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2.      By using the basics rules of electro magnetics it is possible to create an engine format

3.      The engine

a.       We know how to compress and congeal electricity from energy.

b.      But what we do not know is anything more than that.

c.       We know every atom has a magnetosphere around it.

d.      We know everything with in a planet operates within a magnetosphere.

e.       We know that energy operates with in the parameters of waves, frequencies, vibrations, signals, and each has a specific signature.

                                                              i.      Which is the limit of hwat a single number line can measure.



g.       Proposal

                                                              i.      Based on the above information

                                                            ii.      Create a machine which does the following acctions

                                                          iii.      Step one

1.      Create a filter system which seperates out from largest to smallest voltage of correctly aligned electro-magnetic energy

2.      Filtering good energy in and filtering bad energy out

3.      As the filter process goes through each filter it will need to go through several layers of voltage, waves, frequencies, etc. filters.


                                                          iv.      Step two

1.      Concentrate the good into one place, or a sequence of places

2.      Each sequence holding onto the energy and combining from multiple sources.


                                                            v.      Step three

1.      All the various holding chambers continue to hold and combine the created energy focusing it into a congealed area


                                                          vi.      Step four

1.      A centralized congealed area

a.       The centralized area is designed specifically to compress good energy into electricity.

                                                        vii.      Step five

1.      Use the newly congealed electricity into all the various products which are currently in use.

4.      It is possible to use this technology to do the follow

a.       The machine operates within the framework of its own magnetosphere. Consequently that magnetosphere can deal with radiation.

                                                              i.      Radiation can operate within the framework of add extremely hot nuclear material into the different congealing chambers; tehn add either nullifying good energy or add various other minerals to cancel out the nuclear imbalance which is causing the radiation reaction in the first place.