Donnie Drump Adolfs Child

Befuttled by inappropriate contact with the System. EST. The Tower fo Babel.

The NAZI’s played with a dozen systems. Including trying to make super soldiers in


Lebensborn, Castle is a program designed around a Pre-Exodus Jewish ceremony to create perfect human beings. Or what the Nazi’s would assume to be a “super soldier”.

Lebensborn, Castle was just one of a dozen similar sites dedicated from 1921 to the last day of the War to having young NAZI’s come and produce at least one child for the Reich itself. They were called Adolf’s Children. This specific official Third Reich organization was not re-founded till Dec, 12 1935. But that was the public face, it had been going hard and strong for the previous more than a decade. The transition between the private/clandestine operations the FreiKorp were doing and the public organizations took a while to work out the details. Spy organizations like to keep their actions secret.

Young women would be encouraged to go to that castle and produce a child which would be of the most pure Aryan Stock. Those children would be raised by the state in the purest Aryan philosophy the third Reich could muster.

First problem is, both the Russians and the Allies when they arrived destroyed or confiscateed every scrap of evidence they could get their hands on regarding what the nazi’s had not already destroyed.

But the most important part is, the staff and long term people associated with this “Aryan Breeding Program” had little if any documentation.

So if and or when Fred Trump (Drump) arrived to produce his own Adolf’s Child at the end of the War. He had to do so very carefully.

His trip was not only illegal after he left Ireland to travel to Spain, but his actions were at the time the highest form of Treason against America.

But being a died in the wool loyal too and on a soul level NAZI supporter from day one, Fred faced little choice. It was either now 1943 or never since, the allies were about to win the war.

If Patton would have been in charge, the Americans would have captured Berlin first at least a year before the Russians arrived. Patton would have entered Berlin with the Russian Army still hundreds of miles away.

Of course this is partially a strategic issue, and partnership between the Third Reich (aka FreiKorp) and their mother culture the Prussians, and their close kissing cousin culture the Russians. The Russians and Prussians worked together through the entire Fascism deal in order to achieve clandestine operations. Fascism was just a different name for actions they had been performing since the 1200s.



there is more than sufficient evidence that Donnie was not born in America, but rather in Germany to a Hitler Youth teenager. He has little in common with his siblings, from behavior patterns to body type.

“Doth protest too much”; the King of the Birther Movement. Spoiled the Birther concept with Obama to make sure no one questioned his own birth. Since he likely was not born in America but was born in the Third Reich.

His mother was likely not Fred’s wife Mary Anne (MacLeod) Trump but a daughter of one of the first generations of Pure Aryans produced circa 1923.

June 14, 1946, Donnie was born circa. He was conceived Samhain 1945.

World War II Dates: Sep 1, 1939 – Sep 2, 1945 just 7 little weeks later. But little fights were still occurring and the evil camps were just at the very beginning of being cleaned up. In Poland Sep 2 at midnight the Schindler  factory was still in operation Image result for Schindler addressing his workers. Some NAZI’s held out for months after.

It took the allies and the Russians months to clean out the last remaining pockets. Leaving plenty of time for the NAZI mother and Fred to do their actions on that date, and then make arrangements to stay as part of the allied war effort helping with the reconstruction of the German people. Fred and his Aryan baby momma staying with “friends” in Germany till the child was born. Then as quickly as possible traveling back to America to waiting false papers in Manhattan. The Aryan mother; is anyone’s guess as to what happened with her. She likely just joined the Stille Group and worked with Himmler’s Daughter. The mother born sometimes between 1924-29, would have little documentation and have been so indoctrinated that it would have been impossible for her to say no to anything her “Parent” asked. From her perspective “her existence was to benefit the Nazi state and the third Reich as a whole”. If she needed to breed with a very rich American and FreiKorp Officer, that would be her loyal and caring duty. Carried with a pure soul and intent. Her son would one way rise to be the greatest. He would carry on the base ideals Nazism proudly.



Since Tammany Hall had a long from day one to whatever they changed their name to after 1960, through to the present of altering documents to gain political power. The Power of Tammany Hall in Manhattan from 1780-1960 under that name was without question. Fred Trump was a member, or he could have done not even one of the real-estate deals he did. THE lands and political power he carried was because he was a member of Tammany Hall. Even after the association changed its name to x after 1970. When the last gasp of the conservatives left the Dem party to join the GOP. Tammany Hall and the deep KKK of the south were the last holdouts from the original Philosophy. The Trump family were saved from deportation a couple times due to their strong ties with Tammany Hall.


There is zero evidence to disprove Donnie was actually born in America, in the location his family claimed eg New York Hospital. All the key people are dead. All the documents could have easily been forged. Since Tammany hall was in charge of the court and its records, they could have filed anything they wanted and no one would or could say a single word about it.


He spoke so hard about Obama for 6 years, he poisoned his own “Cry Wolf” about it. So everyone is tired of the whole birther thing. This is perfectly in line with the whole Narcissistic Pathological Liar Sociopath which Donnie has beyond a doubt proven he is.


His family have a long standing connection with both Tammany Hall and of course the FreiKorp. Drump is a Prussian name not a German one. The Freikorp changed names Jan 1920 from FreiKorp to NAZI. All of Donnies Fascist tendanties have solid origins with both dad and his hypothetical nazi Lebensborn mother.


The religion of the Freikorp has been in private they are Muslim. This is the party and paramilitary spy organization which assisted both Martin Luther and John Calvin to repackage Islam into a form which European cultures could accept.



Narcissistic Pathological Lair Paranoid Delusional Sociopath; are all consistent traits of a NAZI. Entirely convinced of persecution. Thoroughly self-confident, but at the same time at absolutely thin skin. Unable to deal with even the most basic of negative comments.

All traits of both Donnie and someone with a very high degree of mental disorders.


Messing around incorrectly with a Tabernacle of Adam System can and will produce inappropriate results regarding mental disorders.

All the traits described associated with the Tower of Babel are traits which can be associated with bad people trying to force a system to work against the will of god. Including Donnie Trump. In effect the electro-magnets of a system give the user a electric shock lobotomy. Which is in part recoverable from. But it will always leave deficits.