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o  luc means light, ifer means holder. light holder or translated into science a sun/star. the solar wind from the sun to the earth, the earths Electro-Magnetic pulses aka magnetosphere, they mix together to create an Electro-Magnetic wake.

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·                  Sun Language

o  In case the translation process is not based on the Elder Futhark.

o  Observe the motions of the sun in order to determine any fixed aspects of its motions. Of course, in some type of a grid compass sphere system, however the divisions do not have to be every 15’ nor do the character sequences need to be according to the Futhark. From fixed point to fixed point. Follow the first rule of mathematics.

       Brain Language

o  86B13368

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o  The Language of the synapses of the brain. From the spark of a synapse, to the next spark of another synapse, etc. for the next dozens, hundred, 1000s, 100,000s, etc. synapse spark sequences.

o  Those sequences create characters. Those characters can be translated into letters and numbers. What those letters collect into words is the point to the subject.

o  Synapses- solar system comparison

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o  The Orange synapses have sparked and have sent the electricity through the nerve. The Black ones are either not sparked and or are engaged in other “thoughts” with other neural networks.

o  The R, C, and L characters are present.

o  At any given time in the brains trillion if not 100s of billions of synapses, it is an absolute guarantee that at least 100 million synapses are firing at any given point. Say 5 points firing in a connected network make up a given letter, 7 letters make up a word, 15 words make up a sentence. In any given split second that is approximately 200,000 sentences. 200,000 sentences is a very serious amount of information. 3 million words produced by the brain every split second. Those words say something, do those words created by the brain say the same thing we are thinking, or something else. If the same thing, then that is a way to, in effect, use various brain scanning methods to read our thoughts. Placing science one huge step closer to being able to transfer a consciousness into a computer. Or do those words say something entirely different, and if different than our thoughts, exactly what is being said that is different from our thoughts.

       Dissertation Club Members

o  The people in the 170 IQ plus club.

o  Almost all Intelligence Quotation tests are based on the same mathematical formulas; to compare how well an agricultural community can be converted to an industrial society. This occurred from the late 1700s to early 1800s. In correspondence with the Prussians being able to narrow themselves into the most likely statistical likelihood of where the library that held the books about the special weapons of mass destruction were located. That library or at least a huge portion of the library that held the books with the weapons technical information in them was Tiffin, Ohio. Capturing of that library e.g. Heidelberg Library, Tiffin, Ohio directly led to the creation of the field of Psychology.

o  All IQ tests have a range of from 0-200, 100 being the mean or the average intelligence. All IQ tests are semi-accurate from 50-150, or plus or minus about 5 to 6 deviations. Although below 5 deviations form the mean or 100 IQ average it becomes close to impossible to actually measure any level of intelligence. Exactly the same on the other end. Above 160 and almost all IQ tests are simply a guess. Above 170 and it is all not only guess work but entirely incorrect. Since 170-300 IQ in most cases cannot function in any type of a rigid factory setting.

o  The Neuropathways

       The Foundation of Psychology The Ogle family and Wilhelm Wundt

o  Ask humans who has ever lived the following question. Tactically speaking is moving 20 soldiers from point A to point B going to arouse any suspicions at all; most likely not. Will moving 20 to 50 tons of books and a library from point A to point B going to arouse suspicion. That answer is depending on a few given situations it will arouse the suspicions of virtually every enemy the transporting culture has. In this case the Prussian Army, whose list of enemies was and is not quite the entire global culture, but close. They had pissed off most if not every culture they encountered.

o  The Prussian culture has discovered the location of the library they had been searching for since they name changed from Teutonic knights to Prussian. They found the library in the hands of their second most despised enemy the British Culture, specifically the Ogle family of the not yet called Tiffin, Ohio.

o  The aim was to capture the library, find the weapons, build those weapons, and then use those weapons to kill every last Jew they could find on the planet. 80 – 101 years later they just about achieved that goal in Prussia, Germany, Poland, and a few other countries neighboring those.

o  One of the linguists they used to translate those captured books was Wilhelm Wundt when he was only about 7 years old. They shipped him over to Ohio when he was about 10. He was put to work with Oliver Cowdery and a kidnapped Joseph Smith. They worked alongside a couple dozen other linguists to find the lost weapons of the British culture.

