The story of Daedalus starts and ends for the most part in the city of Athens. Athens or the old name Poseidon are cities which used to work closely together.


From the founding date of the city up to and through the Hyksos conquest the city was called Poseidon.

Not because the city was dedicated to a pagan god of the sea.

But the ignorant and luddite Hyksos edited the concept of electro magnetics into sea.

Between 1900-1530 the city of Poseidon was conquered and name changed.

From the conquest date up to and through 1340, the Hyksos name had been mostly lost to history.


The eutral electricity; at Knossos was built by the Cycladic Culture.

The Cycladic culture did their best to dismantle their systems before leaving but were unable to fully and completely dismantle it all. Plus of the facts that the primary goal for the Hyksos was to capture the Jews who knew about the system and force them to make them a weapon. From 2100 b.c.e to and through 1530 in that more than half a century. The Hyksos would have been able to find enough Jewish scholars to achieve this goal. The Jewish Scholar King Knossos chose to head his system project was Daedalus.

But the last and key ingredient was not present.

So King Knossos needed assistance.

The key ingredient was not a machine but rather a specific type of person.

The system in general operates based on three sources of electricity.

The first is neutral electricity (Frankenstein from Mary Shelley); lightening, compressed amber, etc. But a neutral system will only be able to generate specific types of actions from the system.

The second is adult interactions electricity; somehow collect the electricity coming off of one, two or more people engaged in adult behavior.

Third death electricity; the 7 grams the body releases upon their death, somehow collect it and channel it into a given location.

The Coliseum in Rome originally possessed this type of electrical conduits.

King Knossos needed to find myself an appropriate female in which to conduct his experiments with. The experiments were designed to end with the Labyrinth being a fully operating Weapon of Mass destruction.

To achieve the second goal the machine which Daedalus was forced by the Queen of Knossos to build was up into action.

The problem is, the Knossos bull was not a bovine, but a Jewish slave.


The System


Once the system was up and operating, King Minus used that system to force himself over the rule of the other Kings of close enough cities. Those kings with the weapon which would destroy them were forced to accept Minos to ss the King of Kings. Or face obliteration.

The response was twofold. First the response was paying taxes and tributes to the city of Minos.

Second the youth of the area worked to build clandestine armies to go and capture the system from King Minos and turn it on him.

One of those armies was the ancestors of Agamemnon and his brother Menelaus. They were at Knossos trying to the system and to kill King Minos.

The system or labyrinth was housed in a huge structure, much like a ship, but Knossos is so high above the water it seems all but impossible for the structure to be a ship. But according to the archaeology in the area, since all but zero trace of a several acre huge building existed on the sit. But huge impressions of something monastery sit on the ground for a considerable amount of time, this leads to the general idea that the System was not built on the ground, but built inside a rather sizable ship. Several hundred if not more feet long and at least a couple hundred wide.

How did it get there would be the next question, well it was either built in place much like Noah. Or it was Magnetic Levitation floated into place. A maglev system which the ancients had more than sufficient knowledge of magnetics to build said, even one of this size. The Hyksos did not, but the pre-exodus Jews absolutely did.

A double system, a masculine system on one side and a female system on the other. Working in tandem.


Theseus needed to nullify this system before he could take Athens back.



The intimate devise Daedallus was ordered to  built was in the third floor of the Kaaba of the

to King Minus,


The bull from Poseidon


The bull was actually a human Jewish slave, but the Hyksos had to edit to make it sound bad.


The Wife of Minus and the Jewish slave who was supposed to be human sacrificed in the machine. but intimacies worked better. angering Poseidon to the ultimate degree.


The Hyksos in Poseidon (pre-Athens conquest and name change) sent an army to force the issue with King Minos. But by the eime the Poseidon Army reached the Palace at Knossos, the system was working and the weapon destroyed the Hksos army from Poseidon. With proof of the effectives of the weapon, the other cities within range of the weapon change from wanting to attack Knossos to being nice and sending gifts to not be attacked and destroyed.


to the Tributes,


The 18th Dynasty






Recapturing Poseidon renaming it to Athens,



this string of events led directly to the start of the Trojan War.

Which led directly to the conquest of Rome

The system the bull/slave,



Second the wings

The Nazi bell, flying, too close to the Aten.


Agamemnon attacks Athens

Agamemnon attacks Athens to recapture Theseus, the Minotaur, a working system, all the tributes sent to Knossos. Which Theseus freed, they joined him at a new Jerusalem Athens.

Agamemnon was too late,

By the time his forces arrived, the Athens system was back up and fully operational. The Dorian Army’s present were obliterated almost instantly.

Agamemnon vowed revenge.

At add insult to injury, during the War Dorian versus Athens, the Trojans had arranged a marriage between the second son of Meketaten and Theseus’s oldest daughter Helen.

Helen was fully and completely educated in the ways of the system. Her father, and grandmother taught her. Grandmother Meritaten was taught by her father and mother Amenhotep iv aka AkenATEN and Nefertiti.

Theseus’ daughter Helen became the prize of first the Athens War, and then the Trojan War.

Helen along with her husband Paris were a mated pair with the special Divine Talent needed to operate the system as a perfect tool of the divine.

If Agamemnon could capture her, then he could force her to make any one of the captured systems the Dorians possessed from their parent culture the Hyksos work.

King Minos was dangerous and the enemy of his culture since he allowed the power of this weapon of mass destruction to play to his most nasty greedy personality. Power does not corrupt, it reveals. King Minos’ corruption we revealed after Daelalus gave him a working system out of the “Labyrinth” the Cycladic left behind.

Minos contacted all the cities in range of the weapon and forced them to give him both tributes and  money or he would destroy them.

The tributes were in the form of both the daughters of their most powerful families as well as a mating pair of Jewish slaves.

Agamemnon followed the Trojans back home to Troy and started the Trojan War.

But the Trojan War started as a tribute to Poseidon (the old name of Athens) to sacrifice the best and most beautiful male Jewish slave in the area. King Minos betrayed Poseidon and kept the Slave to fix the system. He did and King Minos used that system to attack and destroy several of his enemies.

After everything was said and done, Minos was executed for his crimes.






The Trojan War




TR Welling