Democrats and Slavery


It is a very hard undeniable fact that one of the main reasons the Democratic party formed was to protect citizens rights and above all the State of Slavery.

This is an undeniable fact. Jeffrey Lord is dead on the money correct about this is complete truth.

But what he always gets 120% wrong is what happened from 1880-1910.

During those decades the Liberal Republican Party starts to shift its platform from Pro Liberty to Conservative. At exactly the same time the Radical Conservative Democratic Party started to shift away from Conservative to Liberty.

The Conservatives switched from being Democrats to being Republicans.

The Republican party began to embrace the new name for the Confederacy which would take on the name Fascist in 1910, while the Democratic party having “Been their Done that” pulled away from its Conservative pro-slavery roots and embrace the liberty and liberal philosophy.

This shift did not happen overnight or all at once. The North East shifted first in 1865, followed by the rust belt very slowly. The west shifted in the 1880-1900s. Texas embraced the hate and when the GOP took on Conservatism so did Texas, although it was founded as a pro-Semitic, anti-slavery country. Moses Austin was hired by the French and British Royal families in Manitou the new capital. New Orleans was captured by Libertine forces and became Louisiana. New France needed a new capital, so Manitou became the new capital. All of this was erased from history. The French Court of Louis XVI evacuated out of France to the Rio Grande, to merge with the Royal British who had been in exile in America for the previous Century. Together they formed a new country From most just West Louisiana west and north to the Pacific North West. But they needed an American cultural army to defend the gulf coast and up the Rio Grande. Moses Austin’s son Steve F Austin took over the work after his father’s death. They were either Jews or Conversos. But from 1830-1890s, Texas as a whole shifted to violently anti-Semitic and pro-slavery. The deep south was the last to switch, some small pockets still held out into the present. Although a huge amount switched when the Democrats top choices in 2008 were a woman and a half white half African male. This was the final straw and a huge amount switched to the GOP. Primarily to vote against Obama.

Nor did it happen all at once.

The last hold outs were the “Blue Dog Democrats” who were the last skin of the teeth of the old Pro-Slavery movement.

The deep south till about 1990 still had a lot of “Hold outs” Democrats who were still violently Pro-Slavery and extremely Anti-Semitic.

So overall it took more than 100 years for the Party’s philosophies to switch. But switch they not only did, but are firmly into place.


Jeffrey Lord and those like him are entirely ignoring the facts that over the course of a Century the Pro-Slavery Party was the Democrats, but is now the Republican Party. Originally Democrats were conservatives not the GOP brag about being Conservative. The heart of Conservativism is the economics of the Planation System. Cities are just large plantations with huge slave populations. The employees which live in a city are there to make the large companies money and worship their masters.

He is also guilty of treason. He willingly participated in covering up Saint Reagan's Non compos mentis. He is an American first, the White House should have let the world known and take appropriate measures two years before Reagan was out of office of the mental instability his boss was experiencing, and was no longer fit to have his finger on the nuclear trigger.

An investigation into the Reagan Presidency, every high ranking member should go to tail for treason. But let us spent 100 million dollars over 24 years investigating the Dems for wrong doing. Then find nothing.

All of Reagan’s top staff knew and committed the highest treason to stay in power. There is dignity in loyatoy to the boss and there is the Constitution, Reagan’s staffers broke almost every law and amendment in the constitution to hold onto power.  What other description do those crimes qualify under?


The same ignorance regarding ignoring the GOP are the pro-Slavery party now is the same ignorance that forces them to accept Nixon, W, and Trump.


One of the strongest Democratic Presidents was not only a Slave Owner but it can be stated he is the semi-inventor of the “Trickle Down Economic Theory” it existed previous. But most Conservatives have adopted his general ideas, and tried to reapply. about 8 major times said economic theory is implemented, the country’s economy goes into an immediate recession and twice depressions.

