In a very real effect the serpent (the physical serpent. the serpent is in the Map of time, the map of time is the earth’s rotation/orbit around the sun. the Blue Walls of the Tube are the Earth, the center is the Sun. The Months specifically the months were the Hebrew Characters are created through the Elder Futhark  Scaffolding; make up part of the serpent.)in the garden of Eden was and is an Esau line lie to force everyone who reads the bible to associate evil with any type of knowledge.

That god will punish any and all who venture into the area of knowledge.


Unless that knowledge stays under the most strict of parameters and controlled by those leaders who have proven they are not only good guardians of technology but will not allow that technology to be used in a way that god will disapprove of.


The serpent is a mistranslation for the dragon.

The dragon is a Sumerian and Germanic word association with the consolation Draco http://starryskies.com/The_sky/constellations/draco02.jpg.

That consolation is where Polaris used to be pointed 3000 years ago.


Most if not all megaliths had some stones aligned with Polaris; which means they were aligned to the north star. So calling a megalith a dragon was not an incorrect reference.



The references to dragons was to those things and people who were closely associated with the knowledge and understanding of the dragon/megaliths.


So the serpent in the garden hanging around the tree of life was in fact a mistranslation of the tree was just a megalith in the middle of the garden which was pointed at the constellation serpent/Draco. The Megalith is a way to identify the patterns of the Earth’s Rotation around the Sun. To identify the measurement points between the different fixed points in the earth’s orbit. Those fixed points are technically speaking “The Serpent”, but the serpent is also a rather advanced form of Science. Well beyond present science understanding. The ancients had mastered an understanding of Time, had even modeled the structure of time. All the science presented minus the biblical references are all hard facts. The Khufu Pyramid, the Structure of Time, the Pharaoh Crown, the Tabernacle of Adam System (mirrored in the superstructure of the Khufu Pyramid, including the well/fountain of the Sub-Terrainian Chamber. The last still in existence copy was the Lake Nemi Ships Roman Emperor Caligula had built shortly after he had Jerusalem/Heliopolis moved from Egypt to Rome<were the Vatican now sits and is made from> .), etc.  these are all hard facts.

 the Pathways from the fountain up to the Kaaba’s housing the trees is represented in the Crown of Egypt


So the serpent of eve would be correctly translated as eve learned about and studied the megalith at the center of the garden of Eden.

Now it is Esau’s descendants that altered the story so much that as a point of hard fact twisted the facts beyond believability.

Lucifer being the bearer of light and the army of Satan have one strong thing in common. the dark one the tool he uses to sway man from the light of truth is the illusion that truth is a lie and a lie is the truth. Esau aligned himself with the “Dark One” to get even with god and his brother for taking this rightful ability to be King of Kings (Pharaoh) of the Tabernacle of Adam System. Similar punishment Eve faced. Esau demanded access but all refused him the power to peer into the Tunnel/Abyss and make the changes to civilization he wanted. He wanted to make his enemies not exist. But this is not a Weapon it is a tool to help the species.


So in a very real effect; Esau was so angry with being denied his birth right that he and his entire descended line have conducted a 4500 year façade battle onto mankind just to get even with both god and his brother for cheating him out of his birthright. This story of the start of Esau’s War with his brother is part of Genesis 32:22-32, where Jacob wrestles with a fallen in the land of Israel. Upon winning the fight, God grands Jacob the title of Israel.

What does this have to do with Eve. The entire Snake , Eve, Garden of Eden , etc. thing is what Esau and Jacob were fighting over. The thing their cultures have been fighting over, is the same thing Eve supposedly got into trouble over.