Epcot and Stargate

The architectural configuration of EPCOT Center matched the Fictional ideas of the STARGATE.

The former is real but oddly operated the latter is obviously not real.

But MK Ultra based on solid documentation regarding one of their bases was in Orlando. But MK Ultra being a significant part and offshoot of the English Ultra Program, the Ultra Program focused on Alan Turing’s quantum mechanical computer “Christopher” to break the Enigma Code eg Imitation game.


But the problem is, the subject revolves around Tachyons, not odd drug use experiments.

The America MK Ultra program were given false information regarding the program that they were given LSD and so forth to hide the other experiments which altered their Electro-Magnetic field.


The Participants of the MK program were put through enough tests that some fo them have magnetic fields which are frankly dangerous to be around.














TR Welling