Dorian Grey


The portrait of Dorian Grey is an amazing characterization of the English culture of the 1800s.

Technology and advancements, but at the same time interest and connection with the more mystical forces of the world.

A massive emphasis on the Science,

An instruction to some which would be called “Steam Punk” more than a century later.

A strong introduction of ancient cultures who used the word Magic and Rituals as a matter of course.


The Portrait of Dorian Grey is the ideals of a modern very rich young man with a very dark, sadistic, and violent soul.

He hires a witch to cast a spell on his being painted portrait. That spell consists of Dorian’s portrait to age and not the Man.

He lives for centuries; committing beastly and wildly inappropriate acts, knowing that the portrait would take the damage but he would remain entirely healthy and young.

Around the time the portrait was being painted the Spanish and English had spent vast amounts to find and tap into “The Fountain of Youth”.

Juan Ponce de León discovered Florida which is a way of saying Easter in Spanish. The festival of Flowers or florals is a representation of “Palm Sunday”

 The Spanish worked just as hard at hiding and secrets as they were taught by the Moors who had invaded the Iberian Peninsula 800 years previous in a wild and insane hunt for Fatimah and her followers. The culture of Islam has been literally lying and spreading facades since it was created by Mohammed and Abu Bakr. Their lies revolve around the originals of the faith itself. The faith was created by Esau out of his utter disgust with god over his brother being given the “King of Kings of the Tabernacle of Adam System” title and not himself. He decided as a child that physical and mental strength was his birthright to have the title. He had the physical strength and the metal determination to head an army, but he did not understand the weave of time. The weave of time is the key to understanding what and how to go about making and working with and on the System, itself.

Esau did not understand the weave; he understood violence, battle, intimidation, strategy, he understood how to bully his way to power, etc. but he had no understanding of how to go about actually working with god to create a proper weave for all.

He was king so all favors should go to him first, then he would be benevolent to all and give what they needed through him. God gave to him, so he would distribute. But this distribution depends on the people begging him in the proper way.

If you do not beg him correctly, they you get punished.

Esau’s culture went to war with Jacobs and have not stopped since. In a very real effect Dorian is the embodiment of Esau. Angry, bitter, sadistic, etc but with a beautiful face and the most perfect manners. Except when he gets angry, then he lets part of the nasty out and he true evil side emerges. But this is done mostly in private where he can maintain the illusion he is still angelic and immortal despite the fact that he is in effect an instrument of what the Catholics and Christians call “The beast”.

He does not let his evil out in public, or fi he does not finds way to remove his witnesses so they cannot speak badly about him behind his back.

He does not pay them into silence, he kills them.

The story does not dive into said details but the same behavior patterns are what people like Dorian operate from.

Their illusions are so important to them, that they have no problem with how damage they cause to maintain them.










TR Welling