       The Trojan War

o  Hercules

o  Poseidon

o  Tabernacle of Adam System

o  Amenhotep IV aka Akhenaten

o  Meritaten

o  Theseus

o  Palace at Knossos

o  The battle with the Minotaur

o  Theseus defeats the Minotaur

o  Agamemnon

o  Battle over Poseidon; Theseus conquered Poseidon (the city), renames it ATEN (half a millennia later the city is named changed by adding an H after the T and ‘s after the N) to honor his mother and grandfather.

o  At the city of ATEN Theseus is attacked by Agamemnon, who is defeated very badly

o  Agamemnon leaves to reassemble an army; with his brother Menelaus, with the promise from Agamemnon that when captured Helena the daughter of Theseus will be married to Menelaus. Despite the two were never closer than possibly a half mile. Always with the Trojan Army between, and always with her husband “Paris” standing between them. The fiction of the Iliad is written from the anti-Semitic Philistine perspective. Which is the name the culture which Agamemnon formed to conquer the city of Troy took on. They kept this name till circa 150 ce when it became the subject of those who had killed Christ 120 years previous. The Philistines are the name of the government the army and culture Agamemnon formed to conquer Troy took on.

o  Following to Troy

o  Ǽneas evacuates

o  Aeneas and queen Dido (aka the widow of King Tut, daughter of Akhenaten and Nefertiti)

o  They found Alma Longa (translation Longinus) which was/is on the coast west of the city of Samhain (conquered and renamed 570 years later to Rome)

o  Ǽneas and Queen Dido’s son/grandson is ordered to Northumberland to create a new kingdom. For those who do not wish to continue fighting the Philistines and to evacuate to. Northumberland is English (a language which would not exist till 800 ce; or more than 2000 years after the fall of Troy) the Gaelic name is Yr Hen Ogle dd. The family still exists the Ogle family. The Ogle family founded Tiffin, Ohio although they called it by a different name, and it was their library at Heidelberg that the Prussians conquered and ordered Wundt and Oliver Cowdery to translate those books to find the weapons the Prussians knew the Ogle family had.

o  That library had been tracked since Ǽneas took it out of Troy to Alba Longa about a year before Agamemnon’s army arrived.

o   The Fall of Troy

o  the Fall of Samhain renamed Rome April 15, 753

o  The Fall of Britain 680 ce at Northumberland

o  the return of the British to Britain 1066

o  The Crusades

o  The creation of the Prussian Empire (the hunt for the weapons of King Solomon; those weapons were what started the Industrial Revolution again.)

o   The Prussians and British battle it out from 1200-1889.

o  The colonies in America 1580

o  The Trojan War rages on in America, the Trojans keep evacuating west ending up in Whatcom County

o  The Trojan War ends 1889 when WA territory becomes a state.

o  The Aftermath of the Trojan War



o  The character of the Minotaur appears to be part of the communities descendants from Esau. The minotaur is one of the characters in the culture. On occasion, one of their citizens becomes overwhelmed and must act out the part of the minotaur.

o  Serial killing

  As Shakespeare so clearly stated “All the world's a stage, and all the men and women merely players: they have their exits and their entrances; and one man in his time plays many parts, his acts being seven ages”

  As Richard Pryer pointed out the same. When he went to Africa, he noticed that the same people he grew up around were there. He saw the “whino”, the major, the street girls, the hustlers, etc. white, black, no matter a large enough city and you have people assuming specific types of parts. Those parts are of course part of the society makeup.

  The Trojan War began with a battle over an out of control “character” that out of control character is the fictional Minotaur.

  take away the anti-Semitism and or the Esau line king gone mad, you have a stereotypical serial killer.

  a specific type of serial killer, not the Monte Rissel, Charlies Manson, etc. type. Those are a different type of killer.

  Ed Kemper, BTK, Ted Bundy, etc.





o  fixed points


o  The Weave of Time


o   Medicine AErdology

o     atomic physics

o   sub quarks

o   quarks


o   atoms

o   molecules

o   complex molecules

o   geology

o   simple life forms

o   chain of life

o     basic Chemistry

o   every single quark

o   up to and through the most complex chemistry structures, that would be something akin to fusion. It would be fascinating to find the language of fusion. Those words sequences will be absolutely fascinating to find and decode. Similar to the word sequences in a nuclear reactor. To trace every single particle in every single design of both atom bombs up to and through the most powerful nuclear device. What is said in those letter sequences, which then lead to a better understanding of how to build them better.

o   hypothesis, studying the language of Radiation, it is possible to come up with a far better solution to radiation when the language of radiation is cracked. To study its language, its works, letter shapes, convert those shapes to words, translate those words into a definable language structure. Find out if there are solutions to working with radiation to make it less of a biohazard.

o     basic biology

o     chemistry (advanced; x, y, z, etc. 

o     Organic chem (advanced; x, y, z, etc.

o   gross anatomy

§  every single thing in a biological has numbers in direct association.

§  every single number converts to a letter. the dimensions convert to numbers which convert to letter sequences.

§  Those letter sequences can and directly will say words, sentences, paragraphs, chapters, etc. that information when the words begin to take on meanings in a dictionary, those words will begin to tell a story. That story will reveal information about the biological which is unknown to science at the present.

