Decrypting Ancient Architecture


The Snake/Dragon aka the structure of Time. Which Genesis 3;1 is talking about. The Snake “this snake” was in the Garden aka a Megalith aka IWNW/Heliopolis(from Greek to Hebrew Jerusalem). This is a physical reality hard fact. The Trees of Genesis 2;9 are symbolized in the Megaliths which there are about 100,000 of them in Europe, Africa, Middle East, and stretching over to Korea.

The Trees/Pillars (The City of IWNW; the Capital city of Pillars, e.g. the Pillars/Trees of Creation at the center of the Garden of Eden. Not 1 tree but 4. Each housed in its own Kaaba for growth and protection) are what the ancients used to measure the exact to the minute passage of time from the previous fixed point in space to the next fixed point in space. Which would be the Solstices and Equinoxes, first rule of mathematics. Measure to and from fixed points.

The eight fixed points in the earth’s atmosphere qualify beyond doubt as fixed points.

This snake/dragon is the definition of both symbolic and real. Since the Hebrew is in the shape of a symbols snake, but the Hebrew is just a made up letter. But the calendar of the Elder Futhark is entirely real; its mathematics is based entirely on the facts surrounding measuring to and from fixed points. Not just the fixed 8 orbital positions, but the sequences those fixed positions cascade into weather and animal behavior patterns.

Genesis 3;1 the snake/dragon, with a megalith is used to identify the cycles of time. The megalith are in a way a symbolic representation of the Trees of Creation. Those Trees/Pillars measure time, measuring the seconds from the last fixed point to the next fixed point.

Looking down the tube/mine/straw/tunnel/structure of earth time from the inside (in this case ITiH). The sun is the center, the aquamarine is the earth’s rotation around the sun, the large symbols are the Futhark Months of the year (24 months; of 15 days each, 24*15 360), the very small characters against the wall are the days of the month, the very large white symbol is a Hebrew Character. In this case the Hebrew is ATiH. Every single Hebrew Character is an entire word in the Futhark Calendar. That calendar is older than the Gregorian. The ancients mapped time.


But this research was erased in part because of the War between Esau and Jacob.


Esau’s line destroys every Temple they can get their hands on, why because they are good and when they encounter a temple which does not allow them to perform their actions in, they consider that temple bad not them. Since they are pure holy, it is the fault of the temple and therefor the temple is bad, bad evil temples must be destroyed.

They destroy them because Esau taught his descendants to destroy anything which might point to his betrayal of god.

He according to that culture soul his soul to the devil to have a fallen/or a mercenary go kill his brother.

Destroying those sites removed the hidden language, the language this proves exists. Also the fact that various time sequences are also built in. The Futhark is both a Language and a Calendar. Every letter is literally a month of time.

The letters are built into the architecture.



I can prove in architecture there is both a hidden language as well as time sequences.

Trace the lines, they go behind Letters. The Futhark Calendar is proved to exist. Why is this relevant. In the graphic over the Khafre Pyramid the is a compass mixed with the Futhark. Both the Futhark Characters and their equivalent English letters are present. The line from the center out bisecting through Khufu is A; the line extending out to Memkaure bisects through Y. This is literally just one example with just four monuments of one site identified.


The Compass was developed by the Babylonians, using a equilateral triangle. Although the history of the Babylonians is a difficult one to track since the founding of the Babylonian Empire was by the Hyksos allowing their Jewish Slave Shield wall to take over the city after conquest.

The Jews released from slavery, but under the command and control over the Hyksos still had to pay taxes and surrender troops whenever a Hyksos army came to recruit for a new army.

The Babylonians were part of a larger collective of Jewish ex-slave shield wall combatants who were given their own cities by their Hyksos commanders. Because when the commanders have no idea how to fight but the shield wall grows in skill beyond the commanders ability to suppress them, it is best to either kill them which messes with moral of the other slaves, or give them their own city they just conquered. The Phoenician’s, the Trojans, Levant, etc.

This matters since the secrets of the language built into the architecture is still very much not only present but actively used in modern architecture but from a purely ignorant standpoint.

The American White House has influences from the Roman's, Greeks, some elements of Nordic architecture, and the basic concepts from the Palace at Knossos. Some of those buildings were constructed with this ancient technology include, which means the White House build circa 1799 also has some elements of this type of language architecture built in as well.

Which means that the secrets of the Pyramids can be traced directly through the invading Hyksos, who hated the entire concept of the Jews. Placed the Jews in cities to make them money and breed to produce more soldiers. without a care in the world about how many Jews were killed in the shield wall as long as the shield wall conquered the city. The only care the Hyksos had was to ensure the Jews were killed and they were not harmed. Most of the soldiers were Jews not Hyksos. They were commanders, not soldiers. Rarely did the commanders engage in combat.

But the point regarding the architecture is, to pass the secrets on to the next generations was built into the architecture the Jews built. which means every single ancient Jewish city would be a copy of the major stories of the Jewish people, but since libraries are easy to but, but buildings are absolutely not. This means that the buildings will leave a footprint. That foot print will be sufficient for future Jews to find and decode the ancient language.

But the compass is one of those decoding tools.

Where can this be found in the Bible, the conflict between Caine and Able was about the Tabernacle System, Enoch, and Caines son were all tasked with building and protecting this systems. Different copies of this system of course. But the machine made from more than a few systems working together is obviously important based on the dozens if not hundreds of Tabernacle Systems built over the course of several millennia. Esau wants to use them as a weapon, Jacobs line wants to use them as the divine tool they were intended for.

Every single Jewish construction project with used Jewish floor plans is a library telling about the story of the Jews from Adam to the Exodus.

Moses did his about best to erase all traces of pre-exodus languages to tell his story and holy his story.

But the problem is, he was purely ignorant of the language built into the architecture. The Hyksos descendant culture the Dorians figured it out in part, but did not know how to destroy that which they could not rebuilt. So they destroyed as much of the previous architecture as they could to destroy the original story of Genesis.

The Roman's post 753 b.c.e found out a bit more and did a much better job of destroying the architecture and focused strongly to destroy the Elder Futhark because that was the key language to add to the compass to use on the buildings in clusters to decode the ancient language.

But the Roman's failed to destroy the two core areas the Futhark Culture was strong and thriving. Northern Britain and Scandinavia. Any Claim the Welch have as to the mythology of King Arthur is pure fiction. The Welch were so much a threat to the entire Roman Empire that at least one Resort city was built 50 ish miles from the Capital of Wales.

What does this have anything to do with decoding the architecture the ancients built. Because the King Arthur Mythology is part of the evidence regarding erasing what existed but was erased by the enemy of Jacob's line. The Architecture secrets are so frightening that several millennia after the initial reasons were erased from common knowledge, the fear from that knowledge is still hard and strong.

Rich Roman's owned estates sometimes huge estates within 100 miles or that Bath(resort), in England. The army present were at ease most of the 600 years the Romans were present. Hadrian’s Wall on the other hand in Northumberland was absolutely the opposite story in all ways.

The Roman's Army faced death on a daily basis. NO estates were in Northumberland which were not guarded by elite troops who were always on guard. Those troops did not live long, the casualty rates at the wall were so high that the Wall was built to keep the Roman death toll as low as possible.

But the folks on the north side of the Wall, were more than a match for the Roman Empire. No matter how many troops the Roman's sent, they got back mostly dead bodies.

Proving that the British people were both in possession of the secrets from the Trojans e.g. the Jews used by the Hykso as a shield wall but also experts from the Pyramid Construction. Which were in all likelihood the oldest still in existence printing of Genesis.



The Ancient Language.

Every day of the 360 days of the year have a specific meaning. Those meanings are divided into 24 months of 15 days. But obviously that math is wrong, since there are 365.4 days in a year.

The extra 5.4 days are accounted for by high holy days which each have a specific meaning. Each correspond directly with a specifically fixed equinox/solstice.

The first character of the language is Fehu which translates into Latin and English as F.

The second Character of the language if Uruz, which translates into Latin and English as U.


But then there is another problem.

First there are 12 fixed points in the earth orbit around the sun.

Second an orbit is the move3mnet of time.

The Elder Futhark its start Month of Fehu is usually placed at Litha. Which is just one of the eight fixed points in the earth’s orbit.

There are the fixed Directions (and the lord flew over the waters. To fly <motion> over the waters requires a connection and combining of the four directions to create water.  1 oxygen air symbolism north, 2 hydrogen earth south, combined using east fire, to create west water. This is also the structure how the Aett) of the planet earth.

The Solstices and equinoxes

yule, Imbulc, Easter, Beltane, Litha, Lammas, Mabon, Samhain,

and truth north make 12

So Fehu has 12 places it starts at. Which means it in a very real and physical way is a Cryptext Image result for Cryptext. Which is also exactly how the Antikythera computer is designed.

With Fehu at each of the 12; now combine with Architecture.

The Khafre Pyramid is x feet away and at y angle from the center. Those two numbers have an equivalent letter.  of course there are more numbers involved but this is an introduction to the ABC’s not advanced Ancient Futhark Spelling and Grammar. Just identifying where the Letters/Numbers are is the first step. Adding letters/numbers together to create words is a different lesson.

A 13th fixed point is the current time. The current Year, month, week, day, hour, minutes, second.



At Giza

overlap the compass with Giza

from the center out as shown in the above map.

The Khafre is the month of Ansuz (A) from the Khufu Pyramid. So we now have the Letter and number A (Ansuz) Identified.

One letter, is a good start.

To create the letters requires the lines from A given fixed point to end at B fixed point. Place the Map over the A and B area starting with the compass beginning at magnetic North; the other letters follow the same exact behavior. Line the compass to x fixed point and extend lines from A to B; the line will bisect a specific year, month, day, hour, second, etc. As the earth moves it some of the numbers will move, some of the numbers will remain steady.

This is a complex language, but a language well worthy of decoding.


This is why Esau’s line which include the Hyksos, Dorians, Avaris, Agamemnon, the Roman's, the English, the Libertine French, Fascism, etc. worked their hardest to destroy both the language and the architecture to hide these secrets.

Because this is information direction from the Diving, since the words and structure changes according to that flow of time. Time passes, the months, days, do not change but the years do. The minutes, seconds, etc. do. Which means every single time these measurements are done, they will say something else; something different.

Esau and of course his mentor Terah was so afraid these secrets were going to eventually tell them they were not only wrong, but evil that it is best to destroy the toll than to be told they are in the wrong.

Esau and some of the early descendants knew about the language architecture connection. But from 2400 b.c.e to present; all the rest have destroyed out of pure hard ignorance. "destroy it" "OK"

“But, why”; “because our master ordered it”


Esau’s descendants are completely convinced that they are the rightfully chosen people of god. They should be the King of Kings of the Tabernacle of Adam System. But even the letters spelled out in the architecture tell an entirely different story. The language of space/time spells out “Sorry Esau, you are a very bad person.”

So instead of listening to the truth, Esau directed his people to destroy the radio from god. If the radio was broken than he could maintain his illusion he was good and not bad.



Year 5776,

Khafre; Ansuz to Sowillo

Khafre; Alhaz to Thurasaz


The Jewish Calendar started the approximate year that the invasion of upper Egypt started from forces from Mecca.

The normal date is circa 3800 b.c.e. Which is within a few decades of the Jewish number of years in their calendar.

That is the approximate year when the Tabernacle of Adam System was obliterated in Upper Egypt close to the modern city of Thebes and Nekhen .

Hierakonpolis Image result for Hierakonpolis

That city’s destruction circa the time of the start of the Jewish Calendar; is well beyond significant.





Over time Esau’s descendants became convinced that the Tunnel was a Gateway to Hell. That Tunnel had to be located and destroyed. The mythology surrounding why to destroy the architecture took on their own stories which expanded exponentially into the Megaliths and Synagogues are evil, the priest own gateways to hell. the only way to close the gateway is to kill the people and destroy the architecture.

But something was forgotten, down Jacobs ladder might be down to hell, but it is up to heaven.


The 360 degrees of the compass (developed by the Babylonians, also famous for the Tower of Babel, which the Whore of Babylon worked out of) divine the year into 24 parts from 360 and you have 15 day sequences or what on a calendar is called “Months”


The compass used in any direction as long as the 0 is aligned with a fixed point will give you the number of the degree.

The number of the degree








TR Welling