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Egypt Hebrew Dalet Sequence

Add the fact that the Hebrew Character of Shin is also built into the specific building infrastructure you get

meaning as the relative pronouns "that", "which" and "who" in English. In colloquial Hebrew, Kaph and Shin together have the meaning of "when". This is a contraction of כּאשר, ka'asher (as, when).

(Shin) Where (Dalet) is the Door

Aladdin Cave of Wonders

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That Door

Rome, Alba Longa, Naples

Troy, Temple of Apollo, a city south of the temple of Apollo

Whatcom County

Lynden (London) (Rome), Castle Bellingham (Alba Longa), Fair Haven (Naples/Pompeii)

Pyramids, IWNW/Heliopolis, Alexandria, Memphis. Although rotated 90’ clockwise

Hebrew Dalet

Means Door


The Memento Mori Ceremony 3 acts has a “hidden doorway” built in. The Thumb and Ring Finger make Dalet (door).

Memento Mori

1a violence; shin index finger

1b intimacy; shin middle finger

Dalet the Doorway. Dalet thumb and ring finger

2 some type of community action/parade. Shin Pinky Finger

Hamlet skull, Janus Parade in Rome Proper

The space between 1b and 2 is a doorway to in effect heaven.












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