Esau although this individual there is only evidence of his possible existence in yet to be invented DNA technology. His descended cultures there is more than sufficient evidence regarding not only whom they were but what they did.


In many ways, his descendants were burdened with a sub-conscious behavior pattern which almost literally destroys them. Each culture which has embraced said sub-conscious desires is in turn obliterated by them. The lust involved with fulfilling the soul level agony from which the fictional Esau suffered when his brother was chosen to be King of the Children of the Light aka Israel was more than he could stand.

Consequently, his descendants have undergone miraculous adventures in all but total destruction and obliterating all in their path.


The Hyksos army came from Mecca, supposedly when Esau and Abraham conquered the city they held it till long after the main body shifted from Mecca to Egypt.

They then started to conquer into the middle east.

Each time they conquer a subgroup can and will name change to match those they conquer.


Part of this conquer and cultural identify disorder comes directly from the evidence of the progress of the language of Cuneiform.

Each time the culture attacked, conquered, and then took on the aspect/name/language of the culture they conquered they altered their language to merge it with the culture they just destroyed. 






Linear B (thank you Hyksos)

Linear C aka proto-Greek

English when the Pictish allied with the new Militant Islamic philosophy