Egypt is Israel


what something which will completely blow your minds? I can literally point out Israel is written on Egypt in no less then 3 ways. First the Mazuzah the main character of said is Shin which is literally the architecture of the Khufu Pyramid. Two the Causeways make up half of the star of David, three the translation of Heliopolis (greek) is Jerusalem. How can a city be called by a Greek Name when greek was invented ??500 bce, and city the city of IWNW was a huge thriving 100k+ city at 4000 bce? The (not yet called Hyksos) invaded Egypt circa 3800 and renamed IWNW ? that name has been erased from history from 3500-500 bce. so only 3000 years of the name of a city has been removed from any and all records. But it translates into Greek as Helios; New Day, the rising sun, the sun, the cycles of the sun, Jeru (Elder Futhark for the Rising Sun, New Day, the sun, Time, Cycles of time) and Opolis; which in Greek means sacred city which sacred city in Latin is Castle, which Castle in Hebrew means Salem. Jerusalem, the literal flag King David, and the Mezuzah. All built into the foundation buildings of Egypt. Do not get me started on the job of Ptah and its exactness with Adam. Or the facts that Adam translates as "Red/Amber/Umber/Yellow/Gold" Earth; land, defined land, add red to land and that makes it "sacred land" eg castle, eg opolis eg salem. Which is the definition of the Ben Ben Stone, which in Latin the Ben Ben stone translates as Peter. To speak the holy word in latin is Simon. To speak the holy word of the divine Simon build your church (ben ben stone) upon me Peter.







TR Welling