Double ATEN of Egypt





What is this you might ask, This is the Structure which is built into the Pyramids. One of countless structures built into the Pyramids of Egypt.

Another Structure built into the Pyramids is an ATEN and a Double ATEN.

The ATEN from the Causeways of the Pyramids East. Another Causeway from where Heliopolis was (moved by Caligula to Rome, which formed the base location and materials for the Vatican) south East to the Pyramids. The Engineering was beyond Current Scientific and Engineering capability.

Our engineering has finally advanced enough to prove it existed, not how to recreate it.



Take the Pyramids in groups

Each of the Pyramid Groupings have a semi-similar configuration. They all point to were Heliopolis was.

Why was this nessessary to move Heliopolis from Egypt to Rome.

Because the last two times the Hyksos controlled Egypt, they did bad things at Heliopolis. So the thought was to bury the tool in another location to make it more difficult for the Hyksos descendent cultures to access to machine.





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