Give people their money and they will spend it for the good of the nation, for the poor this is correct. But for the rich, they put their money into banks/investments. Banks and investments are a closed loop. The money stays in, only interest comes out. It takes a long time for sufficient principle to generate enough interest for the Rich to feel comfortable reinvesting into the nation. Usually about 20 to 30 years. Which was the argument which caused the revolutionary war. The English government wanted to tax the businesses outside of Massachusetts with the huge profits they were generating now the competition of the Seven Years War was over. Which actually took decades to fight out. The English Government near bankrupted itself with that war, they started to push the colonies for higher taxes to replenish the treasury. But the Plantation owners and businesses in the colonies wanted to keep their profits. Put the profits into the bank and generate interest. Then give a percentage of the interest to the English in taxes, which would take 30 years to replenish.

The Colonies kept saying “we cannot afford your taxes, we have things to pay for first”, but the Crown was close to bankrupt. The colonies which directly benefited from the War and the open markets and profits of no competition did pay higher taxes, but the colonies did not benefit from the War were taxed just as hard. Same income in, higher taxes out. Hence John Adam’s and the Massachusetts conflicts with the English army. The middle and southern Colonies could handle the higher tax rates with their unbelievable profits. But the north east could not. The American Revolution was in part caused by pro-Slavery “Trickle Down or Voodoo Economics”. The colonies making hand over fist could not care less about anyone else’s income levels. They were getting rich, who cares about anyone else. The southern solution for the North East was “Try Slavery, increase your profits to pay for the higher taxes”. The north east by 1850 considered slavery a crime against humanity. It took 15 years and a major war to start to process to evict the radical Conservatives from the Democratic ranks. Fortunately most of them were killed in combat or evacuated out of America for France. Where slavery was still at least partially legal. You could purchase them, own them, but if they ran away you had no legal recourse to get them back. You also could not beat them half to death or kill them. The South began to make comments from 1760-1771 well “Maybe the North will finally be forced to shut up and get off our backs regarding the Slave Trade. If they simply embrace it, they can pay the extra taxes and we can be a perfect union with slavery.”


The Basis ideas behind Trickle down are based on the foundation of the Pro-Slavery Plantation System. The Lord of the Manor makes all the money, and his charges have to then beg him like god to eat.

Putting all the power into the hands of the Lord. Each lord has different “ways to worship him”, each different lord requires different ways to worship. Today, every Corporation and rich business man have different sets of rules for worshiping them. the most rich people have charities, but require huge amounts of work and devotions (worship) for them to give you money. Trickle Down is all about the “Worshiping the Lord of the Plantation/Slave Master” philosophy.

Which the Conservatives love to the depth of their being.

What they never understand is, they are making themselves the Idol which the 10 Commandments states is a sin.

The rich/power want to be the subject of worship. So they create economic policies which force the population to worship them. Worshiping in the correct way produces results, in the wrong way produces wrath.


The Confederates changed their name to Fascists. From 1910 to 1940, several prominent republicans including Prescott Bush worked very hard to change the GOP platform to reflect that of NAZI Germany. They also worked very hard to ally with Adolf and Mussolini. But the American Government under Roosevelt’s administration were so dead against that concept that the two fought entering the war against Adolf till the Japanese bombed Perl Harbor.

If Japan had not of done what they did, the GOP would have succeeded in keeping America out of the War and the Third Reich would still be thriving. Although they had their own unique set of internal problems. The Death camps were ignored flat out till American soldiers liberated them in 1945. Native Americans were still being rounded up and put in labor camps around America. The Americans did not see a problem with this issue. Americans deal with their native populations by concentration camps, so do the Third Reich with the Jews. No difference. Till they were observed first hand, then the horrors became stark and incontrovertible. At least not during the months it took to clean them up, after the conspiracy theories started regarding “Those Death Camps were not real”. Although some hard evidence can be presented that only a few of the Chambers used poison, the rest used electricity to kill the masses. What has been entirely written out of history are the facts that the Chambers and Camps were used to torture and kill but also as a power source to fuel the Hypothesis of a Weapon of Mass Destruction the Third Reich stole from Tesla in Colorado Springs.