·       Dissertation CERN

o  The Ǽrdology sphere is the basic of this structure and function.

o  place a sphere around every single thing from the smallest in effect nothing up to and through the solar system.

o  from the two particles in the accelerator; specifically, them.

o  as they are smashed together.

o  everything including pressure waves, any disturbance in the quantum field, physical field, etc. everything needs its own Ǽtt Sphere

o  then take the motions as two become ? an unknown number of particles, waves, etc. everything which moves has a sphere.

o  orient the F of the compass’s in any fixed point which can be imagined.

o  as the particles move from the impact point, the Impact point is itself a sphere.

o  That sphere from the smallest measurement out each fixed point distance wise is a different compass.

o  Each compass is itself labeled and defined with its own letter sequences of the sphere.

·       AErdology and Toy Story


·       The Slave Trade

o  The Triangle Trade aka Slave Trade dates more than a millennia previous to 1600 ce. That time needs to be not only taken into account, but examined for why the slave trade transferred from Africa and parts of Europe to the Americas’.

o  The name America is a takeoff from the word Mercia, change the c and the I positions, and add an A to the start. A Mer ci/ic a. This is the way to mark that the English (Anglo Saxon cultures) were harking back to their Roman roots to name the new continent for the Roman Empire.

·       Welling Mathematics 

o  although it should be called Ogle Welling Mathematics. The Ogle family translates as North Umber Land. And Welling which is the study of the Tunnel/Well/Mine/Straw crated by the Solar Wind and the Earth’s Electro-Magnetic Pulses merging into a solid structure Orbital West.

·       The Mathematics of AErdology, which stands on its own.

·       Israel

o  Israel is in Egypt.

o  The Old Kingdom were Jews.

o  Before the Hyksos Jews ruled Egypt from 2600-2100.

o  Hotep is a Jewish Priest name/title.

o  Everywhere you see the pharaoh name Hotep, it will be associated with the old kingdom and the 18th. a few during Potomac’s time.

o  However, Helio is Greek odd for a Greek word to be used for a city which is older than linear c by about 3000 years.

o  Helio means New Day/Time. Opolis is Greek for sacred city. Opolis is Salem in Hebrew.

o  Jeru is new day in Futhark.

o  Futhark Jeru Salem Hebrew.

o  The Parent of Hebrew is the Elder Futhark. I can prove that.

o  Israel is in Egypt.

·       Truth of the Crucifixion

o  The facts and evidence of the Crucifixion psychologically speaking will have a huge effect on the species. Since a huge number of believers are following the ideas, there is a huge number of followers of the opposite theology. Jews Christians Catholics, etc. follow the teachings (sort of) of Jesus, while Islam followed the teachings of Esau. The facts of the Crucifixion of Jesus could have an extreme effect on several billion humans.

·       First fact, the events took place in Rome.

o  Second fact the Jesus entered Jerusalem; well linguistically he actually entered the transported city of Heliopolis, which Emperor Caligula had moved from Egypt to Rome just before the Crucifixion events. 

·       Great Library

o  From Hierakonpolis to the present university system. Tracing the contents from Hierakonpolis forward, the amount of missing and purposely deleted information is essentially for the future of scholastics.

o  This subject crosses the line between academics (as anti theology as possible) and theology. However the facts speak for themselves in strong and dramatic ways

o  Apollo; the Greek god who defied Zeus and gave humans advanced technology. Starting with fire and on up the line. Based on the facts of both  the Hyksos Dark age 2100-1530 bce and the Dorian Dark age 1330-800 bce in the eastern Mediterranean the basis of the Apollo being the enemy of the gods of Mount Olympus has validity. What technogoy did the Dorians (Gods of Mount Olympus) hate cultures not them possessing. It appears based on the evidence the Esau line created Hyksos clture which name changed to Dorian culture before they name changed to Philistine then Roman, then Anglo Saxon, then English, etc. the Hyksos hate with a passion anyone having either more power and or the illusion of more power than they have.

o  Which stems from the facts and evidence of Noah’s Ark. Point A whatever starting location. B Mount Erirat (to a fixed heading), C Egypt. Dockign the ships at IWNW. IWNW at 3500 bce was conquered by invaders from Mecca and name changed to x name. The Dorian Greeks renamed it to Heliopolis which translates into Hebrew as Jerusalem.

o  In addition further evidence, it is close to impossible to have King Solmons Tempe and the retaining wall aroudn built wihtouth modern equipment and or super heavy lift cranes. Or they used some type of moving Mag Lev system.

·       Recreation of Academics 800 bce to present

o  After the Esau/Hyksos/Philistine/Dorian culture was defeated in the Ǽgean circa 800 bce, ending the Dorian Dark age 1350-800 bce. The Dorian culture backed off, from controlling the Ǽgean but focused almost exclusively on dominating and controlling the emergence of Academics. The rules they instituted at 800 bce are still present and are a huge problem for western education in the present.









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