Conservative Zombies


Based on a large number of actions, bills, executive orders, talking head interviews it has come to my attention that the whole conservative concept their actions since around the time of Nixon has turn them slowly into Zombies. Ignoring the most basic of facts, determined to destroy any and all things they touch, silencing any opposition, demanding their “thing” be made into law, etc.

·       God Versus Satan

o   The Argument God had with satan is over the subject of Free will.

o   God demanded that man was given free will, and that all of his angels would be serventat to man. To help humans to come close to god.

o   Now what god did not inform his angels of was that based on free will, humans could worship him in whatever way that human decided was the best way.

o   Satan on the other hand decided that x way was the one and only way to worship the father.

o   God said NO, they need to be able to choose to worship me in whatever way they want to. You have to let them worship me in whatever way they so choose.

o   Satan said “NO” they have to worship you in the way I have decided is the best way.

o   The argument escalated and escalated till the followers of Satan were in outright battle with those angels loyal to god.

o   Those angels who were against him, were cast out, god name changed them to demons and assorted.

·       Conservative Theology

o   Everything below is based on a theology which has turned the followers of Esau into mindless zombies.

o   They have been completely convinced that the orgins of their theology is entirely different than the facts and evidence state are facts.

o   The Protestantism is one part from Martin Luther; Martin Luther hated Catholicism with every fiber of his being. In his own hand his wrote several times that he loved the philopshy and religion of Islam but that it would have to be changed to a format which would be acceptable to the Eruoepan Cutluers. He would have to take some of the more radical ideas out of Islam and focus only and exclusively on the resurrection of “The Teacher”. Which teacher is the entire point. Jesus means teaching in Aramaic, similar to the concept of Rabbi in Hebrew.

o   However the Protestants are just as violently against Jews and Judaism as the Catholics used to be during the height of the Dark Age inquisition.

o   It is interesting that the one and only card carrying nazi in the Third Reich used the same behavior techniques that the evil pope used. Cardinal Reiztinger was incharge of the Office of Inquisition (a greatly reduced in power over the last several centuries) for the previous several decades before he was elected Pope. The problem is Raztinger used the power of his office to defend and destroy any questioning of the authority of the church. The main accusor of the Chruch was from accosors of the priests who had been pedophiles. His primary job was to find new parishes for priests who had been accused of sexuality inappropriate and crimes against children. 1000s of priests were having to be translered every x amount of time. they could only suppress their “urges” for a given amount of time before they would be forced by their nature to commit more violations of children.

o   You can find the descendants of Esau  and his philophosy all over but only a very select few wlle ver admit the facts they are following the teachings of Esau.

o   Esau created Islam, Mohammed and Abu Bakr stole the notebooks and said from the Constantinople library and proceeded to translate them. Thus recreating Islam and of course the Hajj. Which Esau used the Hajj to sell his soul to the devil in order to send a fallen to go kill his brother. Which ultimately failed.




·       The Conservative Zombie Theology


o   The Theology of the Zombies is based on the edited and violently altered to make it look like something it is not.

o   The Theology is based on the teachings of Esau, who felt cheated out of his rightful position by both god and of course his brother Jacob. God appointed Jacob to be head of the Tabenacle System of Adam, while Esau was forced to only be King of the city of Mecca. Which did have a working Tabernacle System, the problem is over time his descendants changed the design of the Tabernacle of Mecca to be only one Kaaba. The Kaaba was the Tent put around one of the Four Trees of Creation, with the Fountain in the middle. An oasis for a missing better description.

o   However over the millennia from 4500 bce to present the descendants of Esau grew angry and resentulf that their Tabernale would not work correctly, so since it was obviously the fault of the tool and not their fault, they changed the design of the Tabernacle to something they were more comfortable with.

o   Which is a theme of the descendants of Esau, adjust a tool to reflect what they are “comfortable” with since the tool itself is the problem,  they are not the problem. They are always blaming everytign outside of themselves for causing the problem, never themselves. It is always the tools fault, x group of people (homosexuals)(academics)(scholars)(enineers)(other philosophers)(etc) for the problems they encounter. It is never their fault.

o   From 4500 bce to present every single descendant culture which has been 10,000s if not more have followed the same behavior patterns.

§  I must have it all

§  I must control what others do

§  I must form into a group of like minded people, so we can be violent against others they have deemed to be unworthy of gods attention.

§  They attack to control various sacred/holy sites then get angry because that sacred/holy site refuses to work for them. It is always someone elses fault.


·       Trickle Down


o   They are entirely convinced that Trickle Down economies works, less than zero will convince the zombies their economic policies will work fine. They have tried in about 9 times in 200 years, it has not worked a single time.

o   The companies which promise and swear on a stack of bibles they will reinvest their tax breaks as soon as they have enough money they will of course trickle the money down. The answer is; they break their promise the second they obtain the breaks.



·        Social Engineering

o   The Zombies demand to be allowed to do all they want to do without a single law or extremely limited laws regarding sexual issues.

o   However for sexual actions they deem “immortal” based on their radical Theology, they demand to have the hardest and stricted laws imaginable. Up to and including violent reproductions, and capital punishment if and or the