Evangelical Movement aka The Great Awakening



In Europe and America the Puritans and the Amish did not find many who embraced their lifestyles.


In fact, many around them disliked them enough to make life unbearable.


However; both the Puritans and the Amish as well as a few other groups with similar radical interests did move from Europe to America to create their own communities.

Those communities some flourished, others were so radical in their enforcement that they imploded as a result.

Salem and Plymouth Mass are examples of communities imploding because of being more Spartan and a Spartan.

Inside this process is the Great Awaking Movement. Where the Puritans reduced their Radical Militant demands on their communities to a more “born Again” framework. Also they chose to go full evil and worked with the Slave Trade to go find and kill Jews.


The laws and forced violence turned away from controlling cities to controlling parishioners. Trying to force all the people of a city to live by the harshest of puritan rules proved to be impossible. However forcing church members to follow those same rules but allowing them to move from church to church became the way to enforce the most harsh and violent of Puritan Rules without infringing on the rights fo those that did not agree to said religious rules.









TR Welling