Since it is exactly the same place only a few decades earlier when the French and British ruled Manitou (only a few miles away). The French and English had conducted Frankenstein experiments since the 1500s at the documented latest. Part of the reason the steam engine was used was to power an electrical generator. More than two centuries of electro magnetics experimentation with unlimited budgets and the full throated support of the British and French Governments, the electrical scientists, imagine what they could have built when compared to Nicola Tesla did with an micro-budget violent opposition from most of those around him, and in only a few decades. DC power, Wi-Fi, a power situation still in operation 150 years later, a Ray Gun, etc. No budget, most of his inventions were stolen and sold off to pay fictitious debts. Just shy of three centuries of the exact opposite. Mathematically it is impossible for the British and French to not have created Weapons of Mass Destruction capable of equal to Rail Gun/Ray Gun/Laser Gun etc. to obliterate mass targets. Not a hand gun but entire armies, buildings, etc. 1903 Kitty Hawk to boots on the Ground Tranquility Base 1969; that is literally just 66 years. Unlimited budgets, unlimited support, an entire army built to protect you and your laboratory, no armies within 200 miles to stop you from thinking. The Statistical likelihood of a significant weapon in just shy of three centuries is an insanely high number.

Individually circa 1800 Democrats even before they were called Democrats, started to understand the concept and power behind electro magnetics research, when you see the power of god you get un evil real quick or you become nothing.

The British (not English) and Royal French had direct access to the libraries at Alexandria which built the “WMD” of the Alexandria Lighthouse. Documented evidence of a WMD in Egypt. THE British culture which lived in both Manitou and Bellingham WA was the same culture which was in existence when Caesar invaded Britain and attempted to conquer, but was driven back. He invaded Egypt instead, ordered the Alexandria Lighthouse and library to be boxed up and shipped out. The empty building was burned down, but the academic material was not inside. IT was on its way to Rome and Edinburgh.

Power does not corrupt, it reveals. The hate in the heart of conservatives is drawn to the power of the electro magnetics WMD, the love in the hearts of liberals is drawn to the divine tool. How the tools is used is the question. For good and a tool, or evil and a WMD. Among many reasons the Lewis and Clarke expedition showed evidence of at least one WMD on their journey. When the Clandestine report was filed, this is part of why Lewis was executed for high international crimes and the Democratic Party began to switch from being pro-evil to pro-Liberal. Fictionally the same as “Raiders of the Lost Ark” the characters of Indy and Marian were present but not interacting with the Ark when the Third Reich opened it. See the purity of the divine changes a person, their true hearts are revealed.


The Thule Society was not going to be simply outlawed, they used the cover of the Wannsee Conferences to create several Plans to seize their political party back from Adolf and his friends. Illustrated by the “Night of the Long Knives” 1934 when Adolf ordered the Thule Society and all of this active members executed. Most of the low ranking members were, as well as all the homosexuals, Jews, etc. who did not have military units surrounding them killed that night. The SA were full of Gays, which is one reason the SA was partially disbanded it was still in existence but greatly reduced in numbers and slope and reformed as the SS.



The Conservatives like the ideas of Fascism, still do in more than a few hundred variable ways. Statistically the current GOP is not all that different than just before the Beer Hall Rebellion 1923 Munich Putsch.

The Conservatives were drawn to the Fascist message like moths to a flame. Power, money, control, given license to hate who they choose, discriminate, etc. Since the Democratic Platform had already experienced the wrong side of the Civil War, they as a body refused to return. So the Great Awakening Conservatives turned to the other party and began a militant taking over the Platform.

The Great Awakening Philosophy is wall over 99% based on Martin Luther’s Philosophy with a strong emphases from Militant Islamic business partners. Where the Great Awakening Movement started was less than 50 miles from several ship yards which for the next two centuries produced countless ships which directly took part in the slave trade. Thousands of ships were both built and crewed by residence living within 200 miles of the spot the Great Awakening Movement started.


Militant Islam ran the African leg, England/Dutch/Libertine French ran the European Leg, and mostly the Great Awakening groups Ran the American leg.

In the middle of the 1900s the Great Awakening Movement changed its name to Christian Conservative. To detach themselves from American First and other American Fascist organizations. New name same philosophy.

They rallied behind Nixon, then rallied even stronger for Nixon for President. Few would make a claim Nixon did not have extreme prejudices.

Most of his staff that did not go to jail went onto hold high office, and the Presidency.

The son of a high ranking staffer in Nixon’s administration whose father got him out of trouble a couple times ran and won the Presidency.


All those details are conveniently forgotten by the modern GOP.









TR Welling