Epcot Center

Is where part of the Nazi bell System information was taken and developed further, in some ways, but very different in others. Since EPCOT would be designed around a concept which predated the Nazi Bell by several millennia. Of course the technology which went into the Bell was also several millennia old, the connections and consistency of the situation are difficult to ignore. The Plans for this electrical generator were given to Walt and Roy Disney after the War was over when the Thule Society gave some of its plans and documentation to the American Government. It would be fascinating if the basic engineering specifications for how Epcot is laid out e.g. a generator were in the plans Rudolf Hess flew out of the Third Reich that night. Would also explain why the very untimely deaths of Walt’s Parents occurred when it did. More than a few Fascists were operating on behalf of the Third Reich in America. Many in Los Angeles.

Rudolf Hess took off 10 May 1941, Elias Disney died September 13, 1941, just four months later. The connections between the Third Reich, the ex-confederates, Kissimmee, and Colorado Springs are too much to not take note. Elias Disney worked alongside more than a few Ex-Confederates in both Colorado Springs and Kissimmee. Do not forget for a second how strong the Fascist and KK groups are in and around Chicago. The Great Lakes is a huge area for FreiKorp members to have traveled to and settled, but are still century’s later devout Russian/Prussians working for the FreiKorp organization. Elias spent a huge amount of time in and around Chicago, he had to on a daily basis interact with both ex-Confederates and active FreiKorp Members for most of his life in those specific areas. Kansas, Illinois, Colorado, and Florida. While working for General Palmers Rail Road in Colorado he was within a reasonable distance on dozens of occasions of Margaret Davis Hayes “The Queen of the Confederacy” (Only Surviving Daughter of the one and only President of the Confederacy Jefferson Davisng) as she attempted on numerous occasions to have the Confederacy Rise again, with its new Capital of Colorado Springs. Elias was in the middle of at least one of those bloody conflicts. Two very short decades later Fr Francolon and Nicola Tesla arrive in Colorado Springs to build Miramont Castle2191588604_bec902524e and Experiment with Electricity while wiring said castle respectively. Although Elias was not actively recorded to have been in Colorado during the Francolon Tesla years, he had learned enough from the stories of his confederate friends about the Systems which the south had confiscated from Manitou, and Jernigan. The city of Jernigan renamed Orlando in 1830 is just a few miles north of Kissimmee. Jernigan possessed a system, so did Colorado Springs. He took that knowledge to the World’s Fair and interacted with Tesla directly, so he did not need to return to Colorado to learn more about Tesla’s equipment. He already understood how it worked, and the Wi-Fi parts.

For the Nazi’s Wi-Fi was something they were more than keen to explore, Elias was taught first hand by Tesla how it worked. Elias worked directly with his son Walt on said while they were drawing up plans for Disney land and World.

Unimaginable grief and a second World War pushed the construction of both off by more than a decade and three respectively.

The Nazi’s wanted to make 100% sure all those who might know something about the weapons they were building were killed before America got involved with the War. To ensure that it would take America more time to reengineer what those killed knew.

The Disney family had vast amounts of experience in said areas since Disney Land had been part of Walt’s imagination since he was a small child.

Elias came up with a plan regarding his children, specifically the one son really good with numbers Roy and the story teller and talented artist Walt.

He would use the basic framework of the Greek Story of the Odyssey both the story itself and what homer did with it in order to continue to perform his duties for his Clandestine working life. He would pass said information onto his sons and lay out a plan for both riches and further the work of Tesla in order to defeat the continuing wave of Fascism spreading throughout America and Europe.

The plan was for Roy to study numbers and accounting, while Walt studied storytelling and print media. All the while the family worked on building their own system based on all that Elias and his bosses had been assembling for the previous decades and centuries.

The Telegraph, Wi-Fi, and of course the Rail Road (which a maglev system) is designed almost identical to that of the rotating core of an electrical generator. Thus is the start of the Theme Parks, becasuse the one thing which all para-military operations require in the extreme after the innisial panic ends is funding. These projects will require funding from an unending source. Childrens entertainment and of course Education are close to the perfect source of permient funding westerncutlure can imagine. Military funding is only effective till the threat is eliminated, during peace time the people who are only interested in cutting the military budget; because pacifism is the only way. This type of operation becames the first on the budget cut meetings. A few rounds of said and the budget drops so low the only funding left is to close to base. Which was the aim of the piece people in the first place. With less than zero understanding that some para-military operations need more funding when world peace is achieved for a few minutes. The next war lord is just sitting back waiting for the opportunity to strike while the defenses are down.

So an external form of funding is an absolute requirement.

Elias knew full well that the way the Odyssey was created was the perfect way for the System research to be moved forward. Just not discussing the system, but discussing literally G rated stories which have little if anything to do with the real purpose. For instance a father/Grandfather goes off on numerous adventures, comes back and tells stories to his impressionable children/grandchildren.

The children take those stories and expand upon them, in the case of Homer he wrote them down Odysseus’ stories of the Battle of Troy.

Odysseus might have given talks, but Homer spent most of his life retelling tails about the Trojan WAar his grandfather told him.

A very solid portion of Greek History and academics is based on those stories. Delivered both verbally and in written form. For a while, the family made more money on the lectures and book sales then they did with the orchard.

But add a few generations to half a dozen and the stories become old and the grandchildren of the grandchildren of the grandchildren of Homer are no longer interested. The audience is no longer interested and the field of Academics has already started to adopt them into their structure.

Acamics start to teach classes about said stories and teach them in a structured way which would be the equivalent of “Credit hours” in the present. Those in the fmaiy not connected to or professional educators are cut out of the academic lessons and Greek History because they have sold enough books and retold the soties enough that others have memorized them. Others who are better story tellers, who are interested in the money not the telling the truth.

From 1300-900 the family lose control over the stories with the Dorian Acadmic structure taking over full and total  control over them.

Elias wanted to prevent that by working with the Laws of America as well as building permient locations from which the world would need to come and explore the stories. Permient location is different than a wondering troubadour. Even if the family home is where the stories are told from, it is still not a sociality acceptable “legitimate” undertaking. It is just family stories, not solid education.


The first step was to find two places which would work in order as a home base of Command Center. Los Angeles and Kissimmee Florida were chosen.

Why Los Angeles for is in 1919 its extreme isolation. It was also about to be the movie capital of the world. Decades later Bollywood would be a secondary center but nowhere close to the size and importance of Hollywood. But Los Angeles would be absolutely perfect.

Kissimmee Florida was also rather extremely isolated, in several ways. Almost no easy access roads lead to Kissimmee. Kissimmee is also a place where a lot of Ex-confederates resettled after the Civil War. Kissimmee is to the west of St Cloud which is a city almost entirely filled with descendants of Ex-Confederates up to about 1950.

The System when worked with incorrectly will produce very bad electro magnetics results. Hiring sons of the confederacy in order for them to perofrm the most difficult and challenging jobs is simply the smartest way to proceed. also




Disney Land opening July 17, 1955. But the planning stages had been set in place by Elias in the 1880s upon visiting both Colorado Springs with its Spa Building configuration,  what remained of the Palace/first Capital building of Texas in Bancroft Park and of course the Rail Road he help construct North and South.

Elias Disney had spent time in Colorado Springs CO, Denver CO, Kissimmee FL, Chicago, Kansas, and several other places. Elias was both an extremely religious man as well as a hard line socialist; who was a staunch Union Man. Fascists hate Socialism to the depth of their being. One powerful Tyrannical Dictator who tells everyone what to do is the structure of Fascism/Nazism, Socialism on the other hand is a collective working together to build a better society. But different than communism which does not have the individual rewards Socialism has, nor the personal responsibility. Fascists hate the people telling the leaders what to do, new leaders coming from the masses. This is not acceptable in anyway. However Socialism needs strong leaders to emerge from the masses in order to take the collective ideas of the masses and implement them. Socialism is where Unions derive from, knowing that collective bargaining was the key to success for the common man. The more common man the population has the more the “weakest links” in the culture will be taken care of and the collective society itself will improve as a whole. Super rich with people dying in the streets is not a great society, it is not even a good society. It is a collection of takers living around defenseless people. The rich always have the same answer when questioned “if the masses would simply beg me correctly, to make me feel like I am a living god. Then of course I would give them my table scraps. But those starving to death simply will not cooperate and beg me correctly. If they would simply cooperate, I would comply. Till they choose to cooperate, they can suffer for their bad life decisions”

Elias in 1893 worked at World's Columbian Exposition aka the Chicago World’s Fair. Elias taught his sons well about the values and innovations he had learned about first hand.

This spirit of innovation and building a better tomorrow seed stuck with both Roy and Walt.

Walt from the time he was a young boy he wanted to build his own “World Fair” believing that a Traveling Exhibit was good, but a Central location would be far better. Especially since you never know when the next war will break out and a huge amount of people will not feel safe going to a location were violent conflicts had happened in the not distant past, are happening, or are unpredictable as to when they will happen next.

A location which can be planned years if not decades ahead of time were safety is the number one concern where families can come and feel all but perfectly safe is the key.

The next world’s fair will occur in Astana, Kazakhstan. The Russian Government has made serious threats of an invasion into that country, that country also has radical violent Muslims on three sides. All in all a very unhealthy place for any western person to travel to and expect to not be impacted by violence.

ISIL, Al Qaida, etc. operate in and around Kazakhstan. A great place for the world to come and present new technology. The militants hate technology which will not help them spread their message that technology is the root of all evil next to women.


But first before Walt could assemble a proper “World’s Fair” and draw any attention at all. He would need to create a way in which to actually draw attention for family’s who would pay for it.

The best way to have family’s pay for something like that is if Walt went into the entertainment business specifically aiming at the children’s market. The amount parents will pay to both entertain and educate their children is only limited by their income. For the rich, there are no limits, for the poor the vast numbers of them will make up or the smaller amounts of profit but there are 100k poor for every one rich person. A dollar from 100k poor people is 100k dollars, these numbers work great.

The animation field was in its infancy when Walt was a teenager.  But World War One broke out and he had to perform his civic duty. But he drew small cartoons to keep up moral in his units. He was young so he was assigned to be an ambulance driver. His father also had profound military connections to keep his son out of the danger part of the battles.

Upon returning home, Walt went into the animation business and created dozens of highly valuable “shorts”, which his bosses made massive amounts of profits on.

He was cut out of most of those profits.

When he came up with a really great rabbit idea, he created several shorts and his boss sold all the rights to a large company. Cutting Walt out of all but the entire deal. Walt took his savings and started the Walt Disney Company and started making his own cartoons.

Mickey Mouse was one result.

The profits of his first feature film purchased the lands that Walt Disney Land sits on and to build the park itself.

The profits of the motion pictures and the Theme Park combined to allow for the planning and construction of a second park in Florida. Very close to where his father was a Mail Man and where his mother met his father.


The height of the Russian/Prussian/FreiKorp cold war and Space Race

Walt Disney suddenly took ill and was rushed to the Hospital, on December 15, 1966 (aged 65) just weeks later Walt died.

Construction had already began years before Walt suddenly took sick and died just months later. The official groundbreaking took place years after Walt died, but construction had begun years if not a decade earlier. Walt had fully planned to live in the Park along with countless others who would contribute to the entire concept of making a better tomorrow.

The basic structure of the theme for the Disney movie “Tomorrowland”, where the best and greatest come to live at in reality Epcot and they come to think and explore how to build tomorrow better than the present.

This was in the middle of the Cold War, which Cuba and Fidel only a few dozen miles south of Florida constantly saber rattling to provoke a war against America.

This was also a time when the space race was about as strong as it could get.

Three hours to the Mission Control Kennedy Air and Space Center, and a few hundred miles north of Cuba. Disney World was built in the middle of the two most volatile military campaigns post world war II. With a solid aim at literally being a center of the most advanced technology the world could think of as a mottus of operation.



The first thing to know about Epcot is the first part of the theme park literally has an electrical generator built into the structure itself.


Spaceship Earth is a magnetosphere an AEttimage001.


The Monorail which runs very close to the sides of the Sphere is a maglev systemImage result for maglev system.


The Innovations


Ohm’s Law is built into the entrance in a dozen ways in a circle,

Innovations the maglev and the balance on each side rides.

In the Graphic

A is the ride, B is the Monorail, C is communicore now called Innovations.

0 Spaceship Earth is part of the command and control center.

1.     The Pavilion

2.     world of motion

3.     horizons

4.     energy dinosaurs

5.     Marine Fish tank

6.     the land

7.     innovations

8.     figment




It also has a huge pool and fountain Image result for epcot fountainin the center of those structures. Extremely similar to the Persian Garden System Image result for persian garden Image result for persian garden  Image result for persian garden layout with the Fountain of Life collecting in a pool, which the four rivers of creation stem from.


Much like a stargate


A "Chappa'ai" (Cha-Pa-Eye)

B the electro magnetics signature and electrical stabilizer.

C command and control section.

D Chevron’s setting 8 allows for an Aett of navigation to be set.

E the Innovations the event horizon establishment frame


·       D buildings

o   right side

§  Ellen’s energy adventure

§  horizons building

§  mission space

§  test track

o   Left side

§  Imagination

§  The Land

§  Soaring

§  The Living Seas



Infinity Loops

A Ride, monorail, communicore, fountain/pool, communicore, monorail, Ride


·       Pavilion balanced by living seas

·       world of motion balanced by the land

·       horizons balanced  by imagination

·       universe of energy balanced by figment



What you see in the map of Epcot is an electrical generator Image result for electrical generator, powered by the 100k people walking in the park and the monorail moving through every few minutes.

This is an electrical generator.

For what purpose

in a manner of speaking the ATEN is built into the structure of the “World Showcase.”

the World Showcase is a collection of locations scattered around the lagoon which feature key geographical and country areas from around the world.

The assumption would be that the ATEN built into the double theme parks would be for some thpe of coordinate system. What that Coordinate System is designed to do at this point is an unknown, as a proven fact. A few hypothesis are present, but an idea (with some evidence) with no real evidence is just a hypothesis.



TR Welling