and brief invented modern medical school.

Gross Anatomy class came from his drawings and dozens and dozens of autopsies.

He spent most of his life living in France.

The People he interacted with in both Italy and France simply put up with his issues because he was so smart he improved everyone’s life.

Versailles was built as a school “A school for the exceptionally gifted and talented”.

But it has to remain a secret or the Vatican would have reacted with genocidal level violence against France.

It is possible the Vatican would have instead of being an enemy against the Islamic invaders, would have joined forces and allowed the Islamic army to invade France again. This time with full and complete support.


The connections, times, locations, people, etc are all fixed points to measure too and from.

Although the real hard true connections between said examples can be illustrated best by drawing lines through the planet making in effect stick figures of the connection points.

Those stick figures will eventually create repeat image patterns. Or in other words of description Letters.

Collect letters together of similar behaviors and you begin to build words.


Building words will build sentences.

Sentences built paragraphs.




Consequently if some type of a language is present, which based on examinations of history patterns repeat all over the place, all the time, said patterns are what Skinner was entirely focused on. His decades of work identifying behavior patterns and “forcing” them to change proves the existence of this behavior pattern language.

Now to decrypt the language then to translate it into an understandable language.



All the fixed points are mathematics. A given fixed point is x distance from y and z distance from B. It is also in C location according to the cardinal directions.

It is also D location from the place the sun rises and sets, the sun’s daily changes over the course fo a year are all mathematics. Those numbers through AErdology Cryptography convert to Letters. Those Numbers which become Letters, in the above proven fixed points according to different calendars. The sequences form the creation of those calendars those numbers become letters.

Al fo those letters in specific sequences add up to long and complex sequences of letters. It is easy to estimate that millions if not billions fo letters are possible to assemble based on the only a couple dozen fixed point examples given in the life of Leonardo and his super-secret school Versailles